Who wants to defund Law Enforcement?


So the GOP wants to pull funding from STATE prosecutors who are attempting to uphold the rule of law, if the rule of law calls for a President, Vice President, former office holders or candidates to be investigated, and if evidence leads to it, indictment thereof.

If I were Bragg, I would have his office cut a check for the $5,000 used in the Trump investigation and invite Rep. Biggs to stash it somewhere to help provide bail money for any further charges.

I heard repeatedly through the 2020 campaign that Democrats wanted to defund law enforcement. Turns out, and to no surprise, that was a lie.

And here it is, GOP representatives calling for defunding of prosecutors who are doing their job. Sorry if the former President acted in a criminal manner. Side effect. Joe Biden would be off the hook for any allegations concerning his “criminal behavior”. (Hint: There AIN’T none.)

No one is above the law. Unless it is a politician we support. Then they have free reign.

22 thoughts on “Who wants to defund Law Enforcement?

  1. “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.” Lavrentiy Beria, Stalin’s Secret Police head.

    Bragg campaigned on a promise to get Trump. That should carry a penalty.


    1. “Bragg campaigned on a promise to get Trump. ”

      Nope> Didn’t happen.


      So are you defending the planned law proposed by Biggs to defund prosecutors if they investigate or charge POTUS, VP’s, former holders of those offices or candidates. even if they DO break the law?

      That invites a lot of people to run just to avoid prosecution for crimes they commit.


        1. “ No, Bragg did not specifically pledge, “If elected, I will indict Donald J. Trump.” But he promised to pursue Trump and hold him “accountable,” which is liberal code for going after Trump in any way possible.”

          Liberal code? Come on, you had no verification so you got an opinion that made up stuff.

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    2. “ ” Trump said in an April 4 speech at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida following his arraignment. “‘I’m going to get him, I’m going to get him.’ This is a guy campaigning.”

      So you are just parroting Trump, not what was actually said by Bragg as detailed in the extensive fact-check.

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  2. BTW, there are some law enforcement agencies that should be defunded because they chronically violate the rights of citizens, Start with the BATF, even last dime.


  3. About the only support for the Republicans activities is from the base. And the base votes in primaries. So Biggs and the other riff raff are throwing all they can think of to get those votes.

    But for now they are following orders from Mar a Lago, no doubt about that.

    Wasn’t Biggs photographed shoving furniture up against a door during 1/6? And then called the attackers “tourists” a year later?

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  4. Bragg is not conducting a law enforcement campaign, he is conducting a political campaign on the taxpayers dime and doing a very poor job of playing with law he has no juridiction over. He knows he has an extremely poor case but stupidly makes a case of it to play politics. And with a straight face at that. No, he’s a liberal jackass that deserves to be defunded not a beat cop who actually enforces the law.


    1. He has no jurisdiction over federal law that he is attempting to use as the basis for a NY crime being a felony. In addition the so called crime he is attempting to use hasn’t been proven in a federal court. To top it off, the statute of limitations has long expired. Idiot on a mission to prove he’s an idiot.


      1. Statute of limitations in NY has a provision for folks who leave the state. The timer turns off while they are gone. Trump not only left NY for the White House, he moved his residence to Florida.

        So the case still falls within the statute.

        The possible federal campaign issue is a bit novel, but not necessarily wrong. It might be a basis for appeal, but there are also NY State election laws. And the tax issues involved in cooking the books, both state and federal.

        Finally, the division that has indicted Trump has a record of 100’s of very similar cases of businesses indicted for financial and tax fraud. It is what they do a lot, not just with Trump.

        There is no reason Trump should not be held accountable since many others were prosecuted for similar crimes. It would just encourage illegal activities if he was just let off the hook.

        Making the case political is the defense by Trump in the media. It won’t fly in the courtroom under oath.


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        1. Delay of statute of limitations is not automatic especially in such minor misdemeaner cases. As much as you liberals focus on “get Trump” your desire of him being guilty of something doesn’t make an unprosecuted federal crime a crime just because you want it to be. He does have rights like everyone else of being innocent until proven guilty. He’s guilty of nothing that is the basis of Braggs 34 charges. This being political is no GOP excuse but mere fact.


          1. You keep saying innocent until proven guilty, and that is accurate.

            HOWEVER, you also are saying that he shouldn’t be prosecuted for BREAKING THE LAW. Let the courts do their jobs. Let prosecutors do their jobs. And quit playing legal scholar. You are in way over your head.

            Bragg is a LOT smarter than you seem to be giving him credit for. Are you claiming to know his job better than him?


          2. Of course he has the same rights as other business owners prosecuted for fraudulent accounting.

            The federal crimes that got Cohen were not prosecuted against Trump as president. Either immunity and/or his own DOJ opted to not indict a sitting president, who was named as a co-conspirator in the Cohen indictment.

            Not the Trump was innocent, just temporarily immune by virtue of his political office.

            Trump has much a bigger problem regarding GA and threatening election officials. Not to mention the classified documents “whack a mole” game he played with the Archive and DOJ. And the whole 1/6 plotting to overturn the election.

            For icing, there are the rape and defamation charges.

            Trump’s next court appearance in NY is December, so I imagine the other cases will have gelled as the months pass.


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