An Outstanding Historian Lost

David McCullough wrote some amazing historical pieces. If you haven’t read The Great Bridge, about the building of the Brooklyn Bridge, I highly recommend it. You need to be stuck inside for about a month to get through it, but it is fascinating in it’s detail and story telling.

Also 1776, one of the first history books a I read as an adult, and his historical telling of The Wright Brothers, were books I found to be quite enjoyable. I have not read his John Adams or Harry Truman biographies, but I may have to do so.

I know some of us have a hard time agreeing with each other on things, but I’m optimistic there will be little push back on this. (But I could be wrong. 😇)

Who’s religious liberty?

In his own words, Alito APPEARS to admit that it was his religious beliefs and not the law that pushed him to write the Dobbs opinion.

In his mind, ONLY Christian liberty matters and the others be damned. – IMO

I would like to remind him that without Judaism, Christianity doesn’t exist. His apparent dismissal of other religions over his own is bad precedent. Freedom FROM religion is a cornerstone of this country. First Amendment means nothing to him.

He blames societal changes in the decline of Christianity. Perhaps he should consider the many scandals that have been plaguing the Christian Church and the people being disgusted by it.

Maybe THIS time?

Quick read with a link to the Reuters story.

David Jolly, Christine Todd Whitman, and Andrew Yang are making the attempt. An interesting mix of a former Republican who lost his Florida seat after redistricting, a Centrist GOP Governor, and a seemingly Progressive business man turned politician who started the PAC that is becoming, potentially, a third party alternative.

Not saying yay or nay. Just opening the discussion on the possibility of a viable third party forming due to the terrible tribalism and fractures in the country due to the two-party system we are suffering through.

I certainly hope Santa Clause stays with the Libertarians. (Sorry, Don. Couldn’t resist.)

More Russian Propaganda to instill the fake anti-Semitism narrative in Ukraine

Historical references to things long gone used in an attempt to convince the world (and Russians) that Ukraine is a Nazi-run country.

From the article, the forgery is pretty easily identified by those trained in such things. Yet I won’t be surprised if someone here tries to use it as “proof” of Putin’s claims.

The Week: What did Christian nationalism have to do with Jan. 6?

Joel Mathis takes a deeper dive into who and what Christian Nationalists are.

In answer to the headline question: Not too much. There were quite a few Christians there who may or may not self-identify as such, but their beliefs may say otherwise.

However, some of the underlying numbers as who identifies as Christian Nationalist are interesting.

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The National Right to Life (or more accurately Anti-Choice Coalition) says that the 10 year old CHILD, a victim of rape, should have been FORCED to carry the pregnancy to term.

““She would have had the baby, and as many women who have had babies as a result of rape, we would hope that she would understand the reason and ultimately the benefit of having the child,” Bopp said in a phone interview on Thursday.”

A 10 year old CHILD is NOT a woman. What benefit would there be to her? She’s he age where children should be playing with baby DOLLS, not responsible for the life of a child.

The morality of this MAN’S opinion and the law he has authored for other states to enact, is not moral at all.

What is a Church?

According to the IRS, apparently the Family Research Council is. Regardless of what political actions some of their “offshoots” perform.

It seems to be a dodge to protect the identity of donors and just another way around laws that are supposed to keep dark money out of politics. But as we know, dark money is like water; it finds a way to get where it wants (BOTH parties, by the way).

The basis for today’s populist conservatism.

“To really understand the GOP’s hard-right turn, look to L. Brent Bozell Jr.”

An interesting look at how we got where we are today with “conservatism”.

Often times, we on this forum have pointed to certain times and individuals who have started the downward spiral of the modern GOP and ideas embraced by today’s “conservatives”. Newt Gingrich gets a lot of props due to the “Contract with America” when he was Speaker.

This well written piece goes back even further and explains who and how we got where we are today.