Blowback for FOX, Newsmax, OANN by Dominion

Dominion demanded and got periodic prime time retractions on FOX for defaming the voting machine company. Huge lawsuits are being pondered.
Maybe the thousands of election officials, workers and volunteers could start a class action suit against Trump, his campaign and crack legal eagles Giuliani, Powell, Ellis, Especially those who were named and threatened.
Sue the bastards…sue them all…let courts sort them out. Roy Cohn would be so proud.

2 thoughts on “Blowback for FOX, Newsmax, OANN by Dominion

  1. Not shocked. Reasonable people who can ALSO hire lawyers are getting fed up with this ridiculous and un-American BS. I hope they do and are successful. Our Country needs to get back to a saner and better place and punishing the corrupt is a good place to start.

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