Well, the Republican “Sh_t Show” is off and running.

At up to two hours discussion per state challenge, this is going to take a while. A long while.

I suggest that the next time Republicans elect a dim-bulb such as D.J.Trump, who pushed for this nonsensical circus, that they remember how stupid their party looked to millions of people on January 6, 2021.

8 thoughts on “Well, the Republican “Sh_t Show” is off and running.

  1. Sedition Caucus is the appropriate tag for the group of fools who are trying to destroy our Democracy.

    Listening to defenses of their actions is evidence of how the easily led and weak minded are enticed to believe (and will unfortunately) even the most ridiculous claims and representations.

    Very sad, but the Republic endures….

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  2. Trump called for this, and even told us it would be “WILD”.

    WOW – Trump folks must be giddy with pride over this sight at the Capitol Bldg.

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      1. “But I ain’t holdin’ my breath.”

        Yeah, I would breathe. Deep down inside, Trump supporters wanted this. They knew they had no case, and they knew there was no fraud. But we have heard more protestations about the evils of people actually casting ballots.

        So if you can’t win fairly, then riot.

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    1. Then there is this:

      “Donald Trump Jr. reacts to protests: “This is wrong and not who we are””

      I got news for ya, junior. This is EXACTLY what your father has born. Responsibility falls directly on the shoulders of Donald J. Trump.

      The GOP members calling for calm protests and peaceful exercise of 1A rights appear to be the same ones who called for mass incarceration of PEACEFUL protesters this summer.

      Trying to close the barn door after the horses (A$$) have left.

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  3. All the evidence presented to judges in the challenges has been refuted after examination. Hugo Chavez is dead. There are no servers for Dominion on a Frankfurt army base. Paxton will get his pardon for bribery. 2 dead people are not the same as 5,000 dead people. And those two dead folk voted for Trump by proxy. 30 states, red and blue, made accommodations to allow voting during a pandemic. Republicans made gains in the House and lost the Senate only because of Trump.

    It would make no difference to Trump, his supporters and fans if every vote were examined by forensics for the next year. Why? Because if they are elected, they fear the president. If not elected they fear their own beliefs.

    America looks just like Venezuela, not because of the effort to provide affordable healthcare, but because we have a president standing outside of the White House declaring victory because he says so. He is only missing a colorful sash, a chest full of medals, a billed hat and coherent speech.

    And like some deposed Third World presidents, he will leave with about $250 million and probably some silverware. Perhaps he will be granted a citizenship in Saudi Arabia like Idi Amin. Concubines optional.

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