Parent Describes K-12 Dystopia

On a regional Mensa forum, I posted analysis of problems in education.  To my delight, an indignant parent left her assessment of how bad our schools have become.  First-person reports from the trenches are the most reliable intelligence you can get about this murky and unintelligent demimonde:  

I read your article and couldn’t agree more.  I have lived it with my twins for the last 13 years.  I nearly cried when we moved from a NYC public school to a school district in an affluent part of NJ only to find out they had the same mind-numbing constructivist Math program (TERC, Everyday Math, etc.)….As someone who loved Math in school, I couldn’t believe how much I hated and was confused by their math homework.  There were many tears and much throwing of pencils across the room….” 

People not familiar with our K-12 situation will find this a quick way to catch up.

See short article on American Thinker.

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11 thoughts on “Parent Describes K-12 Dystopia

  1. Yeah, mathematics education not based on rote memorization is so confusing – for parents whose only knowledge of mathematics is based on rote memorization.

    Contrary to your assertion, anecdotal evidence (“reports from the trenches”) is just about the weakest evidence there is.

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  2. Most striking to me is the observation that the math curriculum appears to be designed to prevent parents from being able to tutor their own children. The parents are made obsolete because the schools use instructional techniques that are arcane and unfamiliar to them.

    In an ideal world parents would be the best tutors. You’d think schools would use curricula that parents can support.


    1. New Math, 1962, was famous for introducing difficult math topics that neither students nor parents can understand. Wikipedia says,, “Topics introduced in the New Math include set theory, modular arithmetic, algebraic inequalities, bases other than 10, matrices, symbolic logic, Boolean algebra, and abstract algebra.”
      This is the pattern for the next 60 years.

      “Bases other than 10” is where you know you’re dealing with sociopaths.


      1. “Bases other than 10” is where you know you’re dealing with sociopaths.

        That is a truly ignorant statement. Maybe you missed it, but we are now in an age dominated by binary, octal and hexadecimal mathematics of machines and their non-decimal programming languages. If a child thinks that only the decimal base system is mathematics, he doesn’t understand mathematics.

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        1. When New Math discussed “bases other than 10,” they were not discussing binary. They were suggesting that you teach second-graders bases such as 6, 7, or 8. This will absolutely wreck a child’s progress. Which seems to be the intent.. Of course, there were no parents who had ever heard of such a thing so they could not help with the homework. And that’s how you drive a wedge between the generations.


          1. Leaving aside your silly exaggerations about what secod graders are taught, your claim that it was the intent of mathematics educators to “absolutely wreck a child’s progress” is even more ignorant not to say malicious. What is wrong with you?

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          2. In response to “wreck a child’s progress”::::::::::::::;

            There is one good thing about New Math. Most people instantly grasp that it is gratuitously difficult and unlikely to inspire children to like or to learn math. It was gone in a few years because it was so blatantly awful. (I think it shows sabotage cleverly designed by evil hacks.)

            15 years later the saboteurs came back with a more sophisticated attack, known as Reform Math. We are still living with it. My video “Comedy Core” shows the deep parallels between Abbot and Costello and Reform Math. Equally absurd, that’s the parallel. Funny stuff.

            (By the way, New Math is the math equivalent of Whole Word in reading, that being the destructive pedagogy introduced in 1931 throughout the public school system. We are still living with this imposter. Yes, the Comintern did a great job. Yes, the goal in both pedagogies is to slow down the children, to wreck their progress.)


          3. What you are really conveying with your Comintern charges and similar nonsense is that you are not smarter than a Fifth Grader. YOU cannot follow anything in education but rote reading, rote ‘riting and rote ‘rithmatic so you assume that nobody can either. Sad.

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  3. Speaking of public school hysteria, are you guys still clutching your pearls over CRT, or have you moved on from that now that the Virginia election is over?

    Will it be coming back before the mid-terms, or will you be fainting over some as yet to be invented outrage?

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  4. I contend that this post is in violation of one of the rules of the forum, as provided by Dr. Tabor.

    “No spam or advertising”….

    Mr. Price’s post appears to be both. Self promotion and, well, anti-intellectual horse poopy.


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