What was learned.

“I have to say, I learned a lot during the pandemic. I learned that people who are most resistant to the government telling them what to do also happen to be the people who most need the government to tell them what to do and ironically are the same people who are most supportive of the government telling other people what to do.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

Seems a legitimate assessment of things.

Freedom for me, but not for thee comes to mind. Just sayin’.

15 thoughts on “What was learned.

      1. I wouldn’t know if he’s funny or not as I don’t watch shows like his. All I point out is what he says must be taken as attempted humor funny or not. It’s his job.


  1. You’ll have to remind me where it was that conservatives or libertarians told people they couldn’t wear masks or get vaccinated or had to keep their businesses open.


      1. So, you think that employers should be able to compel employees to have medical treatment?

        Childbearing is costly and inconvenient for businesses, how about letting them require IUD’s for their female emplyees?


        1. No one has to work in a specific place. If Hobby Lobby can remove birth control for religious reasons, then I could demand vaccination to work for me. In both cases, the employee can walk.

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  2. What I learned during the pandemic is that many people are loudmouth sheep. If ever I was optimistic about the future, I am not anymore.

    But I am not entirely pessimistic. The children may do better than we did.


    1. RE: “How so?”

      I posted here on various Covid subjects that interested me. Almost without exception, my commentary was criticized using one or another form of the “official narrative.” For example, one of my posts concerned the virulence of the Covid-19 virus. I even quoted Dr. Fauci, writing in the Lancet to the effect that Covid-19 appeared at the time to be comparable to a bad flu.

      My critics — the loudmouth sheep — shouted down this credible observation. They even persisted in ridiculing Trump and the Trump administration for calling Covid a bad flu, often while simultaneously presenting Fauci as a god-like, omniscient figure who would never say anything so stupid.

      I could provide similar examples related to masks, the safety and efficacy of the vaccines, the toxic qualities of the spike protein, the Swedish public health policy, and so on.


      1. Yes, some disagreed with your posts. So what? I get lambasted plenty of times.

        This site is pretty civil. There are plenty that love to pile on a lone dissenter. Not civilly either.

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    2. He’s gonna get on his high horse and claim his superiority.

      Once again, only JTR KNOWS anything and the rest who disagree are just “sheep”. Loudmouthed or not.


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