Mobs charge Capitol and halt proceedings.

What precisely is the goal of the mob? Kidnap Congressmen? Trump could put a stop to the violence right now if he cared for America. Instead, he is reveling in creating, abetting, supporting and encouraging an insurrection. Trump supporters must be so proud.

89 thoughts on “Mobs charge Capitol and halt proceedings.

  1. Broken record: I blame the sane sycophants who enable a mentally ill President to create this “shitshow” (seems to be the go to) to continue.

    There should be serious repercussions when this is put down…

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    1. I didn’t take long for the yahoos to break windows inside the Capitol. Just like the same Nazis that probably precipitated the violence in the BLM protests. Confederate flags too.

      We don’t hear or read much from the supporters in Congress about this. They must be soooo proud of themselves.

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        1. And you know that Trump did not have a plan to deal with this Reichstag Fire with military intervention? He tried to staff the Pentagon with Yes-men. Luckily a group of Congressmen, former Secretaries of Defense and the Military Brass cut off that plan before it got rolling. We literally dodged a bullet – this time, but we must take strong steps to suppress the enablers of this authoritarian mischief.

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        2. Trump is telling us that he has control of a vicious mob that he can unleash or hold back by just a command or a flip of the wrist.

          That is what he wants Americans to know as he is booted from office. That is what Ted Cruz and other pond scum GOP congressmen and women fear rather than stand up for America.

          We can thank all the supporters for their faith in a psychotic 5 year old with the military at his beckoning and yellow bellied thugs for his dirty work.

          I sincerely hope they are happy because it would be a shame to create all this bloodshed (and more will come) for naught.

          But there is no doubt that Trump has crossed the line from president to enemy of the people by calling for an insurrection in DC and in several place in the country.

          If I sound upset, it is because I am. MAGA played with fire and now we have a conflagration because of the big lie coming from the administration.

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  2. “Jeva Lange
    Wed, January 6, 2021, 2:14 PM EST

    “As chaos ripped through Washington, D.C., on Wednesday afternoon, President Trump quietly slipped into his motorcade to be whisked back to the White House, despite having told his supporters that he was going to walk with them to the Capitol Building.”

    The man doesn’t have the balls to at least lead his supporters like a man. Start a riot, then leave.

    This is who Trump is. He abandons our nation during a pandemic and now even abandons his fans who are risking life and limb, not to mention arrests and convictions, because of his lies.

    Never, ever thought I would see this in my lifetime.

    Where is Antifa when you need them.😇

    Oh, no Antifa? Well, I wonder who is attacking our country.

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    1. What makes you think Antifa wasn’t there?

      There are lots of good pictures of faces, lets identify and arrest them and then determine who they are and why they are there.


      1. Don, the rally went straight to the Capitol. Your thugs have been on line for weeks planning arms caches. Bombs have been discovered. Proud Boys have bragged about having thousands dressed in black for weeks.

        And most importantly, Trump has been pushing this for months. He wanted riots and actually called for them. Gohmert threatened street violence and compared this to Egypt’s military takeover from a duly elected president. Trump surrogates have called for executions of governors. He told his rally that he would lead the march on the Capitol. Of course his yellow ass went home in an armored car.

        How can you possibly be so blind?

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        1. Again, the pictures exist to know for sure, so why speculate?

          The crowd in general did not participate and went home when told to do so,

          So, what is wrong with waiting until we know?


          1. Thousands left the rally and went straight to the Capitol. Trump said he was going to lead them. Of course he chickened out, but the clueless mob just continued on.

            So you are saying they could be Biden supporters in drag?

            Whew. Alternative facts are a fact of life for Trump fans. So sorry to hear that.

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          2. I’m saying I don’t know yet and neither do you, but we will know shortly, there are too many pictures for the perpetrators to remain unknown.

            I suspect, but only suspect, that they are neither Trump nor Biden supporters, but groups with their own agendas.

            But I could be wrong and I’m willing to wait a couple of days to know.


          3. Sometimes a cigar…

            I form assumptions based on evidence with a clear and practiced eye. Trying to find support for what you want until it’s to late to say “oops” is not an effective life strategy.

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          4. No, it doesn’t.

            Confirmation bias and projection affect everybody, you can only hope to recognize it in yourself and accept contrary evidence


          5. Good grief, Tabor.

            Did you listen to the ravings of Trump at the so-called “Save America Rally?” If that is not inciting riot, nothing is.

            Jimmie is being very blunt, but he is not wrong.

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          6. Actually, no, I didn’t hear that.

            But I don’t doubt he was awful.

            But I also don’t know the crowd size, though I’m guessing 100K plus. And perhaps a couple of hundred of them acted violently. The rest complied with police orders even though their emotions ran high.

            So, if Trump was inciting riot, he wasn’t very good at it.


          7. “The rest complied with police orders even though their emotions ran high.”

            Your hypocrisy truly knows no bounds. This summer you referred to ALL protesters as rioters when it was actually small group of extremists.

            How dare you. How can you look yourself in the mirror?

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          8. :Perhaps because I never said that?

            I said that those who committed violent acts AND those who sheltered and concealed them were equally guilty.

            The same would apply now.


          9. “So, if Trump was inciting riot, he wasn’t very good at it.”

            Here is a fine point of law for you. A bank heist that only nets 12 dollars is still a bank heist.

            Your knickers were all in a twist when a million people marched peacefully in Washington in 2017 and a dozen or so fools – without encouragement from anybody – set a dumpster fire. But here you are trying to spin away POTUS sending a mob to stop the pro forma vote counting process in Congress with disastrous consequences, the Capital building trashed and at least one person dead.

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          1. I am getting close to the edge. I kind of knew that there would be violence, but, like most of us. I did not think an actually storming of the Capitol would happen. Nor that it would be breached so easily.

            Do those thugs have a clue as to what they want done after they charged up the steps?

            Of course not. It is all about the fun of the fight which is exactly the words of Proud Boys founder just a couple of years ago.

            And support for those yellow bellied thugs is what I found really curious among the right wing comments.

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          2. Understandable, and certainly unexpected to this degree.

            I can’t understand the level of support, other than a total abandonment of reason.

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  3. Think Beer Hall Putsch. That too was a fiasco and a failure but it was a harbinger of things to come.

    It is time to forego any idea of reconciling with these people. They need to be punished for their crimes, their inciters expelled from Congress and their Dear Leader charged with sedition. Let’s find out if the President can pardon himself.

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    1. We now have a real “enemy of the people” and he just skedaddled in an armored car after he told the mob to head to the Capitol and he would be leading the charge.

      Notice that the Trump supporters are oddly quiet. Tacit approval I suppose.

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      1. “Tacit approval I suppose.”

        I won’t accuse them of that unless they show me otherwise. Too bad they aren’t showing their “flags” too much today. Talk of unionization @ Google appears more important than the insurrection occurring at the US Capitol.


  4. I just got home from the hospital with my wife (her surgery went well) and turned on the TV to hear President Trump say ‘I know how you feel, but go home, we must have peace.’

    It seems I missed an interesting news day.


    1. Most importantly, I am glad to here your lady’s surgery went well.

      2) I hope you get a chance to get caught up soon. Couple of links in the various posts to help you along.


      1. I had to laugh. The old rejoinder “that’s mister asshole to you” comes to mind.

        I agree about the support for a man who has for months alluded to, then promised, violence today.

        One of the few “promises made, promises kept” actually kept.

        Pretty much inexcusable.

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    2. Trump’s call for “peace” is a non sequitur while he continues to spread the lie that the election was stolen. What kind of “patriot” is going to stand down while communists, Chinese and Hugo Chavez steals our democracy. He can never undo the damage he has caused but at the very least he must clearly concede that he lost the election fairly.

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      1. There is no defense for initiating violence.

        There wasn’t in Seattle or Portland either, for that matter, but this i less than an hour old for me, and I don’t know yet who is responsible. Neither do you.

        So, let’s identify those who crossed the line from protest to violence and arrest them, and find out first, who they are and if they represent anyone.

        Anyone can put on a red hat.

        Those who initiated violence should be prosecuted, and any of the protestors who sheltered them as well. But that doesn’t implicate those who were legitimately protesting, right?

        After all, that’s what you have been saying for months.


        1. Uh, We DO know who is responsible. Maybe you missed it but earlier today Trump spoke to a crowd in Washington and instructed them to go to the Capitol and stop the count.

          Seatle or Portland? That is the lamest form of whataboutism for a riot kicked off from the White House.

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        2. “Anyone can put on a red hat”.

          True. But this was planned and encouraged for weeks. Carrying confederate flags along with red hats and Trump flags is not really a Antifa modus operandi. But they are very similar to neo-Nazis as in Charlottesville also carrying Confederate flags along with swastikas.

          Remember, both Antifa (which has little or no interest in supporting Trump fans, I am sure) and your guys are ignorant thugs. They are in it for the action and I would be willing to wager that none of them know we have 3 branches of government.

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          1. I don’t know and neither do you.

            That’s the point, it could well be that Accelrationists are involved, but that does not mean that Trump supporters are all Accelerationists.

            It could be a false flag operation, Again, I don’t know and neither do you.

            But there are plenty of pictures of those who committed violence and they can be identified and prosecuted.

            But to claim all Trump supporters are identical and equally guilty is preposterous.

            Haven’t you said the same thing of those who peacefully protested alongside BLM activists who were violent?


          2. Did thousands invade the buildings?

            Again, I’ve only had 2 hours to get up to speed and I’ve had a lot of distraction, but it appears you are getting way ahead of the facts


        3. …”let’s identify those who crossed the line from protest to violence”…

          Nick Fuentes and “Baked Alaska” live streamed after breaking into Nancy Pelosi’s office. They have NOT yet been arrested.

          Take you ANTIFA theories and bury them somewhere deep in the woods of the compound.

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          1. “I do not make exceptions for violence committed by people on my side.”

            I pointed out 2 distinct individuals who are self-identified white supremacists or neo-nazi’s. You absolutely acknowledged, BY YOUR OWN WORDS, they are on “your side”. It is exactly what you wrote. Not even Dr. Semantics can help you here.

            But those ranks are Trump supporters.


          2. Let me try to explain it to you.

            If 2, or 1000, of the 74million who supported Trump are white supremacists, that does not mean that Trump or his other supporters are white supremacists. any more than 2 or 1000 of Biden’s supporters being communists make him or you a communist.


          3. Perhaps if Biden had told Antifa to “stand back, stand by” we could have had a more “bipartisan” participation in the attempted overthrow of our government.

            As it turned out, Cruz and Hawley were the only de facto insurrections left after the other Senators finally realized this was not a game anymore.

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          4. Then you should read what I wrote. I did NOT say all Trump supporters are WS or NN. I said that most of THEM AR T**** supporters.

            If you don’t want them on “your side”, then maybe you should be a little more forceful in your condemnation of them. The same way you condemned ALL who were present for BLM protests that has some rogue elements embedded.


          5. “If 2, or 1000, of the 74million . . .”

            Cute numbers, but try 30 or 40 million.

            We cannot know exactly but polling gives us the ball park. For years now about half of Trump’s base still do not believe that President Obama was legitimately a natural born citizen. You can dispute my opinion, but anyone who believes this nonsense or even tolerates leaders who spread it is displaying a reliable marker of White Supremacist attitudes.

            And, if memory serves, you have used this forum to extoll the superiority of “European culture” over non-European cultures. That may not be textbook “White Supremacy” but it is in the same family.

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  5. Compare and contrast how these rioters smashing up the Capital were treated compared to the tear gas, tanks, and rubber bullets served up to peaceful protesters demanding justice on behalf of the victims of police violence. Just another example of very real white privilege.

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  6. Stolen from UpAgainstTheWall, a clear-eyed visitor to the beloved rightist blog Bacon’s Rebellion, although Pork Belly Riot would be more suitable..

    “It’s not about belief, it’s about reality versus conspiracy.

    I watched the video of Tamir Rice being shot for no reason. I watched the video of John Crawford being shot for no reason. I watched the video of Daniel Shave being shot for no reason. I watched the video of Eric Garner being choked to death for no reason. I watched the video of George Floyd being choked to death for no reason.

    I don’t believe the cops are getting away with killing unarmed citizens, I see that cops are getting away with killing unarmed citizens.

    Contrast that with claims that this election was stolen. There is not a shred of evidence. Not one iota of proof. Nothing that has stood up to even the barest of legal scrutiny. They don’t see that the election was stolen, they believe it.

    There is seeing. There is believing. There is fact. There is fiction.”

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  7. As a minor aside, I have spent a few years reconditioning the old body in an attempt, successful I might add, to lose weight and gain stamina.

    It is amazing that after just a week of weights, I have seen muscle tissue grow, but today Ii witnessed an absolute miracle. Today, I watched Republican senators and representatives grow spines.


    1. “I watched Republican senators and representatives grow spines.”

      I disagree. What we saw was a child who burned his fingers playing with matches and now hope mommy can soothe the pain.

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    2. “I watched Republican senators and representatives grow spines.”

      Actually what I saw was Republicans RUNNING and HIDING from their supporters, Why didn’t Hawley and Cruz (and the rest of those who supported challenges to the EC votes) greet the invaders in the halls?

      Those who decided that after their lives were once again safe, they could change their minds and drop support for the challenges, should NOT get a pass. They are part of the problem that Trump is. Period. That includes McConnell.


  8. Here is a thought, far left wing liberal minions have been rioting, burning buildings, storming federal and police buildings, viciously taking over parts of cities, breaking into businesses, looting with reckless abandon for 4 FRICKIN YEARS and YOU honestly didn’t think this would happen? Trump had to deploy the military to avoid the same in the white house. All this endorsed and encouraged by DEMOCRATS!!!! I dont condone it but YOU people caused this!! Thanks….


    1. More than usual, you are absolutely full of shit. But, quite what is to be expected from someone of your intellectual and emotional level. The actual cause of the unrest is the President and his propagandists filling hateful empty heads with the nonsense that you apparently believe. With all due respect, you are simply pitiable. And that is being VERY kind.

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    2. A little historical revisionism. Trump deployed force and marched with his military top dogs to hold a Bible in front of a church sign for a photo op.

      Yes, there were violent incidents in the summer demonstrations. No one is condoning that.

      So that makes an attempted overthrow of the government OK?

      I understand. Don’t blame Trump rioters, they just couldn’t help themselves.

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