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Two different opinion pieces from Amanda Marcotte that absolutely back up what I have been saying about the term “woke” for a couple of weeks now.

“Salon is blabbering left wing (ie, WOKE) ideology on a platter”. Don’t care. Hold yourself up to the mirror she provides and tell me I am wrong and PROVE it. All you will end up doing is showing the world that she and I have it right.

15 thoughts on “Woke Woke Woke

  1. It is really very simple. Donald Trump has turned the GOP into a party for fools, liars, and bigots of all sorts – racists, antisemites, nativists, gay bashers, and misogynists. They think they can ride whining about “woke”, “CRT,” “groomers, and “BLM” to enhanced power. They are in for major disappointments, IMHO.

    They used to be about half “deplorables.” As they have gone about expunging “RINOS,” they have become just about 100% deplorable. Their behavior in Congress leaves little doubt of that.

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  2. 2nd link is 404 error

    “When Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., complains that it’s “woke” to let Black women sing at the Super Bowl, for example, the only rational conclusion is that it’s their skin color that offends her. ”

    No, it’s that they sang a ‘Black National Anthem’

    That would be appropriate only if Blacks were not citizens just like you and me. We’ve spent a lifetime getting rid of segregation only to have Blacks seek to bring it back.


    1. RE: “We’ve spent a lifetime getting rid of segregation only to have Blacks seek to bring it back.”

      I wouldn’t blame “Blacks.” Black Panthers, maybe, but the return of segregation is another example of woke.


    2. “No, it’s that they sang a ‘Black National Anthem”

      We have one National Anthem. It was sung by white country singer Chris Stapleton. The black singer Babyface also performed a beautiful rendition of “America the Beautiful.”

      But Oh My God! Sheryl Lee Ralph sang the hymn “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” That is what is triggering racists. It is a hymn in every sense of the word. But it is popular among black people so it must be “divisive.” Thank God, nobody tried to sing “We shall overcome!”

      Here watch it and tell us how terrible it is . . .


      In case you did not know this, almost 60% of NFL players are African-American.

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        1. So, you lose.
          Godwin’s Law.

          Your comparing this 100% American hymn to a Nazi song is stupid and insulting. This hymn is NOT offensive nor “divisive” to anyone who is not a racist. IMHO.

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          1. Is not TMBTM a beautiful and stirring song? It doesn’t say anything about final solutions or any of the other horrors the Nazis eventually came to.

            Now we know those things, but at the time Cabaret was set, it was just patriotic.

            But if you want an American song instead of a German one, someone could have sung “Dixie”

            The point being NO ONE should be carving us up into factions. The Star Spangled Banner belongs to American Blacks just as much as it does not me. Using the Super Bowl openning to divide us was wrong.


          2. “Using the Super Bowl openning to divide us was wrong.”

            I will say it again.
            This hymn is NOT offensive nor “divisive” to anyone who is not a racist. IMHO.

            The people actually trying to divide us is YOU and other MAGATS by constantly trying to make issues out of things like this. Constantly trying to open wounds and nurse white resentments. You are now on the same intellectual plane as Marjorie Taylor Greene. Congratulations.

            And, by the way, MTG praised Chris Stapleton because he is not “woke.” I am sure you would agree with her on that. Too bad she hasn’t got a clue . . .

            “There’s a very broad awakening that’s come about and it’s time for me to listen. It’s time for other folks to listen, the country that I thought we were living in was a myth.” – Chris Stapleton speaking on the subject of BLM.

            Or is he just “corrupt too?”

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        1. “Rihanna was pretty raunchy”

          Not really. Unless you are a prudish, racist lout who doesn’t like the music style offered.

          MTG’s complaint was about the half time show, not the pregame. YOU complained about the pregame singing of Lift Every Voice and Sing.

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  3. LMAO, is this the best you can do to try to counter the left embracing the perverted and racist concepts of the woke culture? Really?? Just really??


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