Who wants to defund Law Enforcement?


So the GOP wants to pull funding from STATE prosecutors who are attempting to uphold the rule of law, if the rule of law calls for a President, Vice President, former office holders or candidates to be investigated, and if evidence leads to it, indictment thereof.

If I were Bragg, I would have his office cut a check for the $5,000 used in the Trump investigation and invite Rep. Biggs to stash it somewhere to help provide bail money for any further charges.

I heard repeatedly through the 2020 campaign that Democrats wanted to defund law enforcement. Turns out, and to no surprise, that was a lie.

And here it is, GOP representatives calling for defunding of prosecutors who are doing their job. Sorry if the former President acted in a criminal manner. Side effect. Joe Biden would be off the hook for any allegations concerning his “criminal behavior”. (Hint: There AIN’T none.)

No one is above the law. Unless it is a politician we support. Then they have free reign.

What was learned.

“I have to say, I learned a lot during the pandemic. I learned that people who are most resistant to the government telling them what to do also happen to be the people who most need the government to tell them what to do and ironically are the same people who are most supportive of the government telling other people what to do.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

Seems a legitimate assessment of things.

Freedom for me, but not for thee comes to mind. Just sayin’.

An Essay on the South

Article SHOULD be gifted.

Ms. Cotton lives and teaches in North Carolina. Her observations on the South make for an interesting read.

“We like to look to the horizon instead of to the soil because we bury the people we do not care about in the South. It is where we have put migrants and poor people and sick people. It is where we put the social problems we are willing to accept in exchange for the promise of individual opportunity in places that sound more sophisticated. But the South is still a laboratory for the political disenfranchisement that works just as well in Wisconsin as it does in Florida. Americans are never as far from the graves we dig for other people as we hope.”

Sounds accurate.

Red States win with IRA, but the GOP wants to gut it.

“More than 20 years ago, a top Republican Party communications adviser wrote a memo that essentially told the GOP how to make Democrats look like fearmongers.

The adviser was Frank Luntz, the topic was global climate change, and the problem was to keep Republicans from looking like they didn’t care about the environment. Luntz advised the GOP to create doubt about climate science and say, “we must not rush to judgment before all the facts are in.””

Read more: Red States win with IRA, but the GOP wants to gut it.

And so the politicization of climate science began.

Yet now, the same adviser is singing a different tune. “In 2019, Frank Luntz acknowledged, “I was wrong in 2001,” and his advice then is “not accurate today.” He said that the American people want the federal government to do more about climate change, and they want to know not just the consequences of doing nothing but also the benefits of action.”

And the GOP is playing another game. Vote NO, but take the dough.

The article points out several red states who benefit greatly from the climate portion of the IRA. Why does the GOP want to cut off its nose to spite its face?

Two-Tiered Justice System? This story makes it clear.

One count of one VERY low level felony at the Federal level.

Puts DJT’s targeting claims to the test.

“My resentment is towards the legal system as a whole. It’s not used to target one side or the other, it’s used to go after whoever they need. . . . So I don’t want to hear about Republicans being “targeted.” Because believe me. . . . I know what it feels like.”

SCOTUS in need of Code of Ethics?


This report indicates the answer should be yes.

One trip that would have cost $500K, from a guy who claims he prefers RV’s and Walmart parking lots? All on the MANY dimes of a GOP megadonor billionaire. And he didn’t report (as is already required) any of his trips funded by the same individual?

Read more: SCOTUS in need of Code of Ethics?

And he saw no conflict of interest in ruling on anything related to January 6th?

Resign with dignity or be impeached? Your choice, Justice Thomas.

And THIS discussion doesn’t even mention his trips with or funded by his deep-pocket buddy.