DeSantis signs bill requiring survey of Florida students, professors on their political views

Always good to check in on the “free speech, good ideas don’t require coercion, free and open debate, etc.” crowd.

It is of course tired and cliché to point out Republican hypocrisy–that’s just a given–but these are the policies of a party preparing to enforce minority rule. Good times ahead.

29 thoughts on “DeSantis signs bill requiring survey of Florida students, professors on their political views

  1. Even left wing PolitiFact blows the whistle on this one


    You can’t address a problem unless you first determine it exists. This is simply a survey to determine to what extent free speech exists in Florida’s universities.

    It’s always interesting to see how the party of precise calculation of racial diversity is totally uninterested in intellectual diversity, driving out faculty that does not toe the line on CRT, Climate or politics.


    1. Maybe someone should tell the group that helped draft the bill:

      In a conversation with the Miami Herald this April, Barney Bishop, one of the top lobbyists pushing the bill in Florida’s state legislature over the past year, shone a light on the justifications behind such measures — which he said were less about “intellectual diversity” and more concerned with maintaining the country’s conservative Christian identity in the face of younger, more diverse generations that share a dimmer view of religious right-wing orthodoxy.

      Bishop also told the paper he “certainly hopes” the effort will expand into the K-12 system over time.

      “I think the problem isn’t just in higher ed. The truth of the matter is that kids are being indoctrinated from an early age,” he said.

      “I think that those of us who have diverse thinking and look at both sides of the issue, see that the way the cards are stacked in the education system, is toward the left and toward the liberal ideology and also secularism — and those were not the values that our country was founded on. Those are the values that we need to get our country back to.”

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      1. The lobbyist can ‘certainly hope’ all he wants, but that isn’t what the bill does.

        There is a perception of liberal intellectual bias and intimidation, Does it not make sense to see if that is true before taking action on it?


        1. From the quote, he’s “hoping” it expands into K12. He is quite clear about the purpose of the bill for higher ed. I seriously doubt he’s confused about what’s going on, and it’s not like something like this is out of character for DeSantis.

          Also, a little survey of my own: Has anyone on this forum been in a college class in the last decade? This century? Just me?

          I’m wondering if anyone has any actual experience with having their conservative views censored or are you just believing stories you’re told by Tucker?

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          1. Conservative views were being discouraged when I was in college more than 50 years ago.

            But conservative speakers were not shouted down or canceled


          2. “Mocking the views of…” Isn’t that kinda like debating? Nobody is entitled to not be ridiculed for their views. We do it to each other all the time here, and nobody (that I’ve noticed) has claimed they’re being oppressed.

            Your link is about a guy who quit his tenure position. Isn’t Common Sense Bari Weiss’ substack? The woman who made a name for herself by harassing and “canceling” liberal professors at Columbia?

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          3. When conservatives are challenged or offered a debate, they say they are being mocked. It is the victim mentality that they have been known to have.


          4. Indeed. As an aside, I hope you’ll remember this logic the next time we’re discussing a labor dispute, but I digress.

            I would say a big part of a professor’s job is to help students strengthen their ideas and arguments by pointing out weaknesses. Certainly this should be done without “mocking,” but conservatives are notoriously thin skinned.

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          5. I didn’t say the Vets folded, I pointed out the prof’s behavior and obvious disdain for those who served in that war, which by then had become unpopular.


          6. Not calling the vets snowflakes. My brother-in-law served proudly and I will say nothing more than that.

            There was a lot of disdain for that particular war from many quarters. Your reaction to being challenged (you used the word mocked) is quite snowflaky.

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          7. Back in the 60’s we a lot of violence and terrorist attacks: think bombings, racial riots, lynchings, massive protests, Kent State, assassinations of a sitting president, a campaigning presidential candidate, a major world civil right leader, etc., etc.

            At least those were for causes like the war, Jim Crow, and the Red Scare.

            Today, it is about nutjobs sucked into conspiracies, nonexistent voter fraud and, yes, another “Red Scare”.

            Times have changed, but the color red is still with us.

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          8. Nixon, Pentagon, J.Edgar Hoover and Civil Rights bloodbaths kind of set the modern tone for distrusting conservatives and government. I was in uniform then, and I did not really suffer much abuse when in public. I flew around the country on space available deals for military in uniform. Quite the contrary in most cases, but I guess I was the exception.

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    2. After reading the story, I see zero hypocrisy, see zero nefarious intent insinuated by the story and Russell and agree with your synopsis. This is a classic example of yelling fire when there isn’t a wisp of smoke to be had.


        1. Instead of being a human gnat, perhaps you can point out where any hypocrisy exists in gauging whether or not bias exists in one’s communities.


          1. Personal attack? Noted.

            Rebuttal: You ain’t worth it.

            I have never said that hypocrisy does not exist on the left. I merely point out that the right has the patent on it and many of the followers are just too freaking dumb to realize it. hank you for proving my point.

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        2. I see you have nothing to offer but left wing attack babble and can’t even answer my simple question on pointing out the hypocrisy I said did not exist in the article.


          1. Anyone who understands hypocrisy can see it. If you can’t (or won’t) no matter what I say, you will just attack me personally and babble on and on about how biased you aren’t.

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    3. “ The survey hasn’t been created yet, so we don’t know what it will ask students, faculty and staff at these institutions. But a spokesperson for the Florida Department of Education told us it will be voluntary and won’t ask about individuals’ political beliefs, though surveys in other states that lawmakers have cited as inspiration for the bill do.” Politifact

      So if “inspiration” carries the day, we will be recording political beliefs.

      “Your papers please.”

      (Is this the overreach that would cause you to lock and load? If it were Democrats checking politics at the door?)

      Personally, I have little patience with student behavior regarding speakers. And the same goes for trigger warnings, etc.

      The Buckley-Baldwin debate at a Oxford 6 decades ago should be on the viewing list for all students. Very controversial issue on race, but each man got respect and attention.

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  2. Oh my. “Conservative” ideas are sometimes mocked by people who actually know things.

    And you people want to call us “snowflakes.”

    Looks like some ideas need the government to prop them up in the “marketplace of ideas.”

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