So, we’re going to call witnesses . . . ?


10 thoughts on “So, we’re going to call witnesses . . . ?

    1. “The House managers are getting schooled …”

      . . . and, the Trump lawyers HAVEN’T been schooled by the GOP jurists?

      I guess those fellas were just visiting Trump’s legal team to get the latest tuna-casserole recipe, huh?

      Come on. Enjoy the full show.

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      1. Drats! The Democrats backed out of calling witnesses.

        I was all ready to listen to some witnesses, as I sit at my computer waiting to get an invite from CVS or my health department
        to get a covid-19 vaccination.

        Oh, wait – Virginia is once again changing its path to the vaccine NEXT WEEK.

        Who knows if I’ll need the computer or the GOP lawyer’s comedy. I may have to write a letter requesting a shot, take it to a mailbox, do three walk-a-rounds before dropping it in the box addressed to heaven knows where.

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    2. True. This trial was rigged from day one by Republicans fearing the wrath of Trump.

      If nothing else, witnesses may add to the record that Republican Senators vote on. That is the real fear.

      Republican bluff says they will call hundreds of Democrats.

      The McCarthy phone call is damning and in a real courtroom, would lead to a plea bargain. But this is not a criminal trial, so the political implications are bigger than whether or not conviction happens.

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    3. “already know how they’re going to vote“

      Completely misses the point of the move by the DEMs. A very smart move given the lies that the defense team was caught in yesterday.

      Should be interesting…

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        1. Moot now. Vote to not call witnesses passed. Closing arguments and vote today.

          Unfortunately, the bluff by defense to clog up the trial for months worked. Plus Biden agenda would be held up. And people need help now, not in June.

          Funny: “…asshole/traitor not idiot”. Thank God the ex-president was all three or the autogolpe might have succeeded.

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