Corruption meets corruption

Having to endure political campaign ads again already, I can’t help but reminisce about two of the most corrupt Virginia Senate allies now battling each other for the newly redrawn 18th. Both campaign about “taking on Governor Youngkin” or “protecting Obamacare from MAGA republicans” like they have any say in it but neither points out massive corruption of the other. Here are some cherished memories to enjoy with a glass of wine and a sense of humor knowing that their desired redistricting left only one with a seat. Who will it be, Wheezy or Sleezy?

Like father like son.

And the worse part is their local prosecutorial connections refuse to hold them accountable. Now why would that be?

2 thoughts on “Corruption meets corruption

    1. If I had to pick one I think I would have to pick Spruill for reasons you cited. Lucas is not only a racist but she is enriching herself through Portsmouth development projects using inside influence and public/private funds. Half of Portsmouth’s circus like disfunction as a city is attributable to her and her daughter followed by Whitaker.


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