An Essay on the South

Article SHOULD be gifted.

Ms. Cotton lives and teaches in North Carolina. Her observations on the South make for an interesting read.

“We like to look to the horizon instead of to the soil because we bury the people we do not care about in the South. It is where we have put migrants and poor people and sick people. It is where we put the social problems we are willing to accept in exchange for the promise of individual opportunity in places that sound more sophisticated. But the South is still a laboratory for the political disenfranchisement that works just as well in Wisconsin as it does in Florida. Americans are never as far from the graves we dig for other people as we hope.”

Sounds accurate.

6 thoughts on “An Essay on the South

  1. One person’s opinion out of how many? Whomever found this lady searched far and wide and then attempts to claim she is the direction and norm in the south. Must have been a nawthuner.


    1. “Must have been a nawthuner.”

      Right. She lives and teaches in Chapel Hill, NC. Didn’t realize that the Mason-Dixon line shifted.

      She wrote the essay based on HER own experiences and observations. Yet you judge what she has to say because YOU think she is ” nawthuner.” Your wonderful open-mindedness just doesn’t exist.

      Her insight is MUCH smarter than anything you have ever said. Too bad you don’t see your own blind hatred for anyone that doesn’t agree with you.


  2. I said the person who FOUND her was a nawthuner, you. Chaplel Hill is known for extreme left wing views. I would expect nothing less comical and far fetched from a “teacher” there. Hers is only an opinion that doesn’t validate anything but her butt


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