Nurse shares undercover video bombshell: NY hospitals didn’t isolate COVID-19 patients properly

Some people on this site accept Fauci’s numbers, even though there were stories in newspapers about inflated cases and how the hospitals got what were essentially bribes from the government to attribute deaths to covid. Respirators were a good way to kill people but certain hospitals kept using them.

Meanwhile, there were really stupid, vicious attacks on hydroxy cocktail and Dr. Zelenko. Thousands died because of this. It seems Zeleno is going to get a Nobel prize of some kind. He for me was the real saint and scholar in this whole saga. He explained in his videos that the Hippocratic Oath requires certain behaviors, which Dr. Fauci did not exhibit.

ADDENDUM. I saw the story about the nurse on the Internet by accident. Two days later when I tried to Google it, it was gone. I always loved Google but not now. I decided to test Much to my surprise, a full page of relevant links came up. So Google was playing games. They’ll give up their rep to save Fauci and Biden. Wrong choice.

American history makes no sense unless you factor in the Comintern.

  • That would be the Communist avant-garde, arriving here in strength in 1921. 

This article is a quick history lesson about the fanatics that beset us. A five-minute read. 

Just 10 years later, in 1931, the Comintern made a move of extraordinary audacity, and long-term consequences. They staged a coup against phonics, trashing the old books, and bringing in the carefully bogus Dick and Jane.

You might object, what are you talking about, I’ve never even heard of this group. Comintern??? Is that a real thing?

That is Commie jargon for the Communist International. Lenin ordered these people to take over the world by infiltrating businesses, government agencies, universities, media, foundations, anything and everything. 

These are the termites in your basement and you don’t care until your house falls down.

The Comintern is the reason we have 50 million functional illiterates. Only 20 years after they started their attack, the decline in literacy was so great that Rudolf Flesch felt compelled to write his famous book, Why Johnny Can’t Read, and Americans felt compelled to buy millions of copies.


“The Comintern gave us a century of brutal meddling.”

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“Hey, Cleveland? Why Do You Hate Your Children??” — Part 2

More discussion of our illiteracy problem.

Most memorable paragraph:

“Probably the most revealing event in American education occurred in 1928. That’s when Dr. Samuel Orton, a neurologist working with a Rockefeller grant, concluded that Whole Word (often called sight-words) did not work. He got the grant because his sponsors assumed he would endorse Sight-words. Instead, he trashed this method, adding that it would damage children’s minds for a lifetime. But our Education Establishment, convinced by the stock market crash of ’29 that Karl Marx was right after all, moved aggressively to expel phonics from all American schools. This expulsion has been quietly but ruthlessly sustained to this day. Point is, all the top people in the field of education always knew, thanks to Dr. Orton, that they were selling snake oil.”

Concluding paragraph:

“When the schools don’t do a good job, parents and community leaders must step up their game. Oppose the bad stuff. When feasible, create alternatives. Millions of young Americans have been effectively kept from reaching their potential. This is a national scandal. Children don’t under-educate themselves. You need adults to do the dirty work.”

The Dumbing Down Continues

A political activist in Cleveland wrote to tell me that the people in his city are 66% functionally illiterate. Possibly the worst stats in America. He wanted me to write something about this tragedy. I immediately knew the title: “Hey, Cleveland? Why do you hate your children??”

Cleveland is uniquely dysfunctional. On the other hand, Cleveland’s story is the country’s story. Incompetent, probably corrupted bureaucrats aim low and hit their target. There may also be external pressures by the geniuses of sabotage we refer to as the Comintern. (I say may also be to be polite. But really, who else but Communists and other slave owners would deliberately strive to keep children illiterate?)

In which context I mention the famous interview with KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov. I urge everyone to learn more about his explanation for our decline and fall. The video is linked at the end of my article. Only 14 minutes and then you’ll know everything.


Cleveland?! Why do you hate your children?

K-12: Sight-words are a sick joke

Recent article on American Thinker explains why so many Americans are illiterate.

My big theme is that we can’t save the country if we don’t first save the public schools. (And we can’t do that without eliminating one of the world’s dumbest educational methods, i.e., using sight-words to teach reading.)

Parents can’t expect help from major universities and foundations. The media are especially compromised, as they remain silent on how the schools might be hurting your children. So, it’s everyone’s job to improve literacy.

Read article.

Campaign Conundrums 2020

1) Biden has no spectators at his events. This is very weird and perhaps unprecedented.

I don’t understand why the Dem Party in each area does not order all members to show up. These unattended events show there’s no support for Biden. He can’t be 12 points ahead, more likely 12 points behind.

2) Biden is showing his age, especially if he has to use numbers. People must be figuring it out. If you see a single example of his dementia, you know you shouldn’t vote for such a person. I’ve seen a dozen.

3) Most people said Biden did better than expected in the first debate, probably because he had high-tech assistance and some low-tech assistance. In either case, he cheated. Disgraced former governor Rod Blagojevich said that Biden should be disqualified. Watch video.

Interview with Linda Goudsmit

Author of Humanitarian Hoaxes. A conservative intellectual with lots to say about all the main political issues.

Pull quote: “The Humanitarian Hoax of Eternal Childhood is the key to understanding the war on America. Freedom is an adult enterprise. Collectivism, whether it is socialism, communism, or globalism, demands emotional dependence and uncritical acceptance of what we are told. No thank you.”

Interview by Bruce Deitrick Price.

‘If We Had Not Been Told There Was a Pandemic, You Wouldn’t Have Known’

It’s so pleasant to see something intelligent in the media about the virus..

Meanwhile, Dr. Zelenko takes on Fauci & Pharma. Visit his site to see where the battle is; to sign a White House partition to grant the hydroxy cocktail Emergency Use Authorization; to see the much-maligned Dr. Emmanuel speak on the first day of the Frontline Doctors presentation; and to find out how anyone can order the protocol for about $20. Apparently, no one else needs to die nor even to be afraid. That was Doctor Zelenko’s point all along.

I think Zelenko is winning. This is extraordinary given the power and evil of his opponents, the stubborn disingenuousness of the media, and the ignorance of the population.

Dr. Harvey Risch on the war against hydroxychloroquine

Famous professor of epidemiology at Yale says that support for hydroxy cocktail is readily available. And that its use can save over 75,000 lives going forward. ( )

Risch merely confirms what Dr. Zelenko has said for four months. He has himself treated over 2200 patients successfully. He now posts regularly on Twitter. ( His most recent letter to Trump: )

it was clear to me several months ago that no one else needed to die from the virus. It’s amazing the amount of people who want there to be continual plague and pestilence. The Pilot has never mentioned important details about this story. The networks never mention details. If you try to search for information, Google will give you dated links from many months ago.

The effort to keep people in a state of panic is overwhelmingly obvious.