Thank you, Nancy Pelosi.

Envoke the 25th, Impeach him, again . . . whatever it takes to remove him.

I’m all in. I think he scared enough people in Congress yesterday who may go along with whatever could shorten (by even a day) this dangerous man’s time as leader of the USA.

26 thoughts on “Thank you, Nancy Pelosi.

  1. Timing for Impeachment is tough and Pence probably won’t go along with 25th. However, I applaud ANY move to get this mentally ill asshole away from the nuclear codes….

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    1. I suspect the right wing would love Trump as some sort of martyr. The woman killed by administration police was revered as being murdered. Probably encouraged by Trump supporters online.

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        1. Floyd: handcuffed, surrounded by 4 police officers, held on the ground with a knee on his neck until he died.

          The woman: charged into the Capitol with a mob intent on mayhem at best and murder at worst.Shot by police.

          Yeah, I see the similarity.

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          1. Unarmed.

            We don’t even know if she was the officer’s actual target or if she was hit by a shot fired at another.

            But she was breaking the law and defying the lawful orders of the police. Just like Floyd. She was the architect of her own destruction, just like Floyd.

            But you won’t see conservatives or libertarians going out tomorrow and looting shoe stores or burning down government offices.

            I’m not holding her up as a martyr, I’m saying neither was. But what is very different is how we react to those deaths.


          2. Conservatives not burning or looting?

            They tried to violently overthrow the government yesterday.

            So much more holy, don’t you think?

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          3. No, they didn’t.

            They tried to disrupt and protest a process they though was wrong, but there was no plan to replace the government.

            How do we discuss anything if we do nothing but battle straw men?

            Discuss what actually happened and what can be done about it, but don’t waste time debating something that didn’t actually happen.

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          4. “…but there was no plan to replace the government.”

            You just can’t let it go, can you.

            Of course they were trying to replace the government. They wanted to toss Biden and overturn the election. Per Trump’s direct orders.

            Is it that hard to understand?

            I guess it is.

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          5. “there was no plan to replace the government.“

            And you know that how?

            Bottom line: white racist Americans are willing to do ANYTHING to keep from being “equal” and it is an ugly process to observe.

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        2. Slow death by police over passing a counterfeit bill vs a shot trespassing terrorist in the US Capital seems like a reasonable equivalency. Really?

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    2. There are not grounds for impeachment, nor invoking the 25th, but I think at this point it would be appropriate for President Trump to resign.

      Reports are that he has become isolated and angry, and VP Pence would be better able to handle the transfer in a dignified manner.


      1. “There are not grounds for impeachment,”…

        Inciting violence, threatening an election official to “find” votes, attempting to overturn a free and fair election (whether YOU believe it or not) through whatever means necessary don’t fall under “high crimes and misdemeanors”? I thought you understood the Constitution better than tht.

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          1. …”advocating violent overthrow of the government.”

            I never used those words.

            Watch T****’s speech to the crowd before the riot for context. If you don’t hear it is willful deafness on your part. Or did he just misspeak again? Or the crown misunderstood him?

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          2. What I heard him say was to carry the protest to the Capitol, not to breach it.

            In any case, those who did breach the capitol building brought tools and shields with them. They clearly, by bring those tools to the protest, had decided on violence BEFORE Trump addressed the crowd. Cause must precede effect.


          3. He invited all of his supporters to D.C. on the 6th and said it was going to be “wild”.

            Your rationalization is just so feckless to not even comment any more. But I cannot let it stand without countering it.

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          4. Understand that I do not approve of the rhetoric, and I think his behavior, while not criminal, was improper enough that it would be best he resign and go to Mar-a-Lago and let Pence carry out the transition.


          5. Inciting a mob IS criminal. His rhetoric, which you so cavalierly disapprove of, WAS incitement. TO deny that is to deny the rabid hatred for losing the election by his supporters and the actions of several of them.

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          6. “Show me an actual quote, in context, advocating violent overthrow of the government.”

            Laughable! Mob bosses and dictators do not need to be explicit about what they want done.

            “Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?”

            Trump summoned these Proud Boys and others of their ilk to DC on January 6th for the express purpose of stopping the final step in the 2020 election. “Be there, will be wild!”

            On the day, he wound them up for over an hour with a pack of lies, phony grievances, accusations of Democratic “evil” and Republican cowardice, demands that Mike Pence throw out the election and declaring that he would never concede. He stood by while Giuliani spoke of “trial by combat.” Then he sent them to the Capitol to carry out his orders.

            Here is a replay from a notoriously leftist journal . . .


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        1. “Cause must precede effect.”

          Certainly true. And Trump has been peddling this same inciteful rhetoric since he lost the election. Daily. Repeatedly. For more than two months. You going to pretend that his rhetoric did NOT cause those criminals to come to DC prepared? And that he did not fire them up to “fight” and “stop the steal” and engage in “trial by combat” with that final speech?

          Of course, your argument is illogical. People may have come prepared waiting for a clear signal about how they should behave. If, instead of riling them up, he had simply made it crystal clear that no violence, vandalism or mayhem was to be done, it would not have happened. He didn’t. And it did.

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  2. She posted WWG1WGA, (Where we go one, we go all) the QAnon catch phrase.

    She were wrong. Walked that lonesome valley all by her lone.

    A premature death is the reward for stupidity.

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  3. Oh goodie, another Democrat political stunt in the making. Yep, there will be another congressional democrat blood bath in 2 years just like Obama suffered because of this smug jerk off nonsense. Keep it up Pelosi!!!


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