Durham: DONE

Paywalled, I’m sure. But the gist is that Durham secured one indictment (with acquittal), one upcoming trial and one plea deal.

“Over the course of his inquiry, Mr. Durham has developed cases against two people accused of lying to the F.B.I. in relation to outside efforts to investigate purported Trump-Russia ties, but he has not charged any conspiracy or put any high-level officials on trial. The recent developments suggest that the chances of any more indictments are remote.”

Nothing more to see here.

RIP, Your Highness


A sad day for British brothers and sisters.

On a personal note, my beloved step-mother portrayed The Queen in the short lived Broadway show, DIANA: THE MUSICAL. Fans loved the show; critics hated it. But she loved every minute of her involvement and the opportunity to portray, even in a slightly farcical form, one of the greatest monarchs of all time.

God, Save the Queen!

Do they know who their neighbors will be?


I work just down the street from the “pile”. I have been watching it slowly, but surely, shrink.

However, also across the street from the pile is The VB City Homeless Resource Center. Luxury apartments in close proximity to that environment? What could go wrong?

They can call it Mac Street all they want. That is the street that crosses Southern, close to the old railroad tracks, east of the site. But the location of the “pile” puts it in very close proximity to the shelter.