Are Democrats “…stuck in 1964…”? Does Cleveland “…hate their children…”? Should Hunter be in prison? Don’t know, don’t care. It’s MASTERS Sunday.

Today it’s about Marc Leishman, Hideki Matsuyama, Justin Rose, Will Zalatoris and, Xander Schauffele, and the rest of the field. I got to say it – to have our hometown guy up there just strokes away from the lead on ‘Masters Sunday’ is almost too much! What a wonderful Masters champion Leishman would be. I know, I know, he’s not a Norfolkian, but Virginia Beach is just a hop and a skip down the road from Norfolk.

As for the other four – I have to go with Matsuyama next. He’s played sterling golf so far and, like the other guys, he’s never won a Masters. As for Will Zalatoris – I never heard the name before this week, but I like his style. I love his game and he gives a great interview. Xander Schauffele is cool and his game lacks nothing. Finishing yesterday with that par was serious stuff that he really needed to put him in the last group. And, then there’s Justin Rose; he’s great. He played that fantastic round on Friday that was totally pure. He’s almost as cool as DJ (without the swagger. ha.)

It kills me that DJ isn’t playing the weekend. He’s usually just HOT, but his game was a HOT MESS this time. At least I’ll get to see him put the green jacket on the on winner later today.

So, I have no interest this weekend in politicians – good or bad. Politics is just be-damned these past four days so far as I’m concerned. Don’t know, can’t care.

Eric Swalwell just delivered all that Americans need to know re: “Jan. 6”

Donald J. Trump cannot hide or deny any of what Democratic Congressman, Eric Swalwell, just finished reminding us of and laid it all out for Americans who love this country to hear and see. Over and over in his Tweets, rallies, etc., Trump said and wrote THE date, “Jan. 6”. He was correct about one thing . . . yeah – it was damned ‘wild’.

Trump will get off free; we know that. And, the frightened, backbone-less GOP will never attempt to make sure he reaps any of what he’s sown. What cowards.

I got a question for the lawyers representing ‘djt’ in his (2nd, no less) impeachment trial –

If the Senate Impeachment Trial is a “…brazen political act…” by Democrats (as the ‘djt’ lawyers say), then, what would they call what the 147 Republicans were attempting on January 6, 2021, by trying to change the results of the actual election which had already been confirmed by the individual states?

Were those Republican lawmakers NOT seeking their very own “…brazen political act…” ? Can a ‘political act’ get much bigger than taking an election away from a winner and giving it to the loser? I don’t think so.

I mean, really?! And, if that attack on our country’s Capitol outside was not to commit the most ‘brazen’-in-your-face’ takeover of America’s seat of Democracy, just what was it?

This all went together: ‘djt’s months long lies about Democrats ‘stealing’ his eventual imagined win, the 147 GOP Congress members determined to overturn the election already confirmed, AT THE VERY SAME TIME ‘djt’s’ domestic terrorists were trying to destroy the Capitol and trying to hunt down Congressional Democrats. By the way, am I the only one who thinks all that activity coming together at the same time was just a tad too coincidental? Think about it – ‘djt’ is a TV guy – he does love his drama.

We all saw what we saw, and heard what we heard from ‘djt’ and his followers. He deserves more than a slap on his little hand, actually. He deserves serious time in a Federal slammer.

Tiger and his son, Charlie; wow.

Just finished watching the 1st round of the PNC golf tournament. I had not seen Charlie play before. Wow, was I ever impressed with the kid. He has a beautiful swing and lets go of the shots like a pro. On the greens he’s calm and totally in control. Amazing for an 11 year old. He strolls around on the greens with purpose and the very same mannerisms as his father.

All those father/son & father/daughter teams were terrific. ( Also, team of Annika and her 79 year old father.)

I’m stearing clear of politics for a while and the tournament was just what I needed.

If you check out the tournament tomorrow you will be surprised at the resemblance of Charlie’s way around the course to Tiger’s. They seemed to be having a great time.

Tomorrow should be a blast.

Joe Who? Kamala Who? Donald Who? Don’t Know, Don’t Care.

Today and Tomorrow at my digs, it will ONLY be about guys called Tiger, D. J., Justin, Abraham, Jon and ALL the others hacking their way through Amen Corner and the rest of Augusta National.

There was zero ‘Morning Joe’ for me today. I was in my jammies in front of the TV (before THE MR. got up) watching the finale of YESTERDAY’S round. It should never rain on that course on Masters week. Just my opinion.

I miss the azaleas, the dogwoods and the jasmine, but at least Tiger gets to contend and D.J. gets to show that swagger. Yeah, I DO love that swagger, and for all the wrong reasons. TMI? Oops. Sorry.


I’m with James Carville. “Recount everywhere; beat him twice.” Ha. I love that guy!

So, it appears that we are in for a full recount of Georgia votes, which they’re saying should be finished by Nov. 20, which probably means around New Years Day. Maybe we’ll recount all the millions and millions and bazillians of ALL the states both Trump and President-elect Biden won. I’m down with it.

OK, I must go, now. Got to order my Carville bumper sticker: “Recount everywhere, and beat him TWICE!”