LIVE: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announces presidential run

Transcripted video.

Here is a long video that is well worth listening to. My quick take is that Mr. Kennedy could well be the Democratic Party’s Donald Trump. In fact, he could be a better Trump than Trump.

My compliments to the man. I look forward to his campaign.

5 thoughts on “LIVE: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announces presidential run

    1. True enough.

      But he is interesting in other ways. I am impressed, for example, by Kennedy’s strong anti-government-corruption message. I’m also struck by how little media coverage his announcement has generated.


      1. Crackpots don’t get a lot of media coverage. He is an unserious candidate trading on his name to run. His anti-vaccination stances is what really appeals to you, Mr. Roberts. I do admire you for attempting to say it isn’t the real reason you find him compelling.


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