Party before Country 1980-Style

The history of the modern Republican Party putting its own interests ahead of the interests of the country goes back to at least 1980 when Ronald Reagan operatives travelled to the Middle East to PREVENT Iran from releasing the hostages before the November election. This has long been suspected and had been repeatedly denied. Now, one of the operatives directly involved has come clean and apologized to the dying President Carter.

If that article is paywalled, here is another . . .

Beyond disgraceful. Americans continued to be held hostage for months because the Republicans wanted to win an election.

6 thoughts on “Party before Country 1980-Style

  1. To add fuel to the bonfire of corruption, we still had the Iran-Contra scandal. Ollie North it was cool to trade with our sanctioned and sworn enemy. I believe Cheney was up to his armpits in Halliburton backdoor deals with Iran, too.

    Bad enough to pull off a dirty trick with our sworn enemy, bit to make Americans pay an awful price by extending their suffering for votes.

    Gee, it seems that Trump is a good Republican after all.

    “Good” as in Dillinger was good at robbing banks.

    Finally, it seems Gingrich didn’t have to nudge too hard to corrupt the vestiges of the Willie Horton folks.

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  2. Golly gee willickers, the story makes it perfectly clear there is no, as in zero, evidence to support the claim nor any evidence that Iran even got the supposed request or honored it. Don’t facts mean anything or is sensationalized babble supposed to be the proof in the pudding? What exactly would Iran have gained anyway? Carter, a known buffoon and Iran puppet, or Reagan who made it clear the US was ready to act militarily? Seems they would have preferred their puppet.


  3. This presupposes that Iran would want Reagan to win. When in fact, the plane returning the hostages arrived as Reagan was being sworn in. Iran didn’t want to still be holding them a minute after Reagan was in office. It is more reasonable to assume Iran was happy with Carter in office.

    The people he accuses are dead and can’t dispute him, but reason does.


    1. Iranian mullahs hated Carter because he gave the Shah an offer of refuge for medical treatment. He opted for an Egypt instead.

      Plus in 1977, Carter, like previous Presidents, solidified our support for the Shah and his stabilizing influence in the Middle East. This was while unrest was ongoing for the return of the Ayatollah Khomeni, a revered mullah., from exile in France.

      The Shah was one of the most brutal dictators in the world. SAVAK, his secret police were poster children for suppression, torture and murder.

      And we installed him in the 50’s because their own elected president was leaning towards socialism.

      So your guess work is a bit lacking in history. They released the hostages a few minutes after 12 noon to snub Carter.

      The article shows a lot of corroborating evidence regarding the trip before the 1980 election.

      And still afterwards, the Republicans were trading covertly with the Iranians for profit (Halliburton) and the excuse (Ollie North)was to support the Contras and reinstalling another brutal dictator in Central America.

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    2. “The people he accuses are dead and can’t dispute him, but reason does.”

      You constantly claim to have superior “reason.” This shows you don’t. Again.

      If Iran preferred Carter all they had to do with release the hostages before the election. There is no reason for this guy to lie and the article contains confirmation of his account both from travel records and from his having shared the story years ago with people who are still living.

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