Now THIS is a First Amendment violation by the state

I also find it interesting that the reporter who was leading the team is a person of color (Hispanic and black). His credentials were in plain view, he asked repeatedly where the police wanted him to relocate to with NO apparent response. There was no resistance by Mr. Jimenez and his request as to where to go was never answered.

Yet the white CNN reporter a couple of blocks away was NOT placed under arrest. Makes this common man wonder what the heck is going on with the Minnesota police forces.

“State TV” isn’t “State TV” enough for Mr. Trump

Watch for lots more “pops” to OANN. Or for Fox to capitulate and become what it always seems to have been: The Trump TV Network. WTF?

If Fox did any more for his re-election campaign, they would have to file paperwork with the FEC for in-kind contributions.