Ho Hum.

Just another day, just another school masacre by a maniac with assault weapons.

Nothing we can do.

It is the blood price we must pay to keep us safe from tyranny. Right?

When you are deep into your “thoughts and prayers,” try thinking why it is that we are so exceptional that we need to allow the slaughter of children to keep our country safe. Other countries don’t. Why do we?


33 thoughts on “Ho Hum.

  1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/interactive/2023/ar-15-america-gun-culture-politics/?itid=hp-top-table-main_p001_f001

    Great in depth report about the history of the Armalite Rifle Model 15, its invention and the incredible popularity through aggressive marketing and politics of the right.

    I don’t know if this mass shooting involved that gun, but most of the random mass shootings in recent years have.

    I’ll try to gift it for those who are paywalled.

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  2. RE: “When you are deep into your “thoughts and prayers,” try thinking why it is that we are so exceptional that we need to allow the slaughter of children to keep our country safe. Other countries don’t. Why do we?”

    This comment misrepresents the issue. As recent Forum posts have shown, about 99% of the counties in the U.S. are just as safe from gun violence as other low-gun-violence countries. The comment overgeneralizes from the 1% of locales.


    1. “The comment overgeneralizes from the 1% of locales.”

      No, it doesn’t. The subject is school shootings. Those are not localized. They can happen anywhere and they happen with sickening frequency.

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      1. RE: “Those are not localized.”

        They’re not? You mean they don’t occur in space or time? Is that why the “slaughter of children” is related to keeping the whole country safe in your mind?


        1. You mean they don’t occur in space or time?

          You accused me of basing my comments on 1% of the counties. I responded with the fact that school shootings do not follow that pattern. And you come back with this? You are simply a dunce. And you seem to go out of your way to make sure everyone knows.

          Every day – on the average – 12 children die by gunfire. Thousands every year, but go ahead, giggle about it.

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  3. A point overlooked by the gun lobby is that while it is true that the random mass shootings account for a relatively small percentage of the gun deaths, the impact is huge.

    Gangbangers and drive by shootings are localized and reach news when innocents are hit or they are particularly egregious. And if you live in such a neighborhood, expectations are lower and awareness is heightened. And, unfortunately, who cares about the urban poor anyway. They are proof positive of many ugly issues touted by the right. It fits the image, so to speak.

    But when a marketplace, a Walmart, churches, synagogues, theaters, concerts, nightclubs and schools around the country are targeted, those are no different than terrorist attacks as far as impact.

    And for every dead or injured, there are dozens, if not hundreds of relatives, friends, parents, siblings, neighbors that are also impacted. Even the survivors who were not shot are impacted with PTSD and other mental health issues for years.

    In addition, it damages a sense of security among our citizenry. Also, the lack of control in one’s life.

    That is damage to our culture and lifestyle that goes way beyond a body count.

    Active shooter drills in grade schools? Have we lost our collective minds?

    And all this made possible by gun manufacturers in response to a looney interpretation of the 2nd Amendment that prevents strict permitting, registration, training and real, local background checks.

    And for even more “fun” we have emboldened gangs to consider civil war or insurrections. And we sell video games and movies packed with violence, make heroes out of Dirty Harry’s, vigilante justice…and ban David from those same “sensitive eyes”.

    I have posted this many times…usually after each mass shooting and all we get are references to Hitler, Stalin and others as to how safe we are because we arm everyone to the teeth, few questions asked.

    “In retrospect Sandy Hook marked the end of the US gun control debate. Once America decided killing children was bearable. It was over.” Dan Hodges, Daily Mail after Sandy Hook slaughter.

    Well, we are still killing children and the gun lobby is still selling high powered weaponry.

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  4. Clueless “WTF” quote of the day:

    “In February, GOP Senator Jack Johnson—who co-authored the bill prohibiting drag shows—said he wanted the law enacted to protect children.
    “The overarching goal of this bill is to protect Tennessee children. I am proud to stand behind this legislation as we work to ensure communities in Tennessee are safe and welcoming places for families to bring their children without having to worry,” Johnson tweeted.“


    Meanwhile the same state want to lower the age for lethal weapons to 18 and permitless carry.

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    1. The shooter was 28, female transexual living as a man, she left a “manifesto” which has not yet been revealed.

      I suspect the best way to look at this one is an extension of the Incel problem.


      1. No matter the motive or the problems of the shooter, the common denominator was, again, the ease of obtaining high powered weapons designed for war.

        All countries have people with problems, misfits, the mentally unstable, criminals, the drug addled, religious fanatics and racists.

        We are the ones who easily arm them and let them kill with ruthless efficiency.

        The gun lobby wanted a well armed America, so we have one. We should thank parents for sacrificing their children for our freedom. We owe them that much. Perhaps a gold star in the window and a folded flag would be nice.

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        1. The left wanted dangerously mentally ill people’s privacy protected, and gave us HIPPA with its Obamacare extensions.

          Now, mental health professionals are barred from warning us through the NICS system.

          But hang on to your hats. this Saturday is the well-publicized trans day of vengeance.


          1. Excuse #74B…anything except the availability of high powered weapons design for armies.

            You have to have a medical record for HIPPA to affect you.

            What was the case here?

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          2. “But hang on to your hats. this Saturday is the well-publicized trans day of vengeance.”


            It may be well-publicized in the garbage media you frequent, but I had no idea what you are referring to. So I Googled it. Sure enough, nothing but garbage from garbage sites with many trying to tie this slaughter to this supposed “day of vengeance” which may or may not be an actual thing.

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          1. Are you completely committed to only YOUR possibility to why this happened?

            “Incel”: a person (usually a man) who regards himself or herself as being involuntarily celibate and typically expresses extreme resentment and hostility toward those who are sexually active ”

            I don’t believe that a trasngender male falls into the category. And this shooter does not fit your profile.

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          2. There doesn’t need to be a study conducted to show than an individual that was abused as a child has the proclivity to turn violent. Especially towards the place where the abuse may have occurred.

            But as I said, the shooter does not fall under the INCEL umbrella.


          3. So if your wife dies tomorrow you wouldn’t be sorrowful for several weeks after?

            Or are you claiming the idea that a “healthy sex life” can only occur in a male-female relationship?


          4. I am saying that I have seen no evidence that there was ever a healthy relationship between the two.

            VA Tech’s Cho was serially infatuated with a number of women, most he never talked to.


          5. …”apparently you think that is the case.”

            I have inferred that based on what you have been saying.

            As far as proof of a relationship goes, do you need a sex tape to be convinced?


          6. Gosh no. Not into that.

            But I have seen nothing to indicate there was anything to tape.

            Not saying there wasn’t, just that I have seen nothing to indicate it was more than lust from afar.


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