FBI whistleblower releases docs showing agency is surveilling ‘Radical’ Latin Mass Catholics

Source: LifeSite.

As my wife and son are converts to Catholicism and attend the Latin Mass in a parish affiliated with the Fraternal Society of St. Peter, I’d say that FBI surveillance has reached directly into my home. I don’t care for it.

But I’m not surprised. We have become a nation of witch hunters.

20 thoughts on “FBI whistleblower releases docs showing agency is surveilling ‘Radical’ Latin Mass Catholics

  1. Even your own source admits that the FBI makes a distinction between Catholics who prefer the Latin Mass and tradition pre-Vatican II teaching and the violence prone people that some in the FBI are concerned with. Radical and extremist groups are the breeding ground for terrorism and hate crime. Violent people are attracted to them. There is no rational reason that they should be immune from concern and efforts to monitor their activities solely because they wrap themselves in religious mumbo jumbo. White supremacists, misogynists, nativists, antisemites, and other forms of haters are what they are whether they invoke the name of Hitler or the name of Jesus.

    Such people bear watching, IMHO.


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      1. “Like I said: We have become a nation of witch hunters.”

        “Witch hunting” is about imaginary dangers. The FBI and other security agencies protect us from real dangers and organized violent hate groups are such a danger.

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      2. RE: “‘Witch hunting’ is about imaginary dangers.”

        Nope. But witch hunters are always making excuses for their evil.


        1. “It is good you don’t get to decide.”

          Decide about what?

          In this long piece Ms. Southern does not go into why SHE is not welcome in the Airbnb system. That is why I had to google her to learn she is not the kind of person that I would want in my home. AirBnb needs to look out for both the renters and the hosts. A lot of people find white supremacists to be deplorable.

          If AirBnb does not want to do business with her parents based solely on HER associations, that smacks of a bad business decision to me. But, is that the whole story? You can never tell with people like this – the truth is very flexible with them.

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          1. Air BNB is in the business of facilitating property rentals.

            Does Ms Southern have any history of trashing properties or not paying her rents?

            If not, on what basis do they decline to arrange rentals for her with their clients? That would seem to be a breach of their responsibilities if they deny their clients profitable business based on their political views, which may not be those of their clients.


          2. Airbnb is a business. They publish their terms of service. Hosts and renters both acknowledge their agreement with them. So, what exactly is your problem? I thought you were all about the marketplace deciding such matters.

            If someone feels they are losing business because White Supremacists are not welcome on the site, they can take their business elsewhere.

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        2. I’d say the truth is very flexible for you. You don’t know anything about Southern, but you make up reasons to disparage her. As with everyone you actively hate, your hate is always justified in your own mind.


          1. I listened to her podcast. I noted that she skirted the reason for her initial banning by AirBnB. I did her the courtesy of researching her back story. I expressed no hatred for her. You are full of shit.

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      1. Good point. More fundamentally, if guilt by association is to be a legitimate basis for discrimination, then no such thing as the rule of law can exist.


        1. Irrelevant

          By excluding people based on their political positions they are discriminating against people for reasons unrelated to their business.

          And from the other side, they are defrauding their clients by turning away renters.


          1. Wow! Talk about double standards. You have frequently opined that the marketplace should have been allowed to end racial discrimination in public accommodations, but now you are not happy with the marketplace dealing with Airbnb’s anti-discrimination policies?

            If I run a business I can discriminate against people for ANY legal reason. Believe it or not, being a White Supremacist is not a protected class.

            “And from the other side, they are defrauding their clients by turning away renters.”
            That is nonsense. Hosts in the Airbnb system have accepted the “Airbnb Community Commitment” that make it clear that the company will not do business with bigots.

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    1. I read the transcript. It sounded a bit random and rambling to me.

      This reminds me of a bakery denying a wedding cake to gays type story.

      Goose and gander?

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  2. “The memo cited a study from the anti-Catholic Southern Poverty Law Center to justify the FBI’s monitoring efforts.”

    Um, I throw BS flag, big and yellow at this sub-headline. SPLC is NOT anti-Catholic. They ARE anti-hate.

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