VA GOP proves it fears its own voters

By deciding to hold a drive through “convention” in Lexington (at Liberty University), not exactly centrally located, instead of a primary, the Commonwealth Republicans show how much they are concerned about their own voters choosing someone so unelectable by the public in the General Election that they could never win statewide.

The myth of Democrats participating in the GOP Primary to the point they would affect the outcome is as idiotic as the unproven election fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. Even the primaried GOP Congressman Denver Riggleman called it “Bizarre Drive Thru Idiocy”.

And let me be the first to congratulate Kirk Cox on “winning” the GOP nomination for Governor.

More ANTI-COPN Opinion

Today’s V-P had an editorial decrying the use of COPN and the effects it has on care for our Veterans.

I know that Mr. Roberts posted a piece from Bacon’s Rebellion the other day, but this is more evidence that Virginia should repeal the COPN. And for reasons near and dear to my own Veteran heart.

It has been discussed here previously as well, by Dr. Tabor. I supported his position now. I support Mr. Roberts’ take the other day. And I post this today as further evidence that COPN needs to go away.

A Sad Day for Conservative Talk Radio

Never agreed with him or some of his antics. However, my wife did listen to him in the car when out and about and she made a point of telling me any time a caller would start off on some rant that was, for lack of a better word, BS, and he would cut the individual off and tell them there were off base. Maybe he got a little gentler as his illness progressed? It does happen.

It is sad when anyone passes. Even someone some find as disagreeable as Mr. Limbaugh

Registered Republicans seem to have lost their common sense

Joe Biden wins the popular and Electoral vote in similar numbers to what his predecessor called a “landslide”, and now 46% of GOP voters blame HIM for January 6th. The Grand Old Party should be renamed the T**** Old Party. The loyalty shown to a man over the country is just amazing in my mind.

I am, in a word GOBSMACKED.

Who saw this coming?

The first CIVIL suit about the events of January 6th has been filed. The one thing I find interesting about this is: “If it proceeds, it would mean the former President and others would be subject to discovery and depositions, potentially exposing details and evidence that weren’t released during the Senate impeachment trial.”

The CNN story did not say what court the suit was filed in, but according to the Hill, it is in DC Federal District Court. As Thompson filed the suit in his personal capacity, maybe it should have been filed in Mississippi. But there is a better chance of it being heard in DC.

It will be interesting to see if the judge says that T****, Giuliani,,, are in any way responsible for the riot. I could see the former President being released from the suit. But Giuliani (and if added Mo Brooks and DJTJ, among the other speakers that day) could be facing pretty severe civil penalties.

And in a civil case, the preponderance of the evidence is all that is needed. Unlike a criminal charge. I guess Magic Mitch deserves a big THANKS for mentioning civil remedies in his post-acquittal speech

Vaccination Update

Last night around 8, I did something I don’t normally do: Checked my email. My inbox contained an email that was titled “COVID 19 Vaccination – It’s Your turn.”

Clicked on the link for registration and got signed up for Tuesday afternoon. Had a choice between Pfizer and Moderna shots. All legit. Received a confirmation within seconds of signing up and then another confirmation email this morning.

I am considered 1B for my cancer, HBP and other various health reasons. I was surprised I got this only 3 weeks after initial registration in the most populous city on the Commonwealth. And also with the pending changes to registration statewide.

If you haven’t registered yet and you are in Cat 1A or 1B, I STRONGLY recommend you do.

McConnell shows half a spine

For those of you who somehow still say T**** did not incite the crowd on 1/6, maybe you should have paid attention to what Magic Mitch said on the Senate floor after the conclusion of the impeachment trial.

Seems to me the demonized by the right House Managers presented a compelling case PROVING that the former President did what the Article of Impeachment said he did.

Breaking the rules of the Senate by ignoring that they passed the Constitutional argument prior to the beginning of the trial is something that I find disturbing.