“Conservative” ideas kill.


Yet another study which adjusts for every known demographic risk factor finds that living in a “conservative” Congressional district significantly increases your risk of death from Covid. In the words of the authors . . .

“In the context of adult vaccine availability, the higher the exposure to conservatism across several political metrics, the higher the COVID-19 age-standardized mortality rates, even after taking into account the districts’ social characteristics.”

Maybe someone should do something about people spreading deadly disinformation?



Brilliant politician Ron DeSantis shows how thoroughly he understand the MAGA-Republican Party.

With Donald Trump faltering, Governor DeSantis is the putative front-runner for the next GOP Presidential nomination. Adding anti-vaxxers to the current “deplorables” coalition is undoubtedly a shrewd step for someone looking to win MAGA-Republican primaries.

Was there ever better evidence of a moribund party in collapse than this nonsense and abuse of prosecutorial power?

SCOTUS is Corrupt!


 “The Supreme Court has lost its honor, prestige, and standing, & has become nothing more than a political body, with our Country paying the price.” – Donald Trump

What a crybaby!

I am no fan of this Supreme Court but in this case, the law is clear. The House Ways and Means Committee has the explicit legal authority to review the tax returns of ANY citizen. Mr. Trump is a citizen. It is not even a close call.