Eric Swalwell just delivered all that Americans need to know re: “Jan. 6”

Donald J. Trump cannot hide or deny any of what Democratic Congressman, Eric Swalwell, just finished reminding us of and laid it all out for Americans who love this country to hear and see. Over and over in his Tweets, rallies, etc., Trump said and wrote THE date, “Jan. 6”. He was correct about one thing . . . yeah – it was damned ‘wild’.

Trump will get off free; we know that. And, the frightened, backbone-less GOP will never attempt to make sure he reaps any of what he’s sown. What cowards.

50 thoughts on “Eric Swalwell just delivered all that Americans need to know re: “Jan. 6”

  1. Castor’s lead-in to Swallwell was a master class in presenting the timeline of fomenting the insurrection.

    Too bad people like Cruz and Hawley, who were complicit in the crime, are too busy doodling their 2024 campaign slogans instead of paying attention to the evidence being presented.

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  2. Well, since Jan 6 was the date the Congress was to meet to count the vote, what other date would you expect him to mention?

    What is it you think all that bluster proved? That Trump was angry about the election? OK, so?

    Incitement to insurrection is a tough case to prove absent specific instructions. Of course Trump will be acquitted. In an actual trial, the defense wouldn’t even have to put on a case to get a directed acquittal

    No evidence of an actual crime has been offered. .


    1. “Trump will be acquitted.”

      A pre-determined outcome because the GOP Senators fear T**** and his voters. same as a year ago. Their political souls can rot in hell.

      You may be watching or listening to the proceedings, but you are NOT paying attention.

      You don’t hear or see what you don’t WANT to hear or see. Further proof that T**** has eaten your common sense.

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      1. OK, show me the elements of a crime that have been presented.

        ‘Incitement’ requires direction to a specific act. So, show me where they proved Trump told anyone to storm the capitol building.


          1. Is this a phony dog whistle moment? Perhaps we see reality and not that which doesn’t exist. All you are doing is claiming something exists that doesn’t because you “see it”, like some phony grand systemic racism conspiracy by law enforcement. There is a name for that…hallucinating. I recommend you “see” a psychiatrist.


    2. …”the defense wouldn’t even have to put on a case to get a directed acquittal”

      The clowns representing T**** now can’t even hold onto all of the GOP Senators on the question of Constitutionality. It would be a good thing they wouldn’t have to present anything.

      “No evidence of an actual crime has been offered”

      Not required to the same level in an impeachment. The timeline alone shows how T**** spent MONTHS working toward Jan 6. But you don’t really give a damn about our democratic republic because we allow CITIZENS to VOTE. ALL CITIZENS. Sucks for people like you (who are in the minority) that believes only white, male property owners can vote

      But Impeachment is NOT a judicial trial. Several differences pointed out previously. Hell, even Cruz thought they blew it yesterday.

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        1. It was determined that it CAN. The proceedings began PRIOR to it’s leaving office. And while acquitted, Belknap was out of office at the time of his hearing. PRECEDENT is such an ugly word when it goes against your opinions.

          If it were Obama being impeached now, you would be cheering the entire hearing on. And he did nothing (regardless of your personal opinion and hatred of the man) to warrant it.

          You may not believe that T**** incited the mob that took action on the 6th, but the House managers have made an excellent case showing that his incitement began BEFORE the first vote was cast.


          1. You could say the same about Biden’s campaign as well if you want to go back that far.

            And no, I do not advocate impeaching Obama at this point. He should be tried for treason, in a regular court.


    3. Nobody like to lose an election. But someone always does.

      Trump spent months before the election, then months after the election that he lost by 7 million votes, denying the results. Accusing thousands of office holders, poll workers and volunteers in 6 states of cheating. Then he gathered his mob on January 6 after weeks of planning to disrupt a ceremonial transfer of power in the Congress. A mob that was told Pence could reverse the election results. And they believed it.

      He broke his oath of office and must be held accountable.

      Simple as that.

      That you don’t care or agree is moot. That elected Senators who have also taken that oath of office choose to ignore the greatest attempt to destroy our system of governance is egregious.

      Again, simple as that.

      Accountability by a president for his actions is part of the job. If he can’t accept that, he must impeached, which he was, and convicted in the Senate because that his how our system works.

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      1. If you are asking if I think Trump behaved well, no, he didn’t, and his self centered tantrum likely cost the GOP control of the Senate.

        But that isn’t incitement to insurrection, and it has become clear that those who led the assault on the capitol building came prepared to do so BEFORE the speech cited in the impeachment documents.


        1. They prepared because they were ‘incited” to do so for MONTHS. If statements like “we are here because the President ordered us to be here” and “we are here to fight because T**** told us to do it” aren’t enough proof for you to even consider what it did to be illegal, then you are truly lost down the T*** hole of despair.

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          1. So “fight” is not violence? I’ll remember that the next time someone says that MMA fights or boxing matches should be cancelled because they are so violent.


          2. Is “You gotta fight for your right to party” a call to violence?

            How about High School Cheerleaders shouting Fight team Fight?

            If you actually read what Trump said in context, it was that the protestors should let their representatives know they would be PRIMARIED if they didn’t fight to block the counting of votes Trump didn’t think were valid. He called on them to ask their Congressmen to fight, he did not tell them to fight.


          3. But not by T****.

            If he were truly against the violence, why did it take 4 hours for the National Guard assistance to be approved by the Pentagon and the CinC?


        2. “If you are asking if I think Trump behaved well”…

          Or he misspoke, or spoke badly. All the excuses of an enabler. And you have been spouting the same garbage since it was elected.


        3. You don’t understand. The incitement was over a many month period. 6 months, maybe even 5 years of saying elections that he did not win were rigged.

          That and the build up as he planned the really on the 6th. Daily, multiple reminders to show up and stop the steal. Be “wild”. “Take back your country” “Trial by combat”. “Fight, fight, fight”.

          This after 61 failed lawsuits. Attempted extortion of state election officials by threats, bullying and begging.

          This is why he was impeached. High crimes and misdemeanors. Whether his defense can parse his words on the 6th is almost moot.

          His words on the day of the insurrection were just the final cap on a months long effort to bypass the will of the voters.

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    4. You are such a hoot.

      You write, “Well, since Jan 6 was the date the Congress was to meet to count the vote, what other date would you expect him to mention?”

      How many other presidents – losers or not – do you recall going over-the-top nuts over the Congressional Electoral Count date? After each state has already declared their votes? You know as well as I do that Trump was all a flutter over the 1/6 because he thought the GOP members and Pence would support him and try to overturn the Democrat’s win.

      Did I say he WOULDN’T be acquitted? No, I don’t see that anywhere in my post. What I said was that “Trump will get off free; we know that.”

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  3. I just heard an interesting perspective from Greg Gutfield.

    He says the actual incitement to the Jan 6 riot occurred over the last four years, and its source was the Democrats and the MSM.

    No matter what Trump said, 4 years of libel and slander of the people of the heartland at the hands of the coastal elites had some so angry that they were going to act out in some way even if Trump had said nothing at all.

    He has a point that the left has done more than its share of setting Americans at each other’s throats.Trump’s anger may have struck a match, but the left had drenched the country in gasoline, and that is their responsibility.


    1. That is such a crock. Typical, but a crock nonetheless.

      Republicans and right wing media all but crucified Obama at every step of his presidency.

      Did he storm Congress to get rid of the opposition?

      Your contention is as ridiculous as the post a few weeks back that said the insurgents had no choice.

      You “Heartland” elites just cannot abide by anyone outside the bubble. Your guys are the ones wrapping themselves in the flag daily and calling themselves the “true Americans”. And still support murderous mobs.


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          1. Your hatred for Trump has made you a stereotype. But you echo the MSM and the coastal elites perfectly.

            No one can simply disagree with you, they have to be stupid or evil. And that attitude is omnipresent in the MSM, late night comics, and Democrat politicians. You insult half the country and think they deserve it. The left sees those who supported Trump because they were sick of being smothered by government as sub-humans whose thoughts and feelings need to be ‘reeducated’ before they can re-enter society.

            I know the idea horrifies you, but Trump was right about a lot. He reminded us it was Ok to feel good about America, and to put the interests of Americans ahead of some vague global collective.

            He wasn’t right about everything, but he was an immeasurable improvement over Obama, at least to those of us who place opportunity ahead of safety.

            And seeing things that way does not make us inferior, no matter what Colbert or Maher says.


          2. You are talking sideways. Grievance politics is your mantra and appears to be fixed.

            America is my country. I get upset when someone tries to take it down. You don’t evidently.

            You see faults and enemies outside the bubble.

            “Sub humans”? What the hell does that mean? That is what Trump called the Mexicans, not what most of us think.

            “Re-educated”? Why, because someone suggested that on one of Fox programs. That is just nuts.

            You have stated you despise Democrats, you don’t like universal suffrage because the wrong people vote..why are you even staying in a country you hate so much?

            Reagan should have been impeached over Iran-Contra. Selling arms to our sworn enemy. So should Bush the Elder for his part. Bush the younger lied to start a war. Trump tried to destroy our country by storming Congress.

            Geez, makes Fast and Furious look like a low level bureaucratic screw up, which it was, compared to the Republican crimes.

            As you love to say, you are proving the point that Republicans are not helping much.

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          3. “Your hatred for Trump has made you a stereotype:

            Your hatred of democrats is actually in the dictionary.

            …”put the interests of Americans ahead of some vague global collective.”

            You misspelled “interests of T****”. That is ALL he gave a damn about. But you bought the snake oil and believed everything he did was for the benefit of the county.

            Your inability to see the other side of any argument is the issue.


  4. The greates testaments to American democracy are that 1) in all but a handful of countries, a coup attempt by the President would have probably succeeded, and 2) in all but that same handful of countries he would have been executed had he failed. In all but this one, he’d have been arrested.

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  5. Besides the fact that this is purely a partisan political show, we all know that this has nothing to do with exercising even a modicum of jurisprudence. Because Roberts rightfully won’t preside over an impeachment of a private citizen because one can’t be impeached, democrats replace him with a hyper partisan DEMOCRAT as the ring leader of this pathetic circus. Imagine you going to court and the prosecution is the judge. What a f $%#ing joke.


    1. …”impeachment of a private citizen because one can’t be impeached, democrats replace him”

      Historically speaking, you are flat out wrong…AGAIN. Former officials can, and have been impeached. I will say it slowly this time. B-E-L-K-N-A-P. Precedent sux when it goes against you.

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      1. Historically speaking, you would be incorrect. Belknap attempted to resign minutes before a vote but was still a public figure. Was his resignation accepted to avoid a vote? Slowly N…O…
        You don’t have precedent when none exists. Nice try but no cookie grasshopper.


      2. Additionally to prove you wrong please answer 2 questions.
        1. If a former president can be impeached, why wasn’t Nixon impeached?
        2. If a former president can be impeached why isn’t Roberts presiding as required?


  6. Historically speaking, you would be incorrect. Belknap attempted to resign minutes before a vote but was still a public figure. Was his resignation accepted to avoid a vote? Slowly N…O…
    You don’t have precedent when none exists. Nice try but no cookie grasshopper.


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