Tiger and his son, Charlie; wow.

Just finished watching the 1st round of the PNC golf tournament. I had not seen Charlie play before. Wow, was I ever impressed with the kid. He has a beautiful swing and lets go of the shots like a pro. On the greens he’s calm and totally in control. Amazing for an 11 year old. He strolls around on the greens with purpose and the very same mannerisms as his father.

All those father/son & father/daughter teams were terrific. ( Also, team of Annika and her 79 year old father.)

I’m stearing clear of politics for a while and the tournament was just what I needed.

If you check out the tournament tomorrow you will be surprised at the resemblance of Charlie’s way around the course to Tiger’s. They seemed to be having a great time.

Tomorrow should be a blast.

12 thoughts on “Tiger and his son, Charlie; wow.

    1. There used to be fishing shows on TV years ago. (Maybe there still are.) So apparently there was an audience.

      I won’t defend watching golf to non-golf aficionados, but at least it is something I can also participate in into “geezerdom”, like fishing, and unlike football.

      And depending upon the course, it involves walking several miles, even if in a cart in most cases.

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      1. I used to watch “how to” fishing shows in which the experts explained techniques for catching fish more efficiently but not shows that just followed someone around while they fished. I know there were such shows, but if I had time to watch that, I had time to go fish.


        1. Fishing tournaments actually are covered quite a bit. Used to be a regular part of the old Wide World of Sports, I think.

          Watching pros play golf is a good way to make attempts to improve your own performance. I saw something from one of the pros and then attempted to implement it into my own swing. Surprisingly, it actually worked for me.

          And while fishing is an admirable past time, it is less interactive than golf.


    2. I love to fish but no way am I going to watch other people fish who aren’t my grandchildren. Nothing like seeing that wide-eyed look. (From my grandson, not the fish.) M

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  1. Just watched Annika kiss her caddy for tending the flag. Think I’ll attend the next LPGA at Kingsmill, run out on the green once everyone’s on and tend the flag.

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      1. Growing up in the public eye is so un-relatable it must have been tough. It appears he’s continued to grow and learn from his mistakes (many people don’t). I bet he’s a great dad at this point in his life.

        I think I’ll not be throwing any stones.

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