More outrageous: DOJ investigating sitting members of Congress or leaked tax returns of the ultra wealthy?

Investigations are fine. Necessary at times. But to politicize the DOJ in the manner the previous administration did should outrage people from all sides. Especially when the initial investigations under Sessions showed no reason to continue them,

But the President’s personal Attorney General did his master’s bidding and kept at it.

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Mic Drop

Greg Wallace drops the mic on the GOP and their new ownership. “Republicans in Congress will likely own Greene and her mad ravings for a long time to come, and it will serve them right. But congressional dignity and reputation will pay a heavy price.” Big price to keep two-thirds of the 22-25% of voters who still love this crap happy.

To those of you who say not everything is about the previous President, the GOP is ALL about HIM and HIM alone at this point.

They have no policies at this time except to obstruct EVERYTHING.

And their Elephant “mascot” should be replaced by the old RCA logo with an orange speaker with the dog replaced by a turtle.

The beginning of the end of the Pilot?

As soon as the sale went through, we had to know this was coming.

I get it that the VP has become more ads than news, especially Wednesday, but the importance of local news organizations, including print, are an invaluable tool for those who want to be informed about local things BY local reporters.

For those who say the VP was too liberal, you haven’t been paying attention to the national columnists that have been published pretty regularly over the past several months. (Since the Tribune takeover) Lots of Cal Thomas, Ross Douthat, and Jonah Goldberg pieces come to mind.

And I’m really gonna miss Pearls Before Swine with my morning coffee.

What are they afraid of?

Just one of many pieces discussing the GOP reluctance to a January 6th Commission.

Pelosi compromised form her original position on the make up and duties of the commission. So much so, the ranking member of the Committee agreed to forward it for a vote.

But because some guy in Florida told the Minority Leader to stop the investigation, the GOP leadership is doing everything short of actual vote whipping to prevent it from happening. Even Magic Mitch is capitulating because the part-time Florida resident (Word is he summering in New Jersey. Really? New Jersey? OK) doesn’t want it to happen.

So now I ask the same question our moderator has asked with regards to election audits: What do they fear?

Are YOU addicted?

Apparently watching Fox News is addictive and may require some time at the Betty Ford Clinic.

So ask yourself. Remember, the first step is to admit you have a problem.

“Hi. My name is John.”

“Hello, John.”

“And I am a Fox News Addict.”

(The above is not directed at anyone here on TNF. It is used in the same manner as John Doe”>)

The Hill: Supreme Court gets it wrong again, denying justice to those in uniform

It is not often that I agree with Turley (Or Clarence Thomas for that matter), but this is one of those times.

Unless a service member is actually inured during actual combat, why not be able to sue for just compensation?

“Created more than 70 years ago, the Feres Doctrine has victimized hundreds of thousands of service members and their families. The court’s failure should now put pressure on Congress to finally act to end the tragic legacy of the Feres decision.”

Feres needs to go, either through the court or Congress.