Brutal Overkill By Our Bolsheviks (B.O.B.O.B)

Treatment of the J6 prisoners is unconscionable, flagrant, and for me inexplicable.

Nancy Pelosi is presiding over a year of human rights violations. Check for the latest on this monster scandal.

There is now a vast amount of evidence, media treatments, and videos that can convince almost everyone that great injustices have taken place. Heads should roll.

So I ask again, how do the Democrats expect to get out of this? We have some great sophists on this site. I am eager to see them explain their troubles away.

23 thoughts on “Brutal Overkill By Our Bolsheviks (B.O.B.O.B)

  1. The Arrest Map feature on the web site is interesting. The crimes presumably all occurred in one place at one time, but the arrests were made all across the country. The pattern seems odd, perhaps consistent with trumped up prosecutions.


    1. People being held for trial are innocent until proven guilty. they are not convicts, no matter what they are accused of.

      They are entitled to all of their rights excepting only the freedom of mobility. including the right to privacy, safety, and communication.

      The Jan 6 prisoners are clearly being held in violation of their 5th and 8th Amendment rights. This is a far more serious crime than anything that happened on Jan 6th because it is a crime BY the government.


      1. Funny. Over 700 have been charged and the vast majority are sitting home. The relative small numbers in jail are the violent ones or where serious charges are pending.

        And they were held in the same conditions as all other jail inmates, but nobody cared before. Maybe we will get some jail reforms.

        A liberal is a Republican who has been arrested.

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        1. Those awaiting trial are not supposed to be held the same as those convicted, no matter what the crime they are accused of, they are innocent until proven guilty.

          They are there to assure they will show up for trial, not for punishment.


      1. RE: “People were identified on video but not arrested until after they had gone home.”

        Yeah, sort of like red light traffic cameras. Only, the infractions are not as simple (binary) as running a red light.

        An infinite number of monkeys typing randomly on an infinite number of keyboards…


      2. So. If you were caught on video burglarizing a store and you went back home does that mean you get out of jail free?

        The primary job of the overwhelmed police on 1/6 was to protect Congress and clear the Capitol. Trying to arrest everyone that day would probably have resulted in many more casualties. After all, the estimates were that about 2000 actually breached the Capitol grounds.

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        1. RE: “So. If you were caught on video burglarizing a store and you went back home does that mean you get out of jail free?”

          Of course not. But hundreds of FBI agents sitting around in conference rooms examining cell-phone videos does not inspire confidence in due process.

          Check out this video:


  2. First of all, Trump lost.  Period.  Biden won the most popular votes and Biden won the most electoral votes.  That was a proven fact on January 6.  Everyone inside the Capitol that day knew, or should have known that to be a fact.

    Those people went into that building with one thing in mind.  They wanted to overthrow an election, and thereby our government, because they didn’t like the election results.  They waved their Confederate flags and their Swastikas, and they took down the American flag and replaced it with a Trump flag.  That was unconscionable and flagrant, but not inexplicable.  Everyone inside that building was/is a traitor.  Period.

    The party of waterboarding and Abu Ghraib is not morally qualified to speak of “gulags” and/or human rights violations.

    Democrats do not have to “get out of this” because Democrats did not cause this.  Republicans yelled “fire” in a crowded theater.  Now they want to blame Democrats because people got hurt and some got killed.  

    J6 prisoners are being brought back to the scene of their crimes to stand trial.  In the kind of country Trump and his supporters want to create, they’d be shot on sight… even if they were on Fifth Avenue.  Be glad Democrats aren’t like MAGAs.

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    1. RE: “That was a proven fact on January 6.”

      It was a disputed fact. It still is, as far as I can tell, although no one today is calling for President Biden’s resignation or removal because of the controversy.

      The best way to prevent future protests of the J6 kind is for the states to revise their election procedures and improve quality control.


      1. I’m glad you agree. It was a fact. A disputed fact is still a fact. The earth is not flat. That is a fact. It is also a disputed fact. George W. Bush’s victory was a disputed fact. Yet Democrats didn’t storm the Capitol, tear down the American flag, trash the building, and scream for the Vice President to be hung. People who do that sort of thing are enemies of democracy and should be treated as such.

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        1. RE: “People who do that sort of thing are enemies of democracy and should be treated as such.”

          Many Democrats disputed Donal Trump’s victory in 2016. Should they have been treated as enemies of democracy?


          1. IF Democrats had stormed the capitol, torn down the American flag, trashed the building, and screamed for the Vice President to be hung, yes they should be treated as enemies of democracy. But they did not. Trump supporters did that. I realize you have no defense for their actions and, like Trump, you can not admit defeat. But I do find “what about” arguments tiresome… particularly when they are so defective they must be reduced to “what if” arguments.

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      2. “Disputed fact”?

        More like denial by the smitten and lied about by the GOP leadership.

        Perhaps “ignored fact” is a better description.

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    2. Even were all that true, and it isn’t, it is irrelevant to the issue of the treatment of those being held in violation of their Constitutional rights by the government.

      They have not been convicted and are innocent until proven guilty. Harsh treatment and isolation prior to trial is extra-judicial punishment and those carrying it out are guilty of the felony of denial of Constitutional rights under the color of authority.

      Crimes by the government are a far greater threat to the country than anything the rioters could have done.


      1. Well, if nothing else, this ordeal has increased your concern about how the government treats people. Will I be seeing you at the next Black Lives Matter march? Will you be petitioning Congress about voting rights? Or gay rights? Or women’s rights?

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        1. BLM has sullied a righteous cause of exposing unequal treatment of Blacks by police with Marxist ideology and untrue allegations where abuse of rights had not happened, so I will not be supporting their efforts. I do support equal justice.

          BTW, our Libertarian party joined Equality Virginia to fight the Defense of Marriage Amendment (sadly unsuccessfully) at a time when the Democratic Party declined to do so.


      2. “Even were all that true, and it isn’t, it is irrelevant to the issue of the treatment of those being held in violation of their Constitutional rights by the government.”

        That is your problem: You don’t believe in facts (unless they are your facts or facts that back your agenda or world view). What exactly did Ms. Radford say that wasn’t true?

        As far as your assertion about Constitutional rights being violated, you show a lack of understanding of criminal law.

        I knew a gentleman once who’s name appeared in some documents tied to a drug dealer. He had no involvement in the criminal aspects of the case, but because his name was found, he was held for over 6 months until he could be cleared of any criminal conduct. His rights were not violated and once it was determined he had no criminal involvement, he was released and all of his rights restored and his name vindicated.

        It happens all of the time in criminal investigations and prosecutions. People are held if it is necessary to ensure their innocence or guilt. Most Jan. 6th defendants are free on bail or being held because the COURT considers them a threat to society or to flee prosecution


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