H – Y – P -O … (You know the rest)

As Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) likes to point out, accusing others of hypocrisy is one of the stupidest, least persuasive things a person can do.

The reason is that all of us are hypocrites in one way or another. You might as well accuse someone you don’t like of being human. But that would be useless, wouldn’t it? Being human is normal and it doesn’t mean (much less prove) that the person you dislike has beliefs and opinions that are wrong.

Still, in political and legal matters, double standards (a type of hypocrisy) are validly concerning. A republic cannot operate when the generally-accepted rules of behavior apply in one way to one political faction and in a different way to another. Similarly, there can be no rule of law when legal prosecution goes after one person or group but not another for the same behavior.

Do you see the problem? It is practical in nature, not theoretical.

This is the context in which to understand the current impeachment trial. See this montage presented in the Senate today to grasp that the Democrat impeachment managers are seeking to criminalize behavior by Donald Trump that their own faction is guilty of:

It is not a question of hypocrisy. Because the impeachment trial is real, the issue at hand is one of wasting time and attention on trivialities. The consequences down the road will not be trivial.

10 thoughts on “H – Y – P -O … (You know the rest)

  1. I happened upon this today by accident so I watched some just to see. The defense team not only proved sheer hypocrisy of democrats but also showed that the case by Democrats was cut and paste manipulation and that they were in fact more guilty of their charges against Trump than he is. When they showed video of Trump in full context and not just sound bites, it was very telling that their lies were abysmal. All said, the sad fact is democrats had their minds made up over 4 years ago to find Trump guilty of something no matter true or false and here we are, they already voted 4 years ago on this impeachment show. Democrats are truly very scary Marxists attempting to utilize Nazi type propaganda to achieve their own 1000 year Reich. Heil Pelosi!!!


  2. If you don’t want to be called a hypocrite, then quit saying hypocritical things. A very simple solution.

    Dilbert? Seriously? Ok. Simple thinking for simple minds, I suppose.

    Funny how you attempt to deny being a hypocrite by saying that it is a human thing. It is another bullshit word salad compliments of our local Dr. Semantics.

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  3. So an attack on the seat of our government, incited by months and months of dangerous rhetoric from T****, is trivial?

    THe consequences are not only down the road; they are current.

    And I am just waiting for one person here to jump on the ANTIFA wagon and say it was ANTIFA. dressed as T**** supporters and it was actually they who tried to overturn the results of the election in which the candidate they wanted to lose, did so.

    That ANTIFA school of drama must be better than Julliard to pull that one off. (Not a trademarked statement, but a pretty good one I heard last night)

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    1. RE: “So an attack on the seat of our government, incited by months and months of dangerous rhetoric from T****, is trivial?”

      Yes, because it didn’t happen. Fantasies are almost always trivial.


      1. “ Yes, because it didn’t happen. Fantasies are almost always trivial.”

        So true, so true. Ask M. Greene about fantasies and you’ll find out trivial she is.

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