But will the Senate GOP members realize it…

MS Taylor makes a compelling argument for the trial to consider witnesses and new documents and finding of other government agencies.

The Trumpettes will pshaw the whole thing, like they always do because it came form the NYT. But Ms. Taylor is a senior editor at LAWFARE and a fellow @ Brookings. Pretty centrist organizations. (Check the WIKI pages for confirmation.)

"A plan versus a pipe dream"

SEN. Klobuchar, in an extensive interview with the NYT Ed. Board, shows why I thought from the beginning she would be the best choice for the Democratic nomination. Tough, experienced, level headed, and pragmatic. I suggest folks start paying attention to what she has to say. My dad won’t like it, but I tend to be a little closer to center than he and his wife.

I know many won’t be able to read the piece, but the interview will be part of a nomination piece on FX this Sunday. If I can find a link from another site, I’ll post it.

Vigilance and sanity needs to be used by the voting public.

Don Tabor is right that Putin is feeding into the divisiveness in our country and using it for his own gains. And to the detriment of our democratic processes.

And it isn’t just Russia either. This piece talks about other threat areas we need to be aware of. The problem is many people won’t believe what is here because is is from the NY Times. One may refer to it as “shoddy reporting”. It is people like that in, this country, that need to be most vigilant. Or most worried about.

Silly with everything else that is going on…


I just wonder how New York State will feel about appropriating the Interstate number that is used for the NY Thruway. Or will they eventually connect the two?

Interstate 87 begins in Suffern, NY and ends at the US-Canadian border between Champlain, NY and Blackpool, Canada. Isn’t the numbering system established to avoid that?