Why isn’t Hunter Biden in Prison?

Hunter’s book of confessions

Is he that confident his Daddy will protect him?

Hunter Biden lied on the BATFE form 4473. He admits to being so crack addled at the time he bought a handgun that he was barely functional. He would have been denied had the answered truthfully about cocaine use. But he lied, which carries a penalty up to 10 years in prison.

But he has not been arrested, much less prosecuted, though this is not so unusual

Non prosecution of Form 4473 violations

So, why are we being told we need more gun laws when we don’t enforce those we already have?

How many times does a violator sell a book about his felony crime?

9 thoughts on “Why isn’t Hunter Biden in Prison?

  1. It seems you have a very good point. Any system to block gun sales to criminals, abusers, the addled and the depressed that relies on self-reporting of reasons to block the transaction is going to be ineffective. Clearly we need more independent and objective evaluations.

    Maybe we can learn something from the UK where purchasing a legal gun requires not just a personal affidavit but also a clearance from the local police station, proof of training in gun safety, proof of ownership of a gun safe and character references from known members of the community. These steps are obviously not as easy as what we do, but – as you point out in Hunter Biden’s case – what we do is not adequate to block gun sales to criminals, abusers, the addled and the depressed.


    1. What good would a more complex verification process do when we don’t prosecute more than 1/10th of 1 % of those exposed by our simpler system?

      If we don’t use the current law as intended, to deter attempts by prohibited persons to buy firearms, there is no point in increasing the burden to honest citizens.

      Prosecute Hunter Biden and the other 12,999 violators we already know of and see if that makes a difference before bothering me.


      1. What good?

        Well, the more complex system that the UK uses does not rely on self-reporting. So, it seems to work. Gun deaths in the UK are a very, very small percentage of what we experience.

        “. . . before bothering me.”
        That is what it always comes down to, isn’t it? Me. Me. Me. On this and just about every other issue.


        1. As usual, missing, or deflecting from, the point.

          If you’re not going to prosecute those currently detected, then what good is detecting more?

          If only 1/10th of 1% gets prosecuted, what deterrent is there against prohibited persons or straw purchasers taking a chance?

          All you’re doing is hassling good people for no result. (Unless of course, hassling legitimate gun owners is the goal)


          1. “As usual, missing, or deflecting from, the point.”

            Back at you. The point is that with the UK system the gun transaction is stopped then and there. You seem hung up on the idea of prosecution and punishments which are – at best – an indirect method to achieve the actual goal which, as a reminder, is to block the sale of a gun to a criminal, an abuser, the addled or the depressed.

            Besides, is the fear of prosecution going to stop someone bent on mass murder or suicide – as Hunter Biden seems to have been – from lying on a form?

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          2. The NICS system does block the sale when the lie is detected. That’s where those 13,000 not prosecuted cases came from.

            It would work better if, again, it were used as intended.

            For example, the Parkland shooter had been the subject of police calls 39 times, twice when he committed aggravated assault in the presence of police officers, yet he was never prosecuted and was not in the NICS database as a result of Obama Dept of Education policies.

            SEriously, use the existing laws as intended befire piling more that will also be selectively enforced.


          3. Well, now you have jumped the shark in this conversation by once again lying about the Obama administration. Correcting the same tired lie over and over again loses its appeal.

            Back to the beginning, you wanted to slime President Biden by citing Hunter Biden’s problems. You failed. The Hunter Biden story simply shows once again how poor our system is at blocking gun transactions where they should be blocked.

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        2. Why don’t we worry about how we do things in the U.S. and not in 9ther countries. You are obviously missing the point. We have laws now that are not being enforced. So your solution is, more laws? Surely you see why that makes no sense at all


  2. RE: “So, why are we being told we need more gun laws when we don’t enforce those we already have?”

    I don’t know. Clearly, however, non-enforcement of existing laws indicates that the laws themselves have become superfluous. One might extrapolate from that that gun ownership and use are not really big problems that need to be solved.


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