Tiger and his son, Charlie; wow.

Just finished watching the 1st round of the PNC golf tournament. I had not seen Charlie play before. Wow, was I ever impressed with the kid. He has a beautiful swing and lets go of the shots like a pro. On the greens he’s calm and totally in control. Amazing for an 11 year old. He strolls around on the greens with purpose and the very same mannerisms as his father.

All those father/son & father/daughter teams were terrific. ( Also, team of Annika and her 79 year old father.)

I’m stearing clear of politics for a while and the tournament was just what I needed.

If you check out the tournament tomorrow you will be surprised at the resemblance of Charlie’s way around the course to Tiger’s. They seemed to be having a great time.

Tomorrow should be a blast.

Joe Who? Kamala Who? Donald Who? Don’t Know, Don’t Care.

Today and Tomorrow at my digs, it will ONLY be about guys called Tiger, D. J., Justin, Abraham, Jon and ALL the others hacking their way through Amen Corner and the rest of Augusta National.

There was zero ‘Morning Joe’ for me today. I was in my jammies in front of the TV (before THE MR. got up) watching the finale of YESTERDAY’S round. It should never rain on that course on Masters week. Just my opinion.

I miss the azaleas, the dogwoods and the jasmine, but at least Tiger gets to contend and D.J. gets to show that swagger. Yeah, I DO love that swagger, and for all the wrong reasons. TMI? Oops. Sorry.


I’m with James Carville. “Recount everywhere; beat him twice.” Ha. I love that guy!

So, it appears that we are in for a full recount of Georgia votes, which they’re saying should be finished by Nov. 20, which probably means around New Years Day. Maybe we’ll recount all the millions and millions and bazillians of ALL the states both Trump and President-elect Biden won. I’m down with it.

OK, I must go, now. Got to order my Carville bumper sticker: “Recount everywhere, and beat him TWICE!”

Someone in Trump’s camp needs to give him a dictionary. He’ll be needing it.

Since Donald Trump proved late on election day 2020 that he doesn’t understand the process of counting ANY ballots OTHER THAN the ones cast in person at voters own precincts, perhaps he is also a tad slow on that whole ‘concession’ part that he’ll be facing sooner (hopefully) or later. So, here’s a little assist:

  • “In politics, a concession is the act of a losing candidate publicly yielding to a winning candidate after an election after the overall result of the vote has become clear.”

You really have to wonder if the people in the WH ever talk to each other, including the 1st couple.


It makes the news for a couple days that the little woman will be accompanying her other-half for some rallies and for the upcoming debate. Guess she didn’t know he told everyone she was coming along, and he didn’t know she was still sick. These people are nowhere near normal, either of them.