Another one bites the dust…

Roger is (no real surprise, even apparently to him) found guilty on all counts. The picture of him at the top of the article appears to be a man who has a presidential pardon just waiting for him.

This should pose the question: Who’s next? It could be Rudy or some other enabler.

To quote another member of this blog: tick, tick, tick…

Another VP LTE that show people do not understand the process.

Re “Luria has heard enough to vote for impeachment” (The Virginian-Pilot page 2, Daily Press page 4, Nov. 9): So, U.S. Rep. Elaine Luria has made up her mind and will vote to impeach President Donald Trump. After all, she’s heard one side of the story, and hearing the other side would only confuse her.

Thank God she’s not a judge. She’d render decisions after the prosecution rested. No need to hear the defense, is there?

Hugh T. Sharp, Williamsburg

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AT: Points fingers concerning the GOP loss of power in the Virginia GA

No mention of the redrawn districts. Apparently, even Chris Jones of Suffolk was a weak candidate. And no Trump Rallies anywhere in the Commonwealth.

And calling for the VA GOP to embrace Trump in a state he LOST by about 5 points in 2016 is NOT going to bring them back to power.

The Standard is the Standard…

Local guy makes good! And to have a former Army Ranger talk about Tomlin’s leadership today is a testament to Tomlin’s abilities.

Family tends to make the man. This speaks volumes about Tomlin’s upbringing.

Full disclosure: I’ve been a Steelers fan since 1972. Something Immaculate happened and I’ve been on board ever since.

GOP Senator takes a shot…

SEN Kennedy calls Pelosi dumb? You may not agree with her, but she is one of the smartest folks on Capitol Hill. Playing to Trump’s crowd to keep his bona fides in place was disgusting. You can’t beat her, so you try to run her down.

I would love to see a face-to-face between Pelosi and Kennedy. He would be the ultimate bumpkin, get his ass kicked, and not be smart enough to realize it.