Where were you on 9/11?

That is a question any American who was an adult in 2001 can easily remember. Except for Ron DeSantis. It is not convenient for him to say he was teaching in a pricey private school that morning. So he hems and haws when asked that simple question. Do we want a President who has not got the honesty to simply tell the truth? We tried that with Donald Trump. It went very poorly.

4 thoughts on “Where were you on 9/11?

    1. I am not crazy about exaggerated stories of any kind. And, for sure, Biden is a story teller who is sometimes generous with embellishments. Not good. But, if you have any examples coming from President Biden on important matters that are remotely close to the Big Lie, let us know.

      I recognize that this little vignette is not in any way disqualifying. But, it was a softball question from a very friendly interviewer that he muffed. Maybe he is learning, but that he is not yet ready for prime time is a story growing legs.

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  1. Who cares where DeSantis was or if he remembers. Contrary to the assertion that everyone knows where they were, plenty don’t because they were working or deeply involved in other things.


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