K-12: Sight-words are a sick joke

Recent article on American Thinker explains why so many Americans are illiterate.

My big theme is that we can’t save the country if we don’t first save the public schools. (And we can’t do that without eliminating one of the world’s dumbest educational methods, i.e., using sight-words to teach reading.)

Parents can’t expect help from major universities and foundations. The media are especially compromised, as they remain silent on how the schools might be hurting your children. So, it’s everyone’s job to improve literacy.

Read article.

Campaign Conundrums 2020

1) Biden has no spectators at his events. This is very weird and perhaps unprecedented.

I don’t understand why the Dem Party in each area does not order all members to show up. These unattended events show there’s no support for Biden. He can’t be 12 points ahead, more likely 12 points behind.

2) Biden is showing his age, especially if he has to use numbers. People must be figuring it out. If you see a single example of his dementia, you know you shouldn’t vote for such a person. I’ve seen a dozen.

3) Most people said Biden did better than expected in the first debate, probably because he had high-tech assistance and some low-tech assistance. In either case, he cheated. Disgraced former governor Rod Blagojevich said that Biden should be disqualified. Watch video.

Interview with Linda Goudsmit

Author of Humanitarian Hoaxes. A conservative intellectual with lots to say about all the main political issues.

Pull quote: “The Humanitarian Hoax of Eternal Childhood is the key to understanding the war on America. Freedom is an adult enterprise. Collectivism, whether it is socialism, communism, or globalism, demands emotional dependence and uncritical acceptance of what we are told. No thank you.”

Interview by Bruce Deitrick Price.


‘If We Had Not Been Told There Was a Pandemic, You Wouldn’t Have Known’

It’s so pleasant to see something intelligent in the media about the virus..

Meanwhile, Dr. Zelenko takes on Fauci & Pharma. Visit his site to see where the battle is; to sign a White House partition to grant the hydroxy cocktail Emergency Use Authorization; to see the much-maligned Dr. Emmanuel speak on the first day of the Frontline Doctors presentation; and to find out how anyone can order the protocol for about $20. Apparently, no one else needs to die nor even to be afraid. That was Doctor Zelenko’s point all along.

I think Zelenko is winning. This is extraordinary given the power and evil of his opponents, the stubborn disingenuousness of the media, and the ignorance of the population.

Dr. Harvey Risch on the war against hydroxychloroquine

Famous professor of epidemiology at Yale says that support for hydroxy cocktail is readily available. And that its use can save over 75,000 lives going forward. ( https://www.foxnews.com/transcript/dr-harvey-risch-on-the-war-against-hydroxychloroquine )

Risch merely confirms what Dr. Zelenko has said for four months. He has himself treated over 2200 patients successfully. He now posts regularly on Twitter. ( His most recent letter to Trump: https://twitter.com/zev_dr/status/1286013832817770498 )

it was clear to me several months ago that no one else needed to die from the virus. It’s amazing the amount of people who want there to be continual plague and pestilence. The Pilot has never mentioned important details about this story. The networks never mention details. If you try to search for information, Google will give you dated links from many months ago.

The effort to keep people in a state of panic is overwhelmingly obvious.

Truth about the virus

I have been very disappointed by the Associated Press and the Pilot. They’re careful not to mention the important work of Dr. Raoult in France and Dr. Zelenko here.

Basically, Zelenko says that his hydroxy cocktail, if used in the first five days, has an almost perfect record of nullifying the infection.

If a patient goes another week or two and become really ill, the hydroxy medicine is of little use. However, it was precisely this set of patients that was treated and reported on in the newspapers. So, many people have the impression that the hydroxy approach is not an option. It is the best option.

At this point, I’ll sum up my own conclusions by saying that I trust Zelenko 99% and I trust Fauchi 9%. I have always heard that the pharmaceutical companies are brutal in their quest for profit.

Here are two really smart medical people explaining the situation.

Dr. Zelenko has started something called Crowd Protocol. He hopes to enlist the participation of doctors all around the world. They will report their experiences to help reach a consensus on best treatments.

RE: K-12 and Comedy Core

A few thoughts about the article which appeared Wednesday on American Thinker, a prestigious conservative site for those who don’t know:

One: It’s a good article; I hope everyone will read it. But the thing that really impressed me was the comments, now at 80. They’re typically smart and well-informed. So, to anyone puzzled by what’s going on in the public schools and pressed for time, I say, skip the article and read a few dozen comments. You will learn a lot about the depressing reality that both parents and students must contend with. It is a nightmare. Simple problems are made complicated. Children figure out how to do something but their answer doesn’t count because it’s not done in the bogus way commanded by the school authorities. (The people behind this thing are best understood as ideological fanatics.)

Two: With an assist from Abbott and Costello, this article attempts to be somewhat amusing. Comedy is difficult and not even esteemed on American Thinker. But I like to try because I persist in believing that K-12 education is a comedy gold mine. I keep wondering why SNL has not figured this out. It’s not simple ha-ha humor. It’s graveyard humor. It’s chaos and catastrophe humor. It’s the kind of humor so common in Russia as the people were ground down by the Communist Party.

Three: Point is, education reformers have to try every trick and tactic. There is massive cooperation, let’s say, between the school system, media, foundations, higher education, government agencies, etc. This is what people in the mixed martial arts call a chokehold. The United States of America is in a chokehold. I think what we need most of all is education about education. The people who run our communities should know why sight-words are a bogus method, Common Core is foolishness, and Constructivism is a silly gimmick. Is there anybody in Tidewater who can evaluate those assertions? Is there anybody on the local paper who understands these things? Does anyone in the Republican Party understand why our K-12 system is so in love with mediocrity? Sadly, I don’t think so. If I’m wrong, I would like to see those people step forward. I think the Pilot is obligated to report in depth. I think the Republican Party is too passive. We need fighters.


Why Are Republicans Such Wimps?


Democrats are combative 24/7. In contrast, many Republicans seem weak, inept, or disloyal. Why? Perhaps some are secret Socialists. Perhaps others are bribed or blackmailed. We hear a lot of rumors about pedophilia…

It’s not enough to say “Republicans are wimps.” We want to understand their motives. Does anyone have evidence for any particular theory?

Coda: In a famous 1955 bestseller, Flesch explained our reading crisis. The public schools went right on using a counterproductive method generally known as Whole Word. I don’t think this could have happened unless a lot of Republicans were compromised. Studying education has made me sensitive to the Left’s ingenuity at using propaganda and sophistry. Basically, it’s like watching a swarm of piranhas take down a cow.