Just when you think there’s a limit to Biden’s malfeasance

Good credit rating gets higher fees.

So, if you have lived responsibly and have a good credit rating, you will be penalized to subsidize those who were reckless.

Time to rename the Democratic party to reflect reality.

The Marxist Party.

6 thoughts on “Just when you think there’s a limit to Biden’s malfeasance

  1. RE: “The Marxist Party.”

    That’s about the size of it. This move by the administration is lot like California’s plan for utility companies to charge customers according to their income.

    The progressive income tax has the effect of causing money to have different values for different tax brackets. Biden’s motgage plan is a variation on this theme.

    It will be impossible to govern this nation when the money becomes sufficiently debauched.


  2. I just read a story about this and just can’t believe the bizarro world and sheer ignorance of that admistration and Democrats as a whole. This rule actually invites all the slugs to buy more than they can afford, default and then we have the 2008 housing crash all over again, all the while punishing those with good credit. There’s no words for this nonsense.


      1. Speaking of “equity”, Democrats believe that blacks should be able to steal at will without prosecution because it is a “crime of poverty”. In Alvin Bragg world, rob, steal, invade homes and private property and have a party. In the real world victims may not take too kindly to theft with a an AR in hand.


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