One question” Why?

What reason does the Attorney General have for meeting with Murdoch? Trump is unhappy with some of Fox’s reporting, so he sends the Attorney General to discuss?


” On Thursday morning, Mr. Trump lashed out at Fox News over a poll it commissioned on attitudes toward the impeachment inquiry. ” From the piece.

Just poll trump’s base to find the numbers he wants.

NYT and WSJ running stories from the same NW PA city on the same day? WTH?

I can’t read the WSJ story (pay wall). I did read the NYT piece. I just thought it strange that 2 of the most widely read national publications went to Erie, PA at a similar time. One for a story on Obama-Trump voters, one a story about trying to save the city.

Full disclosure: I grew up in Erie and left in 1984. I didn’t know any one at the old GE plant and every other industry was going or gone. The only option was the military as my academic career had, shall we say, partied out.

I was there Labor Day weekend for a Memorial Service for my mother, who had moved to Suffolk to be closer to family. I drove around town in dismay at how bad it had gotten. Even some of the nicer middle class neighborhoods appeared to be struggling. What was once a hotbed of production has become so downtrodden, I’m not sure anyone, Democrat or Republican can save it.

The Mooch calls out the GOP

One of Trump’s closest friends says Trump is having a “nervous breakdown”. He also wants to know why none of the 53 GOP senators has been asked for an answer about what Trump is doing. (I think some have been asked, but they all do their best cricket imitation when answering).

He makes a valid point about James Madison rolling over in his grave. He seems to be saying “Why aren’t you all doing your job?” For those who have asked that of the Dem led House, I say, they are doing their job. It’s too bad they feel compelled to have to do what is being done to protect the Constitutional balance of power. Which IS part of their job.

I’ve never liked Mooch too much, but I respect the fact he is not afraid to speak out negatively about his friend.

A Potential Third Coverup?

The Bill Barr led DOJ did not follow its own procedures, agreed to with the FEC. The article clearly pointed out what should have happened.

” In its handling of the investigation and a potential campaign-finance violation, the Department of Justice appears to have ignored a rule that a matter under investigation must be referred to the Federal Election Commission. Critically, if the department had followed the rule, the Ukraine affair would have been disclosed to the American public. “

…” but an overlooked problem is that a federal government memorandum required the Justice Department to refer this complaint to the Federal Election Commission. And by all publicly available information, the department failed to do so.”

Bill Barr, is once again acting in the best interests of the President and not in the best interests of the country, as an Attorney General is tasked.