Is Biden being Misinformed on Ukraine & China? – Ray McGovern

Transcripted video.

Citing the example of the Pentagon Papers, Ray McGovern opines that only a senior executive “at the upper reaches of The Joint Chiefs of Staff or the National Intelligence directorate” could have accumulated the specific intelligence that National Guard Airman Jack Texeira is accused of leaking via a gamers’ chat server on the Internet. The speculation is based on the fact that some of the material consists of CIA and Department of State internal documents that are never disseminated outside those agencies, even to other members of the intelligence community. McGovern believes that someone close to the White House wants to derail President Biden’s foreign policy agenda before it leads to war.

McGovern notes that leaks like the Texeira leak can be consequential. Some here may remember, for example, that shortly after the Pentagon Papers became public, LBJ announced he would not seek reelection.

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