And so it begins…

Magic Mitch is already starting his amnesia tour. For four years he sat there while lies, misinformation and deceit flowed from the Oval Office. NOW he blames the instigator-in-chief for January 6th. And overlooks that some of the “others” he is referring to are sitting on his side of the aisle in the Senate Chamber.

Anyone surprised by that; stand on your head. (Compliments of COL Henry Blake, CO, MASH 4077)

Mitch, you got your judges. But that cold have happened with ANY Republican president.

Cancel Culture is alive on well on the right

I posted something similar several months ago. Amazing how the right claims only the left is guilty.

Sing along with me: “H – Y – P (P cause we’re PO’ed) O -C – R- (real Republicans don’t stand up to T****) I – S- Y (Why? Because our spines were removed January 20th 2017)

And they never see it in themselves.

The Bulwark: The Attack on Democracy Is Not Over. It’s Still Happening. Right Now.

Tim Miller takes the GOP to task, with several concerning bullet points, for continuing to feed the T**** base.

“Now consider how Republicans in government are continuing to try to derail the transfer of power:

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Sorry, GOP. That Ship Has Sailed

It took over four years for Senators to realize they had sold their political souls to the devil. No one reigned him in. Sorry, Sen. Collins, he did NOT learn his lesson.

The 7 Senators who stood against the will of the voters in OTHER people’s states won’t have to pay a price. But, By G-d, they should.

Trumpism floating downstream

This is unbelievable! The State Supreme Court ruled the election win by the Democrat to be the final decision. Yet the GOP majority refused to seat him? WTF?

And in Congress, Nancy Pelosi swore in a GOP Rep from Iowa who’s election results are still being litigated. A 5 vote “win”, but still not finally decided.

I am truly glad that the only reason I have to go back to PA is to bury my Mother-in-law and to visit other gravesites of family members. I am disgusted. And anyone who believes in the “rule of law” and the sanctity of the courts should be equally disturbed -IMO.

PERSUASION: The Made-Up Conspiracy

A Republican bid to deny Biden’s victory is another worrying Trumpist disinformation ploy

Jonathan Rauch does an excellent job of calling out the GOP challenge of the Electoral College results for what it really is: A Made Up Conspiracy.

“Above all, the Republicans’ challenge is part of an information-warfare campaign. They are using a classic propaganda tactic that might be called “conspiracy bootstrapping.” First, you introduce a false idea, spreading it by every available means. Then, once people are talking about it, and some believe it, you cite its prevalence as evidence that it might be true—an epistemic sleight-of-hand by which propaganda validates itself.”

If you are unable to view the link, I will cut and paste the entire piece.