Are Democrats really this stupid or is it a another vote buying ploy?

So exactly where is that money tree?

It seems a few extremist Democrats think someone else owes them a free lunch…forever. Sad fact is very few alive today may have had a hand in being mean to blacks a very long time ago and zero had any hand in slavery but Cori Bush thinks Blacks are due a piece of $14 Trillion just for being black. Never mind that the vast majority of blacks are doing just fine without government theft but the sheer magnitude of the vastly ignorant bill is mind boggling. Does she plan to go after Africa for being the dealer who supplied black slaves too? Of course not!

This bill being so immensely ignorant and laughable must be chalked up to a vote buying scheme for 2024 by extremist Democrats that some Democrat voters will sadly embrace.

A real woman solves gender determination

It seems we are constantly being bombarded with the “trans” drama these days with media painting them as heros and victims deserving protection. Nettie Steven’s unlocked the determining factor that defines male/female gender, the XY chromosome. That chromosomal determination of gender, once complete, cannot be changed for life no matter what someone feels or does to their body. It took a real woman, not a wannabe, to figure this out through intense research and determination. Why aren’t schools and society pointing to this very simple fact of life when dealing with the mentally ill who think it doesn’t apply to them instead of enabling fantasy?

Alvin Bragg is too busy to try real criminals?

What is with this guy that he thinks he has a case against Trump but let’s the gangbanging trash off Scott free? Criminal scum have been given the green light to rob, steal, maim or whatever they want with impunity because Bragg is too busy with Trump and thinks letting criminals do what they want fits into his DEI policies. More despicable Democrat trash on display for the proud left to hail. How do they sleep at night?

Illegal Aliens mean more to Democrats than Veterans.

Remember this despicable Democrat preference to cater to illegal aliens over US veterans on election day. This makes my blood boil that homeless veterans are booted to the streets to make room for squatters from south of the border. The allegiance of Democrats to illegals is a slap in the face to our brave soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen and coasties. Kick Democrats to the sewer where they belong.

Might the DOJ bring charges against its own?

With all of the handwringing and ado under Pelosi to formally charge those that refused to provide testimony or documents to the unselect committee, is it possible that those in the FBI that are commanded by the house to provide documents but refuse to do so will be charged as well? Seems to be yet another hypocritical Democrat DOJ situation in the making but this is overt denial to provide evidence of Biden’s past crimes. It’s interesting we don’t hear the typical squawking from the left about no one is above the law.

Corruption meets corruption

Having to endure political campaign ads again already, I can’t help but reminisce about two of the most corrupt Virginia Senate allies now battling each other for the newly redrawn 18th. Both campaign about “taking on Governor Youngkin” or “protecting Obamacare from MAGA republicans” like they have any say in it but neither points out massive corruption of the other. Here are some cherished memories to enjoy with a glass of wine and a sense of humor knowing that their desired redistricting left only one with a seat. Who will it be, Wheezy or Sleezy?

Like father like son.

And the worse part is their local prosecutorial connections refuse to hold them accountable. Now why would that be?

Will the truth finally be revealed?

A new whistle-blower claims Biden himself was invoved in a criminal money making scheme through policy bribes while VP. I think we all have known this for a very long time but it was covered up by complicit government agencies. Will it now be revealed what con artists the Biden family truly are?

She’s Got a Point

So Riley Gaines, just like most other female athletes, insists on a fair playing field that does not include biological males participating in women’s sports. Seems perfectly reasonable to me. However, there are a few females who want to promote fantasy land into female athletics. Problem is these same women would never make the cut in male athletic programs for obvious reasons if they tried to so why isn’t the obvious reason males shouldn’t play female sports obvious? What drama…