Few arrests in violent mob attack on Congress


Estimates of 3,000 to 20,000 participants. Yet they were just allowed to walkout like a tour group. How far would such protesters have gotten if they stormed a joint session for the State of the Union address? The administration was in charge of security. This action by protesters was planned and expected for weeks.

18 thoughts on “Few arrests in violent mob attack on Congress

  1. The slooow hand of justice will nab them and appropriate action will be taken. However it will continue to be a stain on our Country that is already being used by foreign powers. The lunatic fringe is not done and the powers that are (or will be) better be on alert and ready to respond in clear and unequivocal terms.

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    1. The right wing echo chamber is in full operation. The whole thing was planned and executed by Antifa. Including, I suppose, the fiery “storm the Bastille” speech.

      The scene of rioters leaving the Capitol between two rope lines as if they just finished watching a movie was a bit sickening.

      Curfew violations were the biggest arrest counts. Probably some parking tickets too.

      Domestic terrorism from the right is our biggest threat and has been for years. Administration Islamophobia was the distraction.

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    2. The Administrative failures were epic and I’m confident that investigations will unearth the facts of the matter. IMO the “domestic terrorism” is a very real threat that represents the slow ugly death (hopefully) of white supremacy as a birth right.

      It will get worse before it gets better, but I’m hopeful given the change in political climate.

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  2. RE: “The administration was in charge of security.”

    You should check your facts before making reckless allegations. The two agencies primarily responsible for security were the Washington Metropolitan Police and the U.S. Capitol Police. Neither is part of the administration.

    The Metropolitan Police report to the mayor.

    Per Wikipedia: The United States Capitol Police (USCP) is a federal law enforcement agency in the United States charged with protecting the United States Congress within the District of Columbia and throughout the United States and its territories. It answers to Congress, not the President of the United States, and is the only full-service federal law enforcement agency responsible to the legislative branch of the Federal Government of the United States.


    1. Like I have always said “I learn something new every day”.

      I am still curious then, why wasn’t security as tight as a STATE of the UNION address? We had the Senate and the House and The VP in one chamber. Plus we knew that large rallies and demonstrations were planned. Chatter on right wing sites talked for weeks about plans, arms caches, stealth uniforms. And we knew that Trump was going to hold a big, “wild” rally just before the EC vote certification.

      And yet security was a joke.

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      1. RE: “I am still curious then, why wasn’t security as tight as a STATE of the UNION address?”

        I don’t know. I also don’t know that it wasn’t.


        1. Karma may be in effect here. If security had been as tight and open as BLM demonstrations with fully equipped riot gear, helicopters, armored vehicles, vans hauling off demonstrators the spin would be “oppression” of Trump supporters.

          Assuming no evil intent, the paucity of security might have been to avoid the show of force.

          That didn’t work so well, obviously.

          We should find out eventually.

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      2. Security was tighter during the June racial justice protests. The troops on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial have been used in recent days to indicate the differences in the response to what was known to be coming.

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      3. We will continue to reap violence resulting from constantly bombarding the American people with a barrage of conspiracy theories and bald faced lies. The low information and often disenfranchised segments of society who see the privilege they were born into waning, were and are being exploited by those who know better.

        Hawley and Cruz head a long list of what use to be the Republican Party that should be removed from power and held accountable. IMO.

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  3. As you pointed out, those who breached the capitol building planned ahead and came prepared with tools and reportedly, booby traps.

    Since they had those things when they came to Washington, how can you claim they were driven to violence by the address Trump gave after they were already there and prepared?


    1. Just like any mob that waits for the leader to give them the go ahead.

      Lynchings come to mind.

      Remember, Trump invited them to show up and be wild on January 6.

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    2. Don, I think you have a point.

      They were driven by the REPEATED lies and encouragement that trump and his enablers aimed at them over the weeks preceding their treasonous assault on our Democracy.

      The comments made that morning by trump, Rudy, and Don jr were simply the “signal” that the insurrection was a “GO”.

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  4. It’s not an insurrection or even protest. It’s a two-bit PR stunt, with traitorous help from inside.

    Genuine Trump supporters are invariably polite and well-behaved. You want insurrection, you bring 50 Antifa guys.
    There is a picture of them on page 8 of today’s Pilot. If you think the people in that picture are Trump supporters you don’t know anything about your country.

    This stunt was very successful but in the long run I think it will backfire. Conservatives know how the Left thinks. Maybe now more Democrats will learn.

    As I often note, the country is getting very stupid. Why would a President stage an insurrection essentially against himself? It makes no sense. The Capitol is a fortress. There is no way this riffraff could enter unless people on the inside open the doors. This has to be obvious even to liberals.


    1. And it is reasoning like this that divides us.

      You were a proponent of Pizzagate and that the school shootings were staged.

      So your assessment of the attempted overthrow of our government is considered in that light.

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      1. No intelligent person believes in pizzagate if by that you mean Hillary ran a sex shop in a pizza store. That’s a decoy written by the Hollywood screenwriters that the Democratic Party depends on for colorful distractions.

        However, if by pizzagate you mean that John Podesta, the second most powerful Democrat in the country, was an extreme pedophile and did some nefarious things in the basement of a certain famousa pizza joint, now there is a huge scandal just waiting to blow up. What to do? How about we have some redneck come up from North Carolina and fire pointlessly at the wall? Yeah, that’s very engaging. Everybody will forget Podesta… Apparently. The Democrats don’t need really good material because the media will support anything.


    2. So the thousands at the Capitol were disingenious? Your attempt to say that ANTIFA were the instigators has been put to rest by none other than the FBI.

      Here is your bullshit flag.💰


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