Shame on the Thomas detractors

WSJ, Harlan Crow as collateral damage

The attempts to portray Harlan Crow as a Nazi sympathizer as a way to smear Thomas by association turn out to be false and KNOWINGLY false.

8 thoughts on “Shame on the Thomas detractors

  1. Here is the paragraph that stands out for me: “The habits of delegitimation have become so familiar that it’s easy to forget how antidemocratic they are: political correctness and, more recently, cancel culture; the invention of ‘phobias’—homophobia, Islamophobia, transphobia—to characterize dissent as mental illness; the wanton attribution of racism, misogyny, fascism and white supremacy; and of course the easy insinuation that any political figure of whom one disapproves is guilty of crimes.”

    Nothing shocks me more as I drag my stiff and aging body around than this particular change in the world I grew up in. There was plenty wrong in the world of my youth, but I never imagined that the principles of liberty, the rule of law and representative government would become so foreign as they seem to have become. It feels to me as if an intergenerational contract has been broken.


    1. I found that paragraph compelling and full of truth. Attempts by the left to demonize, marginalize and falsely scandalize anyone they disagree with has long been out of hand. Maybe the right will fight back with lawsuits as intentional defamation is illegal. I’m surprised Crow hasn’t considered legal action but there is still time. Somehow I don’t see his demeanor allowing such.


      1. Better things to do than listen to the drivel from the right wing.

        I don’t recall a a lot of comments from your tribe about Faux settling and NOT admitting or apologizing for their idiotic dangerous misinformation campaign. And there are more of those decisions coming.

        I’ll just day that I have had a slight change of life an do not spend as much time as I used to on this forum. Not out of ay effect but the one that found me doing ore for me and less feeding of the trolls that reside here.


  2. I do not recall referring to Mr. Crow as a Nazi sympathizer. I did say he has a proclivity for admiring despots and tyrants.

    Try telling the truth about what has been said instead of spinning into what yo0u WANT it to say.


    1. Did you read the WSJ article about Crow’s extensive collection of historic books and artifacts and their availability to scholars?

      He has a collection of statues of dictators who have been toppled in their home countries. That’s not admiration, it’s trophies, like deer heads on your wall.


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