Are Democrats “…stuck in 1964…”? Does Cleveland “…hate their children…”? Should Hunter be in prison? Don’t know, don’t care. It’s MASTERS Sunday.

Today it’s about Marc Leishman, Hideki Matsuyama, Justin Rose, Will Zalatoris and, Xander Schauffele, and the rest of the field. I got to say it – to have our hometown guy up there just strokes away from the lead on ‘Masters Sunday’ is almost too much! What a wonderful Masters champion Leishman would be. I know, I know, he’s not a Norfolkian, but Virginia Beach is just a hop and a skip down the road from Norfolk.

As for the other four – I have to go with Matsuyama next. He’s played sterling golf so far and, like the other guys, he’s never won a Masters. As for Will Zalatoris – I never heard the name before this week, but I like his style. I love his game and he gives a great interview. Xander Schauffele is cool and his game lacks nothing. Finishing yesterday with that par was serious stuff that he really needed to put him in the last group. And, then there’s Justin Rose; he’s great. He played that fantastic round on Friday that was totally pure. He’s almost as cool as DJ (without the swagger. ha.)

It kills me that DJ isn’t playing the weekend. He’s usually just HOT, but his game was a HOT MESS this time. At least I’ll get to see him put the green jacket on the on winner later today.

So, I have no interest this weekend in politicians – good or bad. Politics is just be-damned these past four days so far as I’m concerned. Don’t know, can’t care.

8 thoughts on “Are Democrats “…stuck in 1964…”? Does Cleveland “…hate their children…”? Should Hunter be in prison? Don’t know, don’t care. It’s MASTERS Sunday.

  1. How is it that a guy can drive a golf ball 325 yards down the center of a tree lined fairway placing it 6″ from the cup, but an SUV with a steering wheel…

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      1. That was the worst part. At the time of the accident, he was maybe 10 minutes from his destination with more than 20 minutes to his appointment. In fact, probably closer than 10 minutes.

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      2. Yes, he was speeding. No, he wasn’t running late. (He was about 15 minutes from his destination with about 15 minutes to spare) And yes, he should have been sited for reckless driving.


  2. Have to say that after 15, it got interesting. Right up until Xander dumped his tee shot into 16 in the water (Ironically, the same water Hideki dumped his 2nd into on 15).

    I give him a to of credit for trusting his instincts on that shot. He needed a Couples Miracle to keep it out of the water. That, and really feeling the wind that as there and not what he thought was there.

    Congrats to the first winner of a major golf tournament from Japan. I think the commentator (probably Nobilo) that said if he wins, he’ll be lighting the Olympic Cauldron in Tokyo this summer, was dead on.

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