Clear corruption explained

Lawfare writers explain the blatant corruption of the Roger Stone commutation. Pretty cut and dry.

One question: As Mr. Stone is still a convicted felon, will he be able to vote in November? (OK, two) Has Florida finally corrected the mistakes made by the legislature after the voters overwhelmingly approved the restoration of rights which will allow him to do so?

An interesting suggestion to prevent “cancel culture” from overtaking the work place

This is from a new community I came across this morning’

Zaid Jilani proposes to end “at will” work agreements. This could go a long way to ending indiscriminate firings for having the “wrong” political beliefs. An interesting read that could appeal to all, regardless of political bent.

Leadership lesson from 1863

Rabbi Genack provides a great lesson for our leaders today.

“True leadership is demonstrated by the humility to admit your own mistakes, the graciousness to thank those with whom you disagree when they turn out to be right, and the compassion to refrain from criticizing subordinates when their errors, even though serious, were the result of mitigating circumstances. Would that our leaders take Lincoln’s example to heart and mold their method of governing in the image of his noble stewardship.” (Italics added)

Something to consider the next time praise is heaped on President Trump… BY President Trump.

Our published moderator

Dr. Tabor has an excellent letter published in today’s VP titled “Masks for the economy”. It reiterates his stance made here several times on the wearing of masks. (Still dislike the fact we can no longer link to individual letters.)

Here is also a report from The Week concerning the ways to convince people to wear masks, not just for the economy, but for the overall health and well being of our citizenry.

Some say shaming is not the best way to do this. But maybe, sometimes, it is necessary because asking doesn’t work and no one really likes being told what to do.