Super Bowl LVII, the National Anthem, Chris Stapleton: RESPECT 

[This is title of Episode 86 on my podcast. It has outperformed all other episodes by a factor of 10 or much more. My thesis is that the public is not getting enough respect from its leaders. I think deep in his heart Biden is a fairly contemptuous person. He takes money from foreign countries and then he looks in the camera and says he and his son have never never ever ever ever discussed business. I was particularly struck by what Tara Reade claims he said after he had abused her. “I don’t care about you at all. You are nothing to me.”]


Ladies and gentlemen…

Most people agree that Chris Stapleton’s Star-Spangled Banner is best ever or close.

Most performers treat the Star-Spangled Banner as a big rousing number in a Broadway musical. They show off their skills. Everyone is impressed. But perhaps not touched.

Stapleton, his guitar, and his Tennessee-whiskey voice were alone in the Super Bowl arena. Millions cried.

Stapleton seemed humble, not concerned with flaunting his talents. Instead he paid tribute to the anthem itself, the history it represents, and the people who died to keep us going. That’s respect.

Few Americans know the story behind the song (apparently our schools don’t like history). During the War of 1812, a British fleet sailed up the Chesapeake Bay to bombard Fort McHenry, as a step toward burning Baltimore, as they had already torched Washington DC. First, they had to destroy the fort.

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