Naomi Wolf Apologizes

Naomi Wolf Substack

Even some liberals realize when the MSM has gone too far.

43 thoughts on “Naomi Wolf Apologizes

      1. I read the whole article. I did not find it persuasive. Not a bit. And, she tried to hard to be low brow and cutesy. I think she is angling for the official liberal slot on Fox News.


      2. I did. I found a bunch of BS.

        Like this:

        “ There is no way to unsee Officer Brian Sicknick, claimed by some Democrats in leadership and by most of the legacy media to have been killed by rioters at the Capitol that day, alive in at least one section of the newly released video.”

        No one ever said he died during the attack. There was some reporting that he was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher, but that was dispelled as soon as more videos came out. We all know he died 2 days later. The debate was about why or if his heart condition may have been exacerbated by the gas, tasers, stress, etc.

        “The United States Capitol Police (USCP) is overseen by the Capitol Police Board and has Congressional oversight by appropriations and authorizing committees from the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.” From her link

        The police board is in charge and Mitch McConnell failed act. Note, he is as much in the chain as Pelosi.

        “ I believed that President Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia — until that assertion was dropped. []”

        Here we go again. Collusion is not the legal term, collaboration is. The report, after whitewashed by the AG, show plenty of obstruction along with Manafort’s collusion with Russian intelligence on campaign strategies. He left it up to a Congress to proceed feeling the tradition of not pursuing a sitting president was worth keeping.

        Bringing up past disturbances and riots from our history justifies 1/6? Security is stronger today ever since 9/11. More so now after the attack. So, what is the point?

        My opinion is that she should apologize for writing this crap. Same gaslighting. Different day.

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    1. Anybody who spreads ridiculous but dangerous vaccine misinformation and outright lies may be “a real intellectual” to you. To me, she is – at best – a clueless crackpot – exactly the kind of person to chime in with Tucker Carlson.

      Yeah, I know. Communists suppressing real Americans and the voice of reason.

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  1. Good for Ms. Wolf.

    A number of narrative reversals are under way at present: Jan. 6, Covid-19, Ukraine, China, LGBTQ+, Slavery, Green Energy. It is an exciting time to be alive. Let’s hope we don’t see any bank runs.


          1. Oh, I think I do. And you people exhibit in spades on all your extremist opinions.

            Here is an example . . . “Look, there is a video of the Shaman behaving peacefully for a few moments. That is very important evidence that the Democrat story of January 6th is a hoax.”

            Confirmation bias.

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          2. Actually, there being no tweet or statement from Trump telling anyone to commit an act of violence, a statement telling people to peacefully go home is very telling.

            Is there any video of the Shaman urging violence? What I heard him say, repeatedly, is that “we’re not antifa”


          3. “FIGHT LIKE HELL” ring a bell? Probably not. Or he didn’t mean physically. Yeah March to the Capitol and fight like hell. That WAS said. Conveniently forgotten by Trump humpers.

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          4. Don, Trump, through his speech and the fiery ones before made no attempt to encourage peacefully walking toward the Capitol. That he said at the end was like a lynch mob boss after riling up the crowd to demand the detained victim, then saying “don’t hurt anyone”.

            Plus we know the object was to at least threaten Congress to stop certification via an illegal way…forcing the VP to break the law and de-certify.

            During the height of the violence he texts that Pence was a coward. Not go home. That came hours later. And they did then. Like obedient puppets.

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          5. “Actually, there being no tweet or statement from Trump telling anyone to commit an act of violence, a statement telling people to peacefully go home is very telling.”

            You should have watched the January 6th select committee hearings. If you had, you would not view this final admission of the failure of the coup to be particularly “telling.”

            What is telling is the timing. The Capitol barricades were first breached at 12:49 pm. The Tweet in question was reluctantly (according to testimony) issued at 4:17 pm. It took 3 1/2 hours of rioting, chaos and mayhem before Trump stirred to stop it.

            You can spin and spin until you turn blue – Trump caused the insurrection and he waited until it had failed before he called it off.

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          6. He did not personally tweet “attack violently”, but Mafia bosses, of which had many close relationships with during his NY real estate days, do the same thing. “Hey, I didn’t order nuttin’”
            “He shot himself three times in the head? Fugedabouit! Really, amazing control.”
            Or if you prefer, a more rural version, “That damned N%%#@$, he stole more chain than he could swim with.”

            You have pushed this sketchy defense over and over. The speech was the trigger, the attack was set up long before via Eastman and friends. Bannon had a war room set up where he boasted the night before that it will be unlike anything we have ever seen Trump told his followers “it’ll be wild”.

            Gang members showing up in tactical gear, caches of arms nearby, and Trump waits over 3 hours and when says go home, they obeyed like dutiful soldiers.

            But you know all this.

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          7. “No doubt he was a sore loser and emotionally unable to accept defeat but he never called for violence.”

            Yeah, right. I get it. A “sore loser” summons a small army of “tresspassers” and “tourists” for a little sight-seeing and necktie party at the Capitol – “it will be wild” – on the day that Congress is scheduled to close the books on the 2020 Presidential election. He fires them up with a pack of lies and then sends them to the Capitol to “Stop the steal.” Ho hum. What’s the big deal? So unfair accusing Trump of causing the violence!

            If you had bothered to watch the historic January 6th hearings you would know that violence was very much in the air that day.

            “I don’t f—ing care that they have weapons,” Trump fumed in urging aides to take down magnetometers near the White House before he addressed a “Stop the Steal” rally, Hutchinson testified. “They’re not here to hurt me. Take the f—ing mags away.”

            Who were they there to hurt then? Who was at the top of the list? Was it Mike Pence? Or Nancy Pelosi? Maybe AOC?

            Trump knew his mob was armed and still he did nothing to restrain them for more than 3.5 hours after the violence began. You can keep spinining, and spining and spining. The truth is there for any honest person to see.

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          8. RE: “Oh, I think I do [know what confirmation bias is].”

            We already knew that you have a high opinion of yourself. Here, though, you prove once again that it is undeserved.

            My comment obviously demonstrates bias, but there is nothing in it that justifies your “diagnosis” of confirmation bias.


          9. “My comment obviously demonstrates bias, but there is nothing in it that justifies your “diagnosis” of confirmation bias.”

            Says the sufferer. LOL!

            Everybody has confirmation bias to some degree or other. It is a question of degree. You defenders of the Big Lie and minimizers of the January 6th insurrection clearly have it – bigly.

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          10. “The magnetometers to be removed were at the rally not at the Capitol.”

            I already knew that. I watched the hearings gavel to gavel. Trump wanted his people let in to the rally even thought he knew they were armed. The magnetometers were keeping the faithful from getting into the rally because they did not want to give up their weapons. They were milling around outside the secure perimeter waiting for their marching orders. Thousands of them.

            The point is clear – Trump absolutely knew the mob was armed but did not even try to stop the violence until the coup had failed.

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          11. No, Trump was not afraid of the people so if there were armed people among them he did not see that as a problem. That is the rational way to view armed citizens.

            The reason he wanted them removed is that they created a choke point at the entrance and it was impossible for everyone to get in if they had to wait on the single file stop and start check.

            The crowd was too large to accommodate with that choke point in place.


          12. “No, Trump was not afraid of the people blah blah blah”

            So, you now accept that he knew they were armed when he sent them to the Capitol to “Stop the Steal” but your utterly ridiculous spin is that it is rational to accept armed citizenry in the presence of the President and/or the Congress.

            Trump may be too stupid to imagine this and apparently so are you, but it only would take ONE person out of a friendly armed horde to walk up and shoot him in the face if armed people are not screened out.

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          13. Read more carefully

            I didn’t say he knew people were coming to the rally armed, I said he wasn’t worried if they were.

            When I go to an LP meeting, I know that nearly everyone there is armed, and I am not the least bit concerned.

            It’s when I go someplace where people are not allowed to carry arms that I am worried.

            You’re trying to view Trump through your filter of hoplophobia.


          14. “You’re trying to view Trump through your filter of hoplophobia.”

            “Read more carefully? Again? Is that all you have?

            He knew damned well that many of them came armed. He could see them avoiding the magnetometers. He had been told that fear of confiscation is why they were not coming through. That is when he said “They are not here to hurt me.” If you had watched the hearings you would know that.

            I will bet my house that the President of the United States does not come to your LP meetings but if he did, there would be no guns allowed. Your not being concerned in the presence of your fellow gun-toting buddies is about as lame as an argument could be for getting rid of Secret Service protection for the President.

            It is not hoplophobia that says we cannot allow random armed people into the presence of the President of the United States. That jab is silly and in spite of your many claims of superior “reason” just plain dopey.

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          15. “ That is the rational way to view armed citizens.”

            I would venture that most murders, robberies, assaults that are committed with guns in this country are by “armed citizens”.

            That view is an odd mixture of Pollyanna and Doc Holliday.

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  2. I suppose she is a DINO now? Liberals here disparaging and abandoning one of their own for admitting Democrats falsified the Jan 6 narrative is amusing since we have known it was falsified all along and only a Pelosi bag of dung to sling at the wall during midterms to see what stuck.


    1. We do not have DINOS. Ours is a big tent party with a wide range of ideas and values. It is the MAGA-Republican Party that demands 100% obesiance to Dear Leader and who invented the term RINO to get rid of those who fail that test.

      And yes, we have some crackpots in the Democratic Party. There is a fair contingent of Anti-vaxxers out on the “left coast”, for example. However being an anti-vaxxer is one thing. Spreading known and dangerous falsehoods is another. Nobody should be doing that.

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      1. Too funny. I don’t think the “hater” baloney is working anymore and not sticking to the wall either like Pelosi’s bag of dung.


        1. Pelosi isn’t the one that was spreading dung in the Capitol. That has been established. You can’t even tell the truth about that.

          By the way, idiot, coming from you is water off a duck’s back. From you, it is all hatred all of the time.. So own it or stfu.


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