Typical “Conservative” Speaks Up.

If cherry-picked nuts on Tik-Tok are going to be representing the Left I nominate this broadcaster as a fine exemplar of modern conservative thinking.

Urging the execution of public figures is an abuse of First Amendment rights and ought to be a criminal offense.

By the way, Barack Obama was born in 1961. He was two when JFK was murdered. But don’t let that get in the way of a juicy conspiracy theory.

One thought on “Typical “Conservative” Speaks Up.

  1. Again, the calls for violence keep on coming from the right.

    WTF is wrong with those people? Ginny was passing around the barges off Gitmo conspiracy. And she was pretty close to the top of our political power structure. “2nd Amendment solutions” came from the right 20 years ago. Sadly, some believed that and mass shootings have borne that out in many sad cases. Especially the racially motivated ones and synagogues.

    “My way or the graveyard” is not how our Constitutional experiment was supposed to work. In fact, it was structured to counter that savagery via debate in Congress, approval by the Executive and tempered by the Judiciary. Not perfect, but good, and it worked for a couple of centuries.

    Now a sizable segment of our society is saying violence is ok to get the government you want. Not just as a demonstration that got out of hand, but as a matter of policy for retaining power.

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