It was trump, NOT Biden, making demands of Twitter.

I apologize if it is paywalled. I am not a paying subscriber to The Beast, but access is granted for a limited number of aritcles.

Bottom line, the Twitter Files that have been released and commented on here only tell PART of the story.

“For some reason, none of this has been revealed in the many editions of Musk’s “Twitter Files,” which have almost entirely concentrated on communications sent by Democrats and government agencies to Twitter.”

In Congressional testimony, Twitter folks make it clear that Joe Bided hsa never requested ANYTHING form them in the way of censoring content. However, Mr. Trump made some DEMANDS concerning tweets that were derogatory of him.

““My, my, my—what happens when you hold a hearing, and you can’t prove your point?” Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) snarked in response to Jordan.”

Snarky Connolly appears to hit the nail on the head.

More waste of time by performative representatives, instead of actual legislators. Jordan and the GOP, that is. Not to mention that right wing glitterati at Fox News.

21 thoughts on “It was trump, NOT Biden, making demands of Twitter.

  1. Uh, according to the article, it was one tweet, from Chrissy Teigens, which ‘someone at the White House,’ not Trump himself, suggested it might not meet the Twitter rules due to foul language.

    While Biden also might not have personally asked for a tweet’s removal, his minions successfully had hundreds removed and dozens of accounts suspended.


    1. Uh, you should pay attention to the hearing that Gym Jordan has organized. Predictably, it is not going the way that MAGATS hoped. Once again the nonsense whining of “conservative” victims falls apart when the evidence is put on the table. Twitter was even more responsive to Trump and his “minions” than they were to the Biden campaign. And Trump was the government at the time who could and DID threaten them with regulation if they did not comply with his wishes.

      As a reminder the whole hearing is based on a ONE DAY delay in opening up the platform to the GOP’s October surprise – an INTERNAL decision that Twitter freely admitted months ago was an error.

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          1. “Teigen’s post was obscene”

            Boy do you talk out of both sides of your mouth when your man Trump is in the wrong. And, by the way, her tweet in response to an ugly Trump attack on her family was crude but not obscene by Twitter standards at the time.

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        1. “Per your cite the White House requested removing death threats and reinstatement of suspended accounts.”

          Uh, death threats were part of the Trump White House definition of “hate speech” – not the whole thing. And they were not the only tweets that attracted White House interference as the very next sentence made clear . . . ” They would also contact Twitter about posts they considered misinformation.”

          The much discussed Teigen tweet had nothing to do with death threats but the Trump White House made threats of regulation to get it removed. And, it is worth remembering that Chrissy Teigen was responding to an ugly Trump personal attack against her husband and herself. The fact is that this “pussy ass bitch” Trump can start a flame war but tries to pull Presidential rank when his victim fires back. What a joke your hero is.

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  2. The fact of Twitter censorship and distortion of political debate is now reduced to a finger-pointing battle.

    Well, if there is now general agreement that Twitter abused basic principles of free speech, that in itself may be progress.


    1. “Well, if there is now general agreement that Twitter abused basic principles of free speech . . .”

      They most certainly did not abuse free speech. Even Gym Jordan admitted as much.

      What we have actually learned thanks to Gym is that Elon Musk was egregiously dishonest in his revelations about Twitter’s past decisions and policies. We now know he cherry-picked the records to support his right wing victim narrative.

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        1. “Clearly, there is no principle at stake at all. Just finger pointing.”

          Yes, now you understand. What is beyond laughable is that this was supposed to be a lot of finger pointing at the Democrats but it turned out the fingers were pointing the other way.

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          1. You would think that after being lead down the primrose path so many times these MAGA-Republicans would learn that reality just has a liberal bias. It is a tough lesson for them, but really, how many face plants will it take before they wise up?

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          2. RE: “Today you think it is stupid. Not so much so back in December…”

            Your comments in the December thread were as useless as your post today.


          3. Personal attacks form a moderator? How uncivil.

            And apparently I struck a nerve for QUOTING you. Proof positive that you have your panties in a wad for getting called out for your hypocrisy.

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  3. These hearings, and they are just the tip of the conservative iceberg, seem to illustrate the classic warning for budding trial lawyers: never ask a question you don’t know the answer to.

    I think the constant drumbeats of MAGA grievances and lies have so infected even the few supposedly intelligent GOP legislators, that they may have actually believed what Musk (or Trump, Vertitas, Pillow Man, Giuliani, Powell, Carlson, yada, yada…) said. Just like blaming Italian satellites, the propagandists on the right are actually believing their own lies.

    We have no loyal opposition among the Republicans anymore. A real shame, but the country moves on with jobs, lower inflation, infrastructure repair and construction, etc. as Republicans look for imaginary scandals.

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