29 thoughts on “How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline

  1. You left out a question:

    How did this fiction end up in this thread?

    Answer: You found it because you follow crackpot conspiracy theorists on substack.

    Not ONE quoted named source, which you have claimed numerous times when challenging others’ posts is necessary to validate the story. He should probably shift to writing fiction instead of supposed news stories.

    And Mr. Hersch has a history of claiming sources that may or may not exist. His wiki page is quite extensive in that regard and includes a notation from WIKI that more citations are needed for a lot of it.



    1. RE: “How did this fiction end up in this thread?”

      I don’t know that the report is fiction, and neither do you. I chose to share it because Hersh is well regarded, despite the criticisms Wikipedia mentions. Because of his reputation, it is something of a news event in and of itself that Hersh would publish his allegations.


      1. It is performative journalism at its worst. He has published a lot of BS in his history and plays on his legitimate stories to pander to the few who believe his horse hockey – IMO.

        And why is it YOU can post unsourced or unverified source stories, but you criticize those who post them when you don’t like or disagree with them? What makes you so special?


          1. “People like you make me special.”

            Nah. People like me do their civic duty to throw the big yellow BS flag when it is appropriate.

            Believe me, you ain’t special in any way. Except in your ability to spread fertilizer.

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  2. This is a big story but it needs a lot more evidence than this source-free narrative. It strikes me that it describes a far bolder and more reckless action than President Biden is likely to have approved.

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        1. Russia had no part in 9/11

          While we have not had a formal declaration of war since WW2, we have had Congressional resolutions authorizing military force

          This would be very different, an unauthorized attack on a nuclear power.


          1. …” we have had Congressional resolutions authorizing military force”

            Which have been abused, IMO, by Presidents ever since.

            Tim Kaine has been fighting to end those never-ending AMF’s for a while now. He actually started during the Obama years.

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          2. Russia had no part in 9/11?

            What made you think I said that?

            My point was simple, Congress is supposed to declare war and it hasn’t since 1941.

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          3. The European Parliament has no bearing on our resolution to use military force, and in any case, it was made long after the pipeline had been attacked.


      1. I will not disagree that blowing things up is an act of war. With that said, I think it is very unlikely that we were behind it. At the time of the explosions, gas was not flowing through either pipeline and there were no plans to change that. It seems like a big risk with very little – if anything – to gain.

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          1. “Boris wanted war as much as Biden”…

            Speculative horse hockey. You got some proof that Biden wanted a war? Or are you spewing your delusional thoughts all over your own forum?

            Johnson was on his way out. It wasn’t going to do him any good, politically or otherwise.

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