Biden, again…

Ice cream jokes

It never ends, while the bodies are not even cold yet Biden rushed to the microphones to make jokes about Ice cream.

41 thoughts on “Biden, again…

  1. And the shooter was a man pretending to be a woman. So much for the he/she victimhood narrative. Why are mentally ill people cleared to buy firearms? It appears yet another sicko who should have failed a background check fell through the liberal cracks in existing gun laws….. again.


    1. What basis would there have been?

      I suspect that dangerous trans people are rare, though they are a subset of Incels, which have committed a large share of mass murders.

      But disqualifying someone for mental illness requires a specific danger.

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  2. So, how long should a leader wait to “politicize” a mass murder?
    The legislation has been proposed. Why is tying it to yet another horrific event wrong? It is direct evidence that these assault weapons have no legitimate place in a civil society. None. Tolerating them is a disgrace.

    And OMG! President Biden exchanged a few pleasantries with people who had come to the White House for another purpose before turning to the horrific event in Nashville. According to your scurrilous source “Ice Cream” is trending on social media. I’ll bet it is. Typical cheap shot from you people. Why don’t you give us one of your lectures about ad hominem attacks?

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  3. Joe Biden’s ice cream jokes were a kind of stumble. One can pass them off as folksy shtick leading into his remarks on the Tennessee shooting, but it is bizarre and not a little creepy to crack jokes in prelude to such a serious topic.

    Biden’s faux pas reveals that he doesn’t really care about the issue at hand. His remarks were just an act. A pretense.


          1. “No. I called his whole act a pretense.”

            Because unlike that paragon of empathy, your Dear Leader, President Biden really does not care when children are slaughtered? Is that about right?

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          2. By telling jokes before addressing the topic of the shooting, Biden demonstrated that the killing of children isn’t a very serious matter to him.


  4. I seem to notice a deflection from the school slaughter.

    Biden and ice cream.


    AK-47 instead of AR-15.


    Nothing about why we still tolerate killing our children in the name of freedom.

    Typical and truly sad.

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    1. Do you want to solve the problem or just exploit it for political gain?

      It’s way past time to have a serious talk about HIPPA and mental illness. This is another case in which the shooter was under psychiatric care but NICS and the local authorities were not alerted.

      What good are red flag laws if the shrinks can’t blow the whistle?


          1. “Removing guns is not on the menu”

            Okay then let’s do these . . .

            (a) Banning assault weapons sales and transfers.
            (b) Magazine restrictions.
            (c) Banning bump stocks and similar.
            (d) Universal and mandatory background checks and that requires gun registration.
            (e) Gun owner licensing, safety training, gun safe requirement.
            (f) National electronic databases instead of paper box filing IS on the menu.
            (g) Gun purchase waiting periods.
            (h) One handgun per month
            (i) End liability protections for gun sellers and owners.


            (j) Robust Do-not-sell lists including mental health notifications, domestic abuse, reckless driving, violent misdeamor behavior.

            Or do you flatly reject ANYTHING that remotely affects you?

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          2. A&B definitely unconstitutional

            C take care what you wish for, if it goes to SCOTUS, the Federal Firearms Act will likely fall. and machine guns will be legal without a permit.

            D &E unconstitutional

            F, What database? NICS is electronic.

            G & H unconstitutional

            I Think about that

            J Repeal HIPPA if you want that. Domestic abuse is a disqualifier already,

            Reckless driving?

            Be careful what you ask for, Many laws on the books are unconstitutional under Breun guidance, and will fall as soon as someone takes them to court. If you push onerous extensions to those laws, you just bring them to court.


          3. The items you list as “unconstitutional” are no infringements on the right to keep an bear arms. Therefore, your attempt to call them unconstitutional is, in a word, wrong.

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          4. You don’t think limiting my choice of firearms for an intended purpose is infringing on the right?

            How about limiting what books an adult can read or what opinions a newspaper can express?


          5. I have. Permit, local background checks and registration.

            Keep your guns.

            You refuse to even consider those so you are part of the problem, not me.

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          6. “A&B definitely unconstitutional . . . blah blah blah”

            About what I expected. So you can take your blather accusing others of not wanting to solve the problem and put it where the sun don’t shine.

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          7. “Rejecting what can’t be done and what won’t work is the first step toward finding workable solutions.”


            You are rejecting what CAN be done and what WOULD work. For spurious reasons. I reject nothing. I have no problem with amending HIPPA to allow dangerous people to be flagged. Your turn.

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          8. “Repealing the 2nd Amendment would require ratification by 37 states. You think that CAN be done?”

            I think you declarations of what is unconstitutional are WAY off the mark. even under Heller. And, I think Heller is bad law and will eventually be overturned. Regulation was CLEARLY part of the “original intent.” Words matter.

            But, to directly answer your question – each time a child is slaughtered brings the day when it CAN be done that much closer. How many dead children like this one is this sick gun fetish really worth?


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      1. Don, you are such a piece of work. You slammed, and your boy overturned, the regulation that would flag a person receiving disability SS for mental illness. These are people who are receiving taxpayer funded monies because they have declared themselves or via a caretaker that they are too mentally incompetent to handle their own affairs. And yet, you want to put loaded guns in their hands.

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        1. My wife has never handled her own finances.

          If something happened to me, my daughter would help her with that.

          Does that make her incapable of defending herself?


          1. My point.

            These recipients of SS for mental disability so profound that they need help not just balancing a checkbook, but with the complexities of life. This regulation was low hanging fruit to at least accept the fact that there are people we can ID easily as being incompetent to handle deadly weapons.

            Who knows, that thug that shot a family man in the back over a parking place might have qualified. He was obviously not competent to bear arms in public.

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  5. I know haters gotta hate but can you people never be honest? President Biden transitioned from chatting in a friendly way with people WITH CHILDREN already IN THE ROOM for a forum that had nothing to do with the tragedy to addressing THE NATION on the tragedy. Of course his tone changed. But lying liars are experts at leaving out context. This is another fine example of how dishonest they are.

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    1. RE: “But lying liars are experts at leaving out context.”

      Nobody here left out any context. The fact check confirms the sequence of comments. It is fair to suggest that Stumble Joe was playing for the cameras for political effect and without genuine sincerity. In fact, exploiting tragedy to promote legislation is something of a cheap trick all by itself.


      1. He WAS playing for the cameras when he addressed the nation on this tragedy. It WAS a political appeal and openly so. That is his job. Duh!

        The context for his ice cream banter was NOT an address to the nation. It was relating to people and children with him in the room for reasons unrelated to the tragedy.

        Your accusing him of lack of “genuine sincerity” is based on nothing but your own hatred. If he did not sincerely mean what he said in sympathy with the grieving, he is a Hell of an actor.

        But carry on with your cheap shots. That is all you people EVER have to offer.

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        1. RE: “Your accusing him of lack of ‘genuine sincerity’ is based on nothing but your own hatred.”

          LOL! Who is reading minds now?


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