‘Joe Biden is a criminal’: Obama-era staffer blows whistle on Biden’s business deals

Transcripted video.

I’d call this a news tidbit. We’ll have to wait and see if the story has legs.

The basic allegation is that then Vice President Joe Biden steered taxpayer funded technical support to Ukrainian energy giant Burisma once his son Hunter joined the company’s board of directors. An interesting speculation is that this allegation is connected to last week’s revelation of leaked intelligence outlining Ukraine’s failing war effort. Is Stumble Joe under fire?

4 thoughts on “‘Joe Biden is a criminal’: Obama-era staffer blows whistle on Biden’s business deals

  1. One question: If these alleged “crimes took place in 2014, why is this flunky just NOW coming forward? He had plenty of time to report what he alleges, but only now comes forward? Why not during the 2020 campaign?

    I question his credibility and motivation.

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    1. RE: “I question his credibility and motivation.”

      I do, too. The timing of this story seems to support the speculation that it is part of a coordinated agenda. The leaked intelligence files went to the NYT. This went to Fox News. Both are potentially embarrassing to the White House.


    1. Considering that for four years prior, whatever yes man was sitting in the AG’s chair, you should be used to it by now.

      But one flaw in your statement. Biden has no business dealings in NY state. Bragg can only handle cases in Manhattan, as that is where is is the DA.

      But you just have to show your ignorance of facts and truth out there so the rest of us can laugh at your idiocy.


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