Russian Propaganda Debunked

This article effectively demolishes a lot of the Russian propaganda and spin uncritically repeated in this country by MAGATS (Make America Great Again Trumpers) who side with Putin mainly because President Biden has opposed his aggression and they want President Biden to fail at everything. Party over country again.

9 thoughts on “Russian Propaganda Debunked

  1. RE: “This article effectively demolishes a lot of the Russian propaganda…”

    I don’t see how.

    The article states, “The costs of letting Putin have his way in Ukraine, including the damage it would cause to the decades-old international order, are too grave to bear. If not stopped and defeated in Ukraine, Putin will try his luck in other countries in the region, including Moldova and possibly even the Baltic states.”

    That’s an opinion, not a fact. More important, it is a prediction, meaning it is counterfactual.

    You can’t debunk Russian propaganda with counterfactual opinions. Technically speaking, it just isn’t possible.


    1. “I don’t see how.”

      If you don’t want to see it, of course you don’t!

      Showing your ignorance of Putin because you are so blinded in your man-crush is a dangerous proposition. Hitler didn’t wat all of Europe either. Ask Neville Chamberlain how that appeasement worked out.

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          1. What concerns me is that you can’t even identify what you claim I am blind to. That makes me think I am blind to nothing.


          2. You are blind to the unspoken ambitions of Putin and you are supportive of his illegal and immoral attack on a sovereign peaceful neighbor. Germany didn’t SAY they wanted to take over the world, but they attempted to do so.

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    2. Putin has already sent 6000 Russian troops to Moldova, ostensibly to quell insurgents.

      Like he did in Georgia, Chechnya and Ukraine.

      If you don’t believe his words, then a peek at his actions would be reasonable.

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