Kind of sums it up nicely

12 thoughts on “Kind of sums it up nicely

    1. How so? Does it not comport to YOUR world view of reality and what the GOP is doing? Or are you just a useless troll with nothing beneficial to bring to any conversation except your fear and loathing of “others”?


    1. 1) It is not the Week’s cartoon. It comes form the Tribune Content Agency. The Week is mere a news collaboration site that takes from several sources, including Tribune Content AND Washington Examiner, among others.

      2) Your problem is that equality is BLOCKED by those who don’t believe in it and the only way to fix those blocks and hurdles is to promote equity.


        1. Got it. You don’t believe that attempts to ensure EQUAL OPPORTUNITY are good.

          And there you go again, using another of your favorite buzzwords. I’m surprised you didn’t use “woke”. But Marxist fits the bill.


          1. Where did I say equity? You brought it up. I have been saying that YOU are denying that OPPORTUNITIES are being blocked based on factors that should not be considered.


  1. Here is a thought about reality, equality and equity.

    Outside of our human construct, the natural world is pretty straightforward. If your DNA matches the successful fauna of your species, you have a decent chance of survival long enough to pass on those same exact genes. Any variation will either enhance survival, rarely, or speed up death.

    Equality and equity are simple. If you are equal in DNA to the successful, your chances are good. The equity part is external. Accidents, natural catastrophes, diseases and predators or dominance struggles curtail equity regardless how equal your DNA is to the most successful of your species.

    Humans have bypassed that. Particularly in the modern ages of medical science. We pass on DNA regardless of its usefulness or even survivability through the process of medicine and treatments. All fine since we have managed to make life for many much more comfortable and to a degree predictable, including those who are totally dependent upon others for survival.

    So equity is no longer affected by just random natural occurrences, but rather the constraints we apply via an economic system of wealth distribution favoring certain qualities over others.

    If that is the case, then equity is ours to either ensure or reject. Equality, however, is so variable by now that ignoring that will lead to issues of equity.

    Equality insures nothing since for all intents and purposes, we have bypassed that. So equity is ours to deal with.

    That is the reality part.


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    1. RE: “If that is the case, then equity is ours to either ensure or reject.”

      It might not be the case. I think a sociobiologist, for example, would argue that evolutionary processes continue regardless of material conditions, such as abundance or wealth. Since there is no escape from evolution, there is no opportunity for equity (aka wealth) to become external to it. In effect, someone always will compete for any available equity.

      For the purpose of governance, it is beneficial for the rules of competition to be fair to all the competitors. This is the basis for the concept of equality — that wins and losses will be judged by the same criteria regardless of the personal characteristics of the participants.


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