Climate in perspective

Temperatures over the last 8000 years

Watch the video and then think about what we are doing.

We are panicking because we are warmer than the most miserable period in known history, Civilization developed under temperatures 2.5to3°C warmer than the “pre-industrial” baseline, we are 1.2°C above that baseline right now.

Even if the estimates in future rise were right(and they are double reality) we would just be reaching the best times humanity ever experienced.

There is really nothing so wonderful about the depths of the Little Ice Age that we should not celebrate having it behind us.

5 thoughts on “Climate in perspective

  1. I’m genuinely expecting another cold spell to come. Not in my lifetime and not in my children’s either but certainly something that future humanity will have to contend with. As far as our present panic, we must slow down and reverse eco laws enacted by Democrats that are not realistic such as EV mandates. Not many people can afford a $60k car nor the $2k+ home charge electric upgrade, the infrastructure isn’t there and few people have the time or patience to spend hours at charging stations to make not so long trips. Are we just staying home from now on or turning day trips into 3 day trips?


  2. Science doesn’t have any effect on the global elites. In their lived experience there are too many people in the world, too many consumers consuming too many things the elites would rather enjoy in private. Jeffrey Epstein, for example, bought a whole Caribbean island just so he could hang out with his friends in paradise and not be bothered by tourists and the local riffraff.

    It is this social group that owns the media and funds political operations. As a result, the rest of us endure the continuous pressure of the elites’ Malthusian biases.

    The science says that global warming is far from an existential crisis for humanity as a whole, but the super wealthy experience humanity itself as a discomfort.

    Somehow, we need to figure out how to make friends.


  3. I get the impression from this exchange that solving the problem at hand is not our government’s objective. Rather, appearing to solve problem A is only cover for actually working on a different problem B. I suspect that problem B is something most of us wouldn’t like if we were told about it.


    1. You have to love John Kennedy.

      He doesn’t care if the press hates him, or if he doesn’t get invited to the best parties, or if Senator from Louisiana is his high water mark, because that’s just exactly where he wants to be.

      He knows he only has to please the voters in Louisiana, and they would switch off the Super Bowl to watch him on C-Span.

      So he can play Foghorn Leghorn to the hilt while he guts the bureaucrats they send to play their part in the grand deception.


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