COVID Karma?

Charlie Sykes, shows what karma is really about. More and more, people who have ranted about mask policies and vaccines are … wait for it … DYING FROM COVID!

What is it about talking heads, be they on radio or TV, and those who listen to them? Will the deaths of three anti-vaccine/anti-mask radio zealots going to make a dent? What will the excuse be for those who were waiting for FULL FDA approval of vaccines to get their shots to renege and continue to endanger themselves, their families, their social circles, and their communities?

Please, if you know someone who has not started the vaccination process, share some of these stories with them. Let them know that people younger and younger are getting sick and DYING from COVID. If you yourself haven’t been vaccinated, ask yourself “Why?”. It is NOT about government control; it is about protecting yourself and your close circle and your community at large from becoming deathly ill.

Plus some other goodies from the Sykes Morning Shots Newsletter.

The Claremont Institute taken to task, Deservedly so,

Laura Field, Senior Fellow @ the Niskanen Center and Scholar-in-Residence @ American University, takes today’s version of the Claremont Institute, a former think tank in the Conservative vein, and shows how it is become bastion of T****ism and racism. It’s a long read (27 pages in .pdf format), but worth the time to see what today’s “conservatism” has come to.

She nails it – IMHNEO (Thanks Len. It looks like a Hebrew word translated to English)

She will NEVER learn, will she?

Once again, the Gentlelady from Georgia invokes 1930’s German rhetoric.

Comparing offering door-to-door vaccines to the Brown Shirts proves, once again, that even a trip to the Holocaust Museum taught her nothing.

She is a game show host at best, and a Nazi obsessed idiot at worst. The problem is she is an elected representative of her district who does not represent her constituents. She just tries to stay relevant through idiotic comments.

Does anyone else find this a tad disturbing?

So a deep pocket GOP donor is paying for the SDNG to “deploy” to Texas. Yes there are issues at the border. BUT the NG cannot perform ANY LE duties, only support missions for CBP.

Questions arise. 1) Did the Governor of Texas request assistance from other states? I did not see where he did, but I may have missed it. And if he did request it, why not to the administration?

2) Did Governor Noem go in search of deep pockets to pay for this deployment?

3) What is the mission going to be? As the last time the NG was sent to the border, they were only doing support as allowed by law.

4) What if Jeff Bezos decided he needed NG support at an Amazon warehouse in the name of “national security” and made a big donation to the state of Virginia in order to secure a “deployment” to an Alabama warehouse?

This comes off as a paid army doing the bidding of a private citizen.

Did Tucker Carlson EVER serve?

I don’t care if he did or not. But to call the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs “stupid” and a “pig” is straight out of his hero’s playbook.

I contend that it is Mr. Carlson who is a stupid pig.

And this is who about 40% of Americans listen to and BELIEVE in. Put don the Kool-Aid my, fellow Americans, and truly consider where you get your viewpoints from.

More outrageous: DOJ investigating sitting members of Congress or leaked tax returns of the ultra wealthy?

Investigations are fine. Necessary at times. But to politicize the DOJ in the manner the previous administration did should outrage people from all sides. Especially when the initial investigations under Sessions showed no reason to continue them,

But the President’s personal Attorney General did his master’s bidding and kept at it.

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Mic Drop

Greg Wallace drops the mic on the GOP and their new ownership. “Republicans in Congress will likely own Greene and her mad ravings for a long time to come, and it will serve them right. But congressional dignity and reputation will pay a heavy price.” Big price to keep two-thirds of the 22-25% of voters who still love this crap happy.

To those of you who say not everything is about the previous President, the GOP is ALL about HIM and HIM alone at this point.

They have no policies at this time except to obstruct EVERYTHING.

And their Elephant “mascot” should be replaced by the old RCA logo with an orange speaker with the dog replaced by a turtle.