Should we have a victory parade?

It would appear the liberals have fled the field.

11 thoughts on “Should we have a victory parade?

  1. I, for one, took a break from chasing conspiracies, election denials and fact checking the same claims over and over.

    I found myself becoming more negative than I really wanted to be. Plus we lost some interesting posters who may have leaned left, but added a different slant.

    I do thank you, Don, for hosting here and debating issues for over a decade before at the Pilot. It has been an experience and, as I often repeated, I learned something every day.

    Perhaps some of the other readers/followers will start posting. You mentioned occasionally some were apprehensive about the contentious nature of certain threads.

    This forum was unusual in its ideological split. Compared to others which either had nothing but cheerleaders or likeminded folks for one side or the other, this forum was a lively site. Too few people, however.

    So, so long for now. I like to “never say never”, but my break will be at least a vacation.


  2. It would appear so, at least for now. TBH, I never figured out how to post articles since either I was busy working or otherwise responding to ridiculously funny and outrageously inane content from the left that usually cast weird accusations of “racism” and “hate”. I keep checking back for new activity though.


    1. RE: “TBH, I never figured out how to post articles…”

      The first thing you need is for Dr. Tabor to give you “author status” in WordPress. After that, I’d be glad to help you, if I can. It’s really easy.


  3. I stopped posting a few weeks back because I was away from the internet on a cruise. When I got back I asked myself – is there any point to the time and effort spent mud wrestling on this forum? The answer was very obviously no. So I have decided to let the egregious slanders, name-calling, conspiracy theory nonsense, and endless “alternative facts” die a natural death in the obscurity of a forum that nobody frequents. They do not need my help to do so. So, yes, I have “fled the field” and would add that your expressing it that way is emblematic of the wearisome cluelessness that ultimately makes posting here a waste of effort.


  4. “So I have decided to let the egregious slanders, name-calling, conspiracy theory nonsense, and endless “alternative facts” die a natural death.” …. And then he graciously does what he accuses others of doing. I think this must be a sham. He cannot be so clueless.


    1. Agreed. It’s weird that what he accuses others of is, in fact, his conversational standard. The name caller in chief makes me chuckle sometimes. For some reason I don’t think he is finished yet. Trump, Trump, Trump TDS is very addictive to far left wing extremists.


  5. Civility is a very elusive animal.

    I have refrained from active moderation here because I could see no way to keep the perception of bias out if it, or for that matter, actual bias. I prefer the rough edges to suppression.

    I agree that we are too few here. I had hoped it would grow but there are other competitors. I find myself posting more on Twitter than here.

    Twitter is not so deep, as there is that 280 character limit.

    So I do think this forum has its place, but we would have to invite others to join, not retreat.


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