How’s that open border working out?

Mass shooting by illegal immigrants prevented 

Simply refusing to enforce immigration laws is not a substitute for passing better immigration laws. 

There is a lot we don’t know about this yet, but this is not just a lone wolf type massacre that was stopped. Gang or cartel involvement is likely. 

But in either case, neither of these men should be here. Letting criminals and terrorists in by not screening immigrants before releasing them into the country is inviting disaster. 


30 thoughts on “How’s that open border working out?

  1. It’s interesting how every time one of these guys has obvious ties to right wing groups or is an obsessive follower of Ben Shapiro or Andy Ngo, you urge caution against jumping to conclusions about motivation. But because of the men’s immigration status you’re more than happy to assume “gang or cartel involvement.”

    Also worth noting, the cops are patting themselves on the backs for whatever it is they do, but, again, it was some regular person that prevented whatever this might have become.

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    1. Suspect, not assume.

      But it does not makes sense to me that two foreign nationals here illegally, with the support necessary to obtain firearms illegally would just randomly decide to shoot up a July 4th celebration.

      Most immigrants are here to provide for their families and are law abiding and serious people. They are glad to be here and want to be part of the country.

      Mass murder just doesn’t fit the profile. But it does fit the profile of gang imtimidation and violence.


      1. “Told you so”

        “Court documents filed in General District Court in Richmond say Alvarado-Dubon has lived in Richmond for three years and works in the construction industry. The documents say his visa expired four years ago.”

        So much for you Anti-Biden “Open Border” bullshit. This fellow entered the country legally and on Trump’s watch.


          1. “You kind of skipped the part about the gang connection to the planned massacre.”

            My point had nothing to do with whether he should have been here. It was about YOUR dishonesty trying to pin this on President Biden and some fictitious “open border” bullshit.

            And, for anybody with his head not up his ass, the emerging story of a planned random massacre to advance some imaginary Mexican gang interests is very fishy.

            But, yeah, Trump really dropped the ball on this guy. He should never have been given a visa – with all those “gang connections” – and he should have been instantly deported when the visa ran out. Instantly! And, gosh, you would think Trump would have done a better job since the badness of Mexicans was his first racist campaign appeal.


        1. Good question.

          Perhaps to mask the assassination of a rival who would be there as part of a mass shooting?

          These gangs don’t seem to be all that concerend with collateral damage.


  2. What immigration law was not enforced in this case, and by whom? You literally know nothing about it, but that does not stop you from making baseless accusations.

    Our immigration laws do indeed need reform. That has been stopped again and again by you people. You “conservatives.” Most recently when Trump caved to pressure to kill the sweeping bi-partisan bill he had originally backed.

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      1. What a dodge. You still know next to nothing about this but carry on pretending that you do. Who let them in? When did it happen? Have they been here months? Decades? The only information that I could find so far is that the older of the two was here illegally because he had overstayed a visa.

        The real lesson here is that even people who have no legal right to weapons seemed to have had no trouble getting their hands on the tools of mass murder. Of course you would rather spin up dishonest bullshit about “open borders” than talk about the far more serious issue of gun mayhem.

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          1. “Of course they had no problem getting weapons. The cartels can ship them in by the scores hidden in bales of pot.”

            Your imagination is working overtime today. Let us know if by some wild and very improbable chance you come across any actual information about these would be terrorists. I have tried and there is very little to be had yet. Unlike you, I will wait until there is before saying much about it.

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          2. Are the bales tossed over the fence hitting Border Patrol agents? Isn’t shipping arms to the US kinda like the old “coal to Newcastle” quip?

            If you can’t arm yourself to the max in the US you ain’t trying.

            Almost all of our terrorist attacks are domestic, so this is a comforting distraction for the gun lobby.

            In my opinion.

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          3. I was referring to 9mm SBRs which use the 9mm Parabellum handgun cartridge.

            The .300 Blackout is a subsonic rifle cartridge, They are usually used with a suppressor because subsonic cartridges don’t have a sonic boom. Nice thing to have, if you’re a SEAL.

            Legal SBRs require a $250 tax stamp and an enhanced background check, just like a suppressor or machine gun. It takes, on average, about 11 months for the process. You have to have the tax stamp in your possession when you use or carry the SBR.

            The 9mm FULL AUTO SBRs showing up in the hands of gang members cannot be made or imported legally in the US other than by law enforcement. They are clearly being smuggled into the country.


  3. The phase “open border” is just another BS right wing scare tactic. There is no honesty in the phrase, so I would like to suggest it be moved to the trash bin of right wing BS that pervades these spaces.

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    1. Well, what do so call it when unscreened migrants crossing the border are transported around the country with nothing but a hearing date years in the future?


      1. What do you call someone who spouts right wing media talking points rarely based on facts?

        Tell me exactly how YOU know exactly the circumstances of those in question. You can’t because you are guilty of using scare tactic phrases based on hearsay, innuendo and Tucker Carlson’s fear of the other. And whether or not you watch him, you use a LOT of his phraseology.

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  4. After reading the Editorial in this morning’s Pilot conerning the citizen who overheard the conversation that led to the arrest of the individuals planning the attack, a question came to mind:
    Had these been two WHITE guys talking about a similar style of attack, would the hero citizen have reported it to the authorities?


      1. Are you discounting the question? It was just something that came to me while reading ad in theses times, I think it is legitimate.

        And racist presumptions occur all of the time. Not saying it is right or wrong; just that it happens.


      2. “Sounds like a racist presumption to me”

        Think about it a little harder.

        Thinking that it is entirely possible that there are racists among us who would behave in a racist way is not racist.

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