Are Democrats really this stupid or is it a another vote buying ploy?

So exactly where is that money tree?

It seems a few extremist Democrats think someone else owes them a free lunch…forever. Sad fact is very few alive today may have had a hand in being mean to blacks a very long time ago and zero had any hand in slavery but Cori Bush thinks Blacks are due a piece of $14 Trillion just for being black. Never mind that the vast majority of blacks are doing just fine without government theft but the sheer magnitude of the vastly ignorant bill is mind boggling. Does she plan to go after Africa for being the dealer who supplied black slaves too? Of course not!

This bill being so immensely ignorant and laughable must be chalked up to a vote buying scheme for 2024 by extremist Democrats that some Democrat voters will sadly embrace.

3 thoughts on “Are Democrats really this stupid or is it a another vote buying ploy?

  1. Before I’d be willing to consider them, I’d want it to be shown — proved, if possible — that slavery caused the socio-economic problems reparations are meant to address.

    There being not much discussion on this, I’m inclined to view reparations as a spit-in-your-face topic. It is a provocation.


    1. A provocation is a good way to put it. Apparently left wingers are hungry for a race war.

      What kills me is the obvious disconnect or willful ignorance Bush displays in economics and money and she’s a “lawmaker”? In addition there is no way to prove any correlation between slavery and anyone’s current status in life, only speculation.


  2. Yes, they are that stupid, and yes, it is a vote buying ploy.

    But again, if we’re going to offer reparations, the baseline would be to compare the lot of Blacks here in America with that of the descendants of those who were not brought here by force.

    The average annual income in the Republic of the Congo is just under $500.


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