Going off the grid for the next few days. No email, smartphone or internet. Just good wine, good, food, good bourbon, good company and a good time away from it all.

Y’all play nice in my absence.

And stay outta my yard, you danged whippersnappers.

Happy Easter.

To those of you on this forum who are Christians and believe Jesus was your savior, may you find peace and comfort today.

To those of you of other faiths, this is still a good day to reflect on love and forgiveness.

For everyone else, enjoy the LPGA ANA Inspiration Major Championship, The Women’s Final Four Championship, the Opening weekend of Baseball (Except for MY favorite team, whose games were cancelled due to COVID…Another reason to hate the Nationals), The Texas Valero tournament (C’mon Jordan, get off that 3-year schneid), or some other form of indoor or outdoor entertainment.

My family will be practicing our new tradition of celebrating Easter Sunday with our Passover Sedar. Yes, I know Passover ended on Saturday, but this is our way of celebrating the diversity within our family.

Sincerely, Peace and Love is sent to you all.

A counter to the WSJ piece posted a couple of days ago

Matthew Harwood from the Brennan Center takes an in depth look at some of the GOP “voting integrity” plans.

The title of his piece says it all. And it is not from some left-wing site, but The Reason, a LIBERTARIAN website and magazine. They don’t publish much that doesn’t tend toward libertarianism.

And this reminder of what our democratic republic should be about: “In a democratic nation, the vote ensures that we engage in politics, not war. It gives us a voice: one vote to cast as we please, plus the right to speak freely and convince others to also cast their ballots for particular candidates or causes. It gives us the ability to privilege the ballot box over the cartridge box when things get real. The winner today may not be the winner next election. The self-corrective process of elections allows for the peaceful transfer of power—a historical miracle that, after the Capitol riot, we might not want to take for granted” (My emphasis added)

Hugs and kisses and no threat?


Hugged with flagpoles, hockey sticks and clubs and kissed with bear spray and other chemical irritants.

Tell the 5 dead and the over 100 injured cops that there was “no threat”.

And the best part is the “base” will believe him. “Believe what I am saying and don’t trust your lying eyes”?

The Bulwark: The GOP and Conservative Media Now Resemble the Communists of My Youth

Written by someone who lived under Communist rule and saw the end of it makes an interesting comparison between the Communist leaders of his country and youth with today’s GOP and their media cronies.

And many times it has been asked when the GOP started down the path they are on and the answer has been, many times, Newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House. Mr. Klavana found a much earlier indicator of where the party was going: Ronald Reagan, 1964.

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As promised, here is my update to the Virginia Beach Vaccination program.

After I received my first dose (Moderna on 2/16) I started checking the new state website to schedule my second dose on or around 3/16 (28 days), No clinics were posted. I was beginning to be a little concerned about next availability.

This morning in my email was registration for my second dose. I clicked the link, registered and am scheduled for 3/16.

The program is working and seems to be improving. The addition of the J&J vaccines to the mix is going to help tremendously in getting the VA populace vaccinated. I just wish they would get moving to the 1C group so the rest of my household can get their vaccines. (also for those of you here who are not in 1A or B and haven’t started your course yet)