25 thoughts on “Guess who is a “groomer” now.

  1. Saw this in one of The Bulwark newsletters I subscribe to this morning. Makes me wonder how he is going to attack Nikki Haley. Claim she was born male? And Mike Pompeo. He is secretly married to a man? Just wondering out loud.


  2. I think Trump is misreading his base. In those circles this sort of behavior is considered acceptable and even envied. We’re talking about people who voted for a 3-time adulterer who cheated on his third wife, who was a lesbian porn star, with Stormy Daniels. They won’t bat an eyelash over this.

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      1. Don’t even get me started on Florida politics. Thank God I don’t live there anymore! It has always been bad, but now it’s off the charts!


        DeSantos is attacking Disney… DISNEY… their builtin money machine… because Disney had the nerve to disagree with his policies. Apparently they don’t care about the tourist dollars anymore. They have become a haven for mafia dons and ex-dictators. All of the old Nazis who have fvcked up South America so badly are moving to Florida. Maybe MAGATs are right. Maybe it is time to build that wall!

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  3. Weird, I thought anything Trump, especially anything that merely “appears” something, was a bald faced lie. What changed? You voting for Trump??? Left wing desperation has no bounds…lol


      1. I didn’t say that as you clearly know. I merely drew attention to your extremely hypocritical newly formed confidence in something Trump posted as evidence of DeSantis grooming young girls 20 years ago. Judging from all of your ceaseless anti-Trump babbling, aren’t you ashamed of your massive stupidity? You are killing me Smalls..lmao


        1. Boy, did you miss the intelligence boat.

          Paul’s post is not in support of the tweet or post or whatever site Trump barfed this up on. It is about Trump using his usual fact-less tactics to attack a political rival. Proof enough, IMO, that he knows he doesn’t stand a chance against DeSantis.

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          1. I would say you clearly boarded the idiot boat. Paul cited Trump as proof that DeSantis is a groomer. No ifs, ands or buts. And just why do you feel the need to speak for Paul?


          2. “Paul cited Trump as proof that DeSantis is a groomer. No ifs, ands or buts”

            Uh no. My point was how recklessly you people throw around personal slanders. Here you have two of your finest turning such slanders on each other. It is a foreshadowing of how the GOP Presidential nominating process is going to go – name-calling, lies, and personal attacks. Just like 2016.

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    1. “I think Trump is displaying his venality and egocentrism to a point that he is done as a candidate.”

      True. However, good luck convincing him that he is done.

      My turn to predict a little politics for 2024. Trump does NOT get the GOP nod and runs as a third party candidate, taking about half of the GOP Senators running that tie their hopes to that anchor down and the Dems end up with a veto-proof majority in the Senate and take back the House ten-fold over what happened in 2022 midterms.


  4. It’s kind of a stretch to assume ill intent from a picture without context.

    There is nothing to suggest he had intent to seduce anyone. I once hung around a party where my son’s fraternity had some underage drinking going on. I wasn’t there to pick off a co-ed. I was making sure no one drove under the influence or got molested when they weren’t able to consent.

    And to laugh at my son as he made a fool of himself.

    A 20 year old picture without context could be evidence of ill or noble intent.

    We don’t know anything but that Trump is an ass who can’t put the party ahead of himself.


    1. “We don’t know anything but that Trump is an ass who can’t put the party ahead of himself.”

      It can also be said that there is still a substantial part of the GOP that can’t put country ahead of loyalty to Trump.


        1. No politician, regardless of party, should so blindly put loyalty to a MAN over that of their country or party.

          You KNOW that, but you still find ways to say okie-dokie concerning Trump.

          Trump has taught a LOT of GOP pols that performative politics is better than actual governing.

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        2. “You might want to try to understand that instead of just demonizing them.”

          It is not hard to understand. The mainspring of Trumpism is racism and the MAGA-Republican narrative of white victimhood. They are both deplorable and irredeemable. The only way to deal with them is to ignore them. Compromise is a dirty word to them. So be it.

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          1. Then you don’t understand them at all.

            Trump’s appeal is his combativeness.

            Many Republicans have given their hearts to elect Republican majorities, only to see them cave to the Democrats once they were in office, and become Democrats-lite.

            They at least knew where Trump stands.

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          2. “They at least knew where Trump stands.”

            He stands on a bed of lies, mistruths, attacks on others and big piles of fertilizer. If they believe that he is the best choice to lead this country, they should follow him to Russia, where I predict he will flee when the indictments start dropping.


          3. “Then you don’t understand them at all.”
            Because you say so, Mr. Birtherism-is-not-racist.

            Sure, they like his “combativeness.” They are just fine with his turning politics into an ugly variation of World Wrestling Entertainment. That is exactly the right level for almost all of them. And what they particularly like about his “combativeness” is who it is aimed at – Minorities and women.

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        3. “ You might want to try to understand that instead of just demonizing them.”

          Exactly. Uh, you are talking about the vilification of Democrats by MAGA, right?

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