Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th Select Committee Hoax

Source: American Spectator.

To those who still believe Jan. 6 was an “attack on our democracy” I say, enjoy your handiwork. You have undermined both common decency and the rule of law. There can be no recovery from this without calamity.

51 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th Select Committee Hoax

  1. Silly, simple-minded bullshit.

    There is NOTHING in this nonsense piece that is worth rebutting. It is just more of the Big Lie regurgitated for an eager audience of sore losers.

    In response to your insults, the “handiwork” is yours. One must be very, very stupid to believe that an assault on Congress with the explicit purpose of overturning the Constitutional election process was anything other than an “attack on our democracy.” “Common decency” was thrown out the window by those people murderously rampaging through the seat of our Constitutional government. They threw out the “rule of law” when they assaulted the law enforcement officers trying to protect our elected representatives.

    There is a “calamity” brewing and it is 100% the handiwork of the fascists who hate America, most of her people, and democracy itself – but only when they lose.

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    1. RE: “There is NOTHING in this nonsense piece that is worth rebutting.”

      How convenient for you. You get to mouth off without having to know or prove anything.


      1. Your “mouthing off” was apparent when you accuse me and the majority of Americans of undermining common decency and the rule of law.

        Trump fans are all trying to “out-Trump” the loser of the last election. He said the most outrageous lies, insults and nonsensical things and he squeaked out an electoral win by 77K votes in three key states. The logic among conservative “leaders” is that insults and lies worked for him, so they must be the right thing to do.

        Here is a difference, however. The Democrats through Pelosi and Schumer have done a credible job reigning in the fringes in the party. The Republicans can’t and won’t. So every time the Gaetz’s, the Greene’s, the Gosars and the other loonies take the spotlight it assures many Americans that Republicans are not a party that cares about the country and it’s long, centuries old standing, almost exclusive among nations, traditions of peaceful transfer of power every election cycle.

        If we lose that, the blame fall squarely on the right wing leadership and the millions of followers.

        Take credit for that if you want, but remember that just because the wannabe Republican autocrats may target me today, they can just as easily come after you later. Trump demands unwavering and total loyalty to him and him alone, period. Even his hand picked advisors who might question his policies, such as they were, are cast into the dungeons by primaries and physical threats to families by the gangs loyal to him.

        Recall that Trump lost to a man whom many of us felt was a compromise. And he lost while down ballot Republicans won and gained seats. That says that many moderate conservatives could not stomach the man and voted him out.

        Put another way in more local terms. Youngkin won because he distanced himself from the Trump machine. Amanda Chase would have lost big time.

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      2. You posted a piece of fiction that has been disproven time and time again. And becomes a bigger fiction with every FACT that comes out daily. And you keep posting… and posting … and posting… the same type of BS and none of the pieces of these stories are ever proven with facts. Just the conjecture and lies of those who do not believe in the democratic process and, for whatever reason, believe the idea of a tyrannical leader is somehow better.

        You really don’t like it when the BS flag is draped over your posts. Yet you keep doing it. I am wondering if there is something in your past that causes you to attempt to fulfill some deep seated need for recognition for finding the biggest piles of cow manure on the internet.

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      3. “Mouthing off”

        You people think you are hard done by when decent people respond appropriately to your nonsense and insults. It is all part of the victimhood that your movement lives on.

        My comments were fair and accurate. To put it more plainly, you have provided yet another bullshit piece spreading bullshit lies for the enjoyment of bullshit loving fascists who hate this country and who hate elections where the preferences of “real Americans” are thwarted by the votes of “arrogant” and “corrupt” “urban people.”

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        1. Yes, “mouthing off.” Perhaps you could provide some evidence that your comments are fair and accurate, but you don’t. You just mouth off.


          1. “Mouthing off”
            Call the simple truth whatever floats your boat. You are obviously the target audience for this mindless bullshit NONE of which is anything more than “mouthing off” by the standard of evidence you just set.

            If you care to learn how to recognize bullshit for what it is, you could start by noting that comparing our Speaker of the House to Mao is a clear marker. Anyone making that comparison cannot be taken seriously on anything.

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  2. The number of memos, emails and witness statement so far is staggering in it breadth and outrage. And those are just the ones published in books and media, including books by Trump confidants.

    There was definitely a plan to overthrow the election extralegally. So I think the charge of lacking common decency and total disregard for the rule of law lies among your “heroes”, your party, and the former state TV, FOX.

    January 6 was the culmination of a years long effort to destroy our elections. And, sadly, so many former Americans believed every conspiratorial word spewed by the former president.

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  3. The attempt to counter narrative the truth, as in this STORY ( I call it a story because it is a fictionalization of what REALLY occurred), is really sad. The only truth I read in the entire story was the statement concerning Al Gore having the election stolen from him. It was. By the Supreme Court of the United States.

    What is more telling is that even after SCOTUS secured Bush II’s election, is that Al Gore conceded. When you look at the fact that Mr. Trump has not only done the opposite, but has continued to beat the drum of election thievery, when even his OWN AG (and every court in the country, INCLUDING SCOTUS, his minions attempted to peddle the story to) threw the BS flag on it, you realize that those who believe him believe in everything he says, facts, data, and TRUTH, be damned.

    MS. McKenzie sounds like Mrs. My Pillow.

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  4. PS: More telling than the farcical article are the comments that still rehash the long debunked election fraud conspiracies.

    Debunked not just by media, but also by Republican state officials.

    It is sad for America that a minority core of an entire political party has mesmerized mostly honest, decent folks into believing that the rest of us are the enemy.

    If the Republicans acted this way in 1941 we would be speaking German and Japanese today.

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    1. No, that’s not what the article is about. It doesn’t address whether the election was fraudulent.

      It addresses the malfeasance of Pelosi’s kangaroo court and its allies in the DOJ.

      People have been held incommunicado for almost a year on misdemeanor charges while exposed to perjury traps in hopes of secondary process crimes. Holding people on minor charges while hoping further evidence will emerge is an 8th Amendment violation.

      Exculpatory evidence in the hands of the Congress has been withheld while criminal proceedings take place,

      The country faces no danger from a few unorganized hotheads who try to interfere in the process, but it is in grave danger when the government evades the Rule of Law. Pelosi and the Biden DOJ are the greatest Constitutional threat this country has faced since McCarthy. Far more dangerous than anything that happened on Jan 6


      1. BTW it was not the “few” hotheads but the Trump organization that plotted the illegal overthrow of an election.

        You know, your rule of law folks.

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          1. Wake up a quit deluding yourself. Why do you think all his minions are stalling and refusing to testify?

            Meadows said he would then said no.

            Executive privilege is non-existent yet they are trying that just as Trump tells them.

            “ Former Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows turned over to the House select committee investigating the 6 January Capitol attack a PowerPoint recommending Donald Trump to declare a national security emergency in order to return himself to the presidency.”


            Whose election were folks trying to illegally overturn? Just out of kindness of their hearts?

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          2. The rally itself is pretty compelling evidence that the plan was in play. Bullet proof vest on Mo Brooks is the norm for Trump rallies I guess.

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          3. Really?

            So, by that logic, every time there is looting at a BLM protest, that would be compelling evidence that the organizers intended the violence.

            And remember that there was nothing to prevent another Democrat baseball practice shooter from mixing in with the crowd, so Brooks wearing a vest made sense. After all, we now know that many of those encouraging the crowd to break into the Capitol were undercover FBI agents. (That’s one of the things on the video the Democrats withheld)


          4. Sure, that’s it.

            You are full of yourself. Cheney just read out the texts from frantic FOX jerks, Trump, Jr., etc. begging Meadows to get the president to stop the incredible violence.

            He didn’t. Because he wanted it. He planned it. It was his baby.

            Off course the FBI had a few informants among the terrorist groups…I mean gangs “standing by”…I mean White supremacists, and other assorted traitors. Americans don’t like those who are enemies, so we keep an eye on them. You have no problem surveillance BLM or CAIR do you? In Putinville, no informants needed. Just kill them.

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      2. “Holding people on minor charges . . .”

        Neither Pelosi nor the DOJ are the authorities who decide on bail for people charged with crimes. That would be the courts. If anything, the courts have been excessively lenient in their decisions in a great many of these cases. Your parroting fascist media talk of these “patriots” suffering Constitutional violations is 100% nonsense.

        Exculpatory evidence being withheld? You know that how? And you know about it, but somehow the army of lawyers defending these criminals do not? That makes ZERO sense. Typical mindless bullshit.

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          1. You are not honestly describing what happened regarding video evidence. IMHO. Unless you can cite exculpatory evidence that was deliberately withheld, I will take this as just another of your uh “alternative facts” in defense of the indefensible.

            The real issue is that there is a prodigious amount of video evidence that is STILL being reviewed and cataloged. Defense lawyers have used that fact to try to upset prosecution cases with claims of supposedly “exculpatory” evidence being withheld from them.

            Is there video of some of these criminals not doing something criminal at certain moments? Undoubtedly yes. Is that “exculpatory?” Hardly.

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          2. Capitol police fist bumping the protestors, opening the doors for them and telling them ‘go on in, just don’t break anything(which they didn’t)’ is pretty exculpatory


          3. 150 police were hospitalized, some with life threatening injuries.

            Fist bumping too hard maybe?

            And we know that some law enforcement and military members and vets are either gang members or sympathetic to their warped causes.

            You support the Proud Boys, so if you were on duty at the Capitol, I suppose a warm greeting would have been your action. Thanks, but no thanks.

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          4. Thanks for the link which confirms that the issue is the massive amount of evidence to be analyzed and cataloged and not malfeasance. You should learn to read past the headline crafted by propagandists.

            A friendly police officer might be a defense the minor charge of “trespass”. People facing only that charge are not what is at issue. Obviously.

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          5. The fact that the Committee had not “catalogued” all of the video does not exempt the government from its obligation to make it available to the defense.

            But you’re right, it’s not malfeasance, it’s denial of Constitutional rights under color of authority, a felony, and grounds for disbarment for all involved.

            Exculpatory evidence must be made available to the defense, no exceptions.


          6. You have a unique ability to generate over-the-top and irrelevant shouts of corruption and malfeasance EXCEPT when the corruption and malfeasance are the work of people whose views you share.

            Staffers of the Congress are not prosecutors. And hypothetical videos that may or may not exist and may or may not be relevant to a particular case are not evidence. Nor is there any evidence that ANY prosecutor deliberately withheld ANY evidence specific to any case. But, that’s okay. Keep blowing smoke to aid the cover-up and let’s not discuss the terrorist attempt to subvert the election but focus instead on whether some trespasser got a fist bump on his way into the Capitol and therefore does not deserve his slap on the wrist.

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          7. “Nope”

            Over and over again the facts keep slapping you in the face. The fact is that the “issue” is based on the huge volume of material to process (14,000 hours of video) and not on some sort of malice or malfeasance as you pretend.

            But to satisfy the whiners and smoke blowers, maybe each defense lawyer should get a dump of all 14,000 hours and let them spend the millions required to have them analyzed and cataloged? And maybe, after spending those millions, a few fines for trespassing can be avoided.

            Your hair can all burn away but when it does this will remain a trivial side issue.

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          8. The lawyers could certainly pool their efforts at cataloging the video. I have no doubt they could do it more efficiently. Their clients know where they were and at what time, so they need only focus on that timeline in the videos, reducing that 14,000 hours to 20 or 30.

            In any case, the Constitutional rights of the defendents are not a trivial side issue.


          9. “Their clients know where they were and at what time, so they need only focus on that timeline in the videos, reducing that 14,000 hours to 20 or 30.”

            That is obvious nonsense. They cannot focus on ANY of the videos until ALL of them have been cataloged as to time, location, and content.

            It is not in the least bit clear that the Constitutional rights of these defendants are being violated because there MAY be something in that material that might help them. For that to be the case, the government would have to assess the videos and deliberately suppress them if they helped the defense.

            The defense lawyers are trying to have it both ways – they demand a speedy trial while demanding materials that cannot be produced in a speedy way. They – and you – are just playing games. When the facts are against you, argue the law. Oldest trick in the book.

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          10. Nonsense?

            DO you think they took the CDC’s of all the videos, and all the cell phones, and threw them in a big box?

            If the client knows he arrived at the Capitol at 5, there is no need to review video from the morning or the previous day. If he entered through the East side doors, there is no need to view the West side. If he entered the House chamber, no need to view the Senate or its approaches. And so on.

            And video of what the client actually did is quite relevant to charges against him.


          11. I guess you are just kind of slow.

            Before those easy selections you keep blathering about SOMEBODY had to catalog the videos including when they were taken, where they were taken, who took them and who was in them. Somebody rampaging through the Capitol for hours could be in hundreds of those videos.

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          12. “The fact that the Committee had not “catalogued” all of the video does not exempt the government from its obligation to make it available to the defense.”

            You need to develop an understanding of the legal concepts around “Brady material” before making such categorical claims. Short version, the prosecution must make any evidence that is relevant to the guilt, innocence or punishment of the accused. Police work involves a lot of material that is not Brady material. Only when it has been assessed to be relevant does the obligation accrue.

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      3. …”a few unorganized hotheads “..

        Unorganized seems to apply to many of trump’s endeavors, including his attempts to thwart the democratic process.

        …” since McCarthy”

        I agree. Kevin McCarthy is the greatest threat to the Constitution in existence today.


  5. I notice, with some amusement, that critics of the article seem to think it discusses the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election and that it proposes Trump was the winner. The article of course does neither. Instead, the essential proposition is this:

    “The January 6th Committee is attempting to find evidence for their Conspiracy Theory that all of the above was planned by Donald Trump, some Republican Congressmen, some Trump officials and #StoptheSteal activists.”

    I am amused because I am routinely accused of promoting conspiracy theories. I don’t mind the accusation, because I happen to find conspiracy theories interesting. The amusing part here is that I have shared a story debunking a leftist conspiracy theory, and the critics haven’t even noticed the subject matter.


    1. This “story” debunks nothing. Thinking that it does is a sign of extremely poor critical thinking skills. The fact that you smear the likes of Lynn Cheney, Elaine Luria, Stephanie Murphy, and Adam Kinzinger as “leftists” only goes to show how divorced from reality the attempt to discredit the work of this committee is.

      By the way, the violence of January 6th and the Big Lie are not separate subjects even if it amuses you to think so. They are part and parcel of the corruption and hatred of democracy currently defining the GOP.

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  6. Caution, trolls at work.
    How many people are they still holding in Jail? For almost a year? I assume that these people will implicate Pelosi and gang.
    I’ve seen video of guards removing barriers and letting people in. Even the clueless should be able to figure this out.


    1. LOL!

      You want to deny that there was a planned and coordinated effort to overturn the election by terrorist violence and yet you cite evidence that some of the guards acted complicitly with the criminals? Try thinking. It will not hurt – even for the clueless.

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  7. Like I have said before, Pelosi wrote the “report” on Jan 6 and only awaits the nod from a bunch of Democrat monkies looking for another banana. The left wing extremists want the fantasy of Pelosi’s report that “Trump did it” to be true but there is zero evidence of such but in the liberal loony mindset. TDS on full display but, spoiler alert, a large majority of americans don’t give rats patooty going into the midterms. Keep it up though, it’s fun to watch rats drown…


    1. Monkies [sic]? Rats? Looneys?

      If I were to reply in kind and refer to you people in similar terms, I would get another wave of “moderation” threats, so I will not refer to you as a typically ignorant Trumpkin jackass with nothing to offer but drooling anger and hatred. That would be uncivil.

      I will not address your substance that the report is already written. It is obviously complete nonsense. I will only note that we “monkies” and “rats” and “looneys” are not afraid of the evidence that the Trump team is desperately trying to hide. And unlike you people, we understand that a violent assault on the Congress in session IS a major event that cries out for a thorough investigation and public airing. It is orders of magnitude more significant than, say, the events in Benghazi which, you may recall, was the subject of multiple inquiries without ANY subpoenas being ignored or principles refusing to testify.

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        1. Simple question – if this investigation is all “fraudulent BS” then why are these Trump people choosing criminal contempt and federal prison over simply telling the truth about what they know?

          That was a rhetorical question. The answer is obvious.

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  8. Things are a bit slow at work today, so I came back to this thread and caught something in Mr. Roberts initial post:

    “You have undermined both common decency and the rule of law.”

    This is EXACTLY what Mr. Trump and his minions did, starting BEFORE the first ballot was even cast.

    The basic hypocrisy is so blatant that it cause one to not only scratch his head, but shed a tear for the lack of intellectual honesty shared by so many. Including the originator of this thread.

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