A good day for West Virginia

Right about now, Joe Manchin, and West Virginia, can have pretty much anything they want.

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16 thoughts on “A good day for West Virginia

  1. West VA’s other Senator is a Republican, and WVA went almost 70% for Trump, so there is zero political cost for Manchin to change parties.

    The Democrats will have to give him anything he wants to hold him, and of course, the GOP would welcome him as a hero.


    1. Gee, it might be that Manchin is a man of principle. Something Republicans are not familiar with, particularly after witnessing the debacle today.

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      1. Do you seriously think Manchin and Warnock;s principles are in alignment?

        Today’s Democrat party has veered far to the left, and Manchin might not be the only Democrat no longer comfortable there.


        1. Democrats have a pretty diverse group as opposed to the lock step political Riverdance in the Republican Party with a few exceptions. That is why Pelosi is really a good Speaker. She knows when to hold them and knows when to fold them. And that agree or disagree, she has votes on her side.

          This is why even with the Senate, Biden’s agenda will have some restraint.

          The Democrats have a few progressives that may need some leash training, but the fact is that the Republican party has veered hard right. Even more problematic is that the Trump factor has made it distinctly un-American except for about 15-20% of Americans. And that includes the “formerly hidden under various rocks” Nazis and White Supremacists that Trump has called out for support as in “stand back and stand by”.

          I think Paul is right, though. The current GOP is toxic. If you are a Trump toady, you are locked into his mob or get primaried. If you have integrity, the Trump mob is still going to vilify you unless you become a toady. It is lose/lose.

          Better to stay a pro-life and pro-gun Democrat than jump in with the loonies that make up the bulk of the GOP. And if there were any doubt, it is all erased after the insurrection called for by Trump and tacitly agreed to by Cruz and associates.

          What Republicans don’t realize is that when you make a deal with he Devil, things don’t go well for you.

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          1. Speaking just about Manchin, remember that WVA went Red due to Obama’s energy policies, and Biden’s agenda is even more toxic to his constituency.

            I will be amazed if Manchin doesn’t either switch parties or leverage staying in the Democrat party for a surrender on the Climate Change front.

            More generally, Trump’s post election ranting likely cost the GOP those GA seats for now. And Republicans know that, so Trump is pretty much done both as a future candidate or King Maker.

            He did a lot of good things but these last few months pretty much killed his future influence. The GOP will likely be better for that.

            The Democrats, on the other hand, best take care for 2022 is not that far off.


          2. WVa went red because coal was being replaced by gas via the market and fracking. The residents were told this is all Obama’s fault.

            Trump is holding on to his control of the mob because it thrilled him to no end that they love him so much they will riot when he gives the order. “Stand back and stand by” was carried out beautifully for the man in the White House.

            If Manchin buys into the GOP which is consumed by fear of Trump and his influence he is a fool. But we know he is not.

            So long as Trump gets attention he will leverage what is left of his followers for whatever he can get. And unfortunately for Republicans, they are a core of the base.

            Like past deposed autocrats, his followers will do his bidding for a while yet. This is a huge, smelly albatross around the neck of the GOP.

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        2. “Do you seriously think Manchin and Warnock;s principles are in alignment?”

          They both love this country and the rule of law more than you or ANY Trump supporter. That is common ground that decent people can stand on.

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