Insurrectionists occupy capitol to prevent proceedings.


Capitol building occupied 

OK, so it’s Oklahoma, but it’s the same thing.

64 thoughts on “Insurrectionists occupy capitol to prevent proceedings.

  1. Many years ago, I spent a day fishing near offshore from Virginia Beach — that is, close to 60 miles out — with a moteley group of guys. One of them was an affable EMT who often worked in the distressed neighborhoods encircling downtown Norfolk. Anyway, we got him talking about things he had seen, and he astonished us with a comment that killed our curiosity. He said that just about every Saturday night, at least one ambulance call was for a man who had used a knife to cut off his own balls or penis, or both.

    That’s what this “trans” business is.


    1. The police were too busy laughing at a bunch of cross dressers prancing around demanding taxpayers pay to cut off their penises to respond. These wackos also want taxpayers to pay to maim children. How SICK can you get? If you want to mutilate your own body when you are mature enough to make that decision and pay for it out of your own pocket, have at it. But support your own sick fantasy and leave the children alone.


      1. “How SICK can you get?”

        That is a question that your constant, over-wrought and over-heated emotional comments on anything related to gender identity and/or sexual orientation raises all the time.

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      2. What is sick is that you really believe the crap you spread. I await the day your daughter brings home a trans boyfriend. Then you can have your “Dick Cheney come to realize that homosexuals are people too. Like his daughter” moment.”

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  2. One obvious difference is the reason for the effort.

    In the case of Oklahoma, it was citizens exercising their First Amendment right “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” In the case of January 6th it is people trying to topple the government. The distinction is really easy to see – if you want to.

    With that said, any laws broken in either case should be prosecuted.

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  3. I seem to recall some statehouse being “occupied” by protesters for several things over the past years. Why is it such an issue for YOU today? Is it because you do not believe in the rights of transgendered people? Sounds like it.

    And your reply to Len is extremely misinformed. If you believe that any of the Capitol Police on 1/6 were “looking” for someone to shoot, you are showing your own biases against police doing their jobs. And there have been statements made by those present that day that if the mob were Black, there would have been a lot more bloodshed that day.

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    1. Transgendered people have the same rights as everyone else.

      That does not include a right to talk to my grandchildren about their sex lives or entice them to adopt a false identity.

      The same limitations apply to heterosexual people not confused about their gender.


      1. “That does not include a right to talk to my grandchildren about their sex lives or entice them to adopt a false identity.”

        You cannot be too careful. Those groomers are everywhere.

        You kind of dodged the point. You had no particular comments when actually threatening, gun-toting “protesters” disrupted government in Michigan. Now you do over a few people with actually legitimate grievances – you laughably try to equate them with the armed and dangerous insurrections rampaging through the Congress.

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      2. “Transgendered people have the same rights as everyone else.”

        Yet GOP led states across the country are trying to legislate those rights away. Those rights include First Amendment rights.

        Calling EVERY homosexual or trans person a “groomer” is a dangerous thing.

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        1. Who does that? I have posted links to Gays Against Groomers here. I would imagine the great majority of gay and lesbian people are as horrified with grooming as any of us.

          The question you should be asking is why the trans community is so determined to reach out to children?


          1. “Who does that? ”

            Pay attention. You might just learn a little something.

            The laws being proposed are broad brushed attacks against the LGTBQ+ community.

            The question YOU should ask is why are parents OK with taking their kids to entertainment YOU don’t approve of?

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          2. “Woke mind virus”…

            Not a statement based in any kind of reality. Chris Rufo first used that term and CRT to spin up the base, even though he knew it is just a marketing thing.

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          3. “The question you should be asking is why the trans community is so determined to reach out to children?”

            Why would anyone other than a gullible jackass ask such a nonsense question? The “trans community is” NOT “so determined to reach out to children.”

            Kind of like asking . . . Why do you beat your wife?

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          4. Then those drag queen story hours and Family drag shows are just figments of our imagination?

            The trans flags aren’t really in elementary school classrooms?

            Disney cartoons aren’t featuring trans characters?

            There is no justification for raising those issues with children.


          5. “There is no justification for raising those issues with children.”

            What does that even mean? Ignorance is NOT bliss. Homosexuality is part of the world that we live in. Some significant portion of children will be homosexual as adults. Learning about the world is a gradual process. It starts in childhood.

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          6. Because you say so?

            It is up to the parents to decide what children should know about sexuality. What is appropriate for adults may not be for teens or pre-teens.


          7. “Because you say so?”
            Lame. Your goto when you have nothing to say.

            I made four statements of fact.
            1. Homosexuality is part of the world that we live in.
            2. Some significant portion of children will be homosexual as adults.
            3. Learning about the world is a gradual process.
            4. It starts in childhood

            Which one of the FACTS are you disputing and based on what?

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          8. “Your right to overrule the parents on at what age their children are ready to understand the concept.”

            I claimed no such right. I am 100% in favor of age appropriate information on every subject. I was merely reporting on reality. Ignorance is not bliss. It is dangerous.

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          9. “Family drag shows”…

            Them blame the families for taking the kids to them Or allowing them to sit for a story read by a drag performer.

            “There is no justification for raising those issues with children.”

            Complete and total misunderstanding of the real world in 2023.

            My daughter got a phone call from her daughter’s school because, with no prompting from a teacher or administrator in her school, because she told another kid that there was nothing wrong with “little Jenny” having two mommies. That was LAST year, during first grade lunch.

            My daughter’s reply to the school was to ask if they contacted the parents of the child who said it was wrong. Stutter stutter, no real answer given.

            Teaching tolerance. Try it some time.

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          10. I have no problem with your daughter teaching her children tolerance for gay parents.

            I do have a problem with forcing that choice on other parents, even though I agree with it.


          11. Hadn’t seen it before.

            My daughter displays the LGTBQ+ flag in her classroom. What is wrong with showing support and solidarity with those who are being marginalized by society (and some state governments)? And it is a First Amendment issue. (OOPS to you).

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          12. “Including parents who tart up their children like Jon Bennet Ramsey.”

            While I personally find the idea of child beauty pageants wrong, who am I to tell another parent what they should do with their child?


          13. Who are you to judge a parent is doing a disservice to their children? Judge much?

            And if you support some of the bills being circulated in several states, then you ARE suggesting they be made illegal.

            First Amendment for me, but not for thee?

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          14. Some bills in several states?

            I need specifics to know if I support them or not.

            Imparting sexual indoctrination of children without their parents’ consent should be illegal.


          15. “We have wood chippers enough for all.”

            How about for those who shoot up Black Churches. Jewish Houses of Worship. Walmart’s. Movie theaters. Night clubs. Music Festivals>?

            Oh, wait. They re just exercising their 2A rights. No wood chippers for them.

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          16. The 2nd Amendment does not protect the criminal or terroristic use of firearms. It protects my right to be prepared to defend against such people.


          17. When a country has 400 million guns, little or no accountability past the first purchase, the 2nd Amendment is a de facto protection for the insane, criminals and terrorists to acquire and possess millions of guns. So we kill each other or ourselves at disgraceful rates because we are held hostage to the concept of taking out the mailman. Or Congress if the vote didn’t go the way extremists wanted. (Yes, some were armed on 1/6 as admitted to in trials. Plus a cache of guns was stored nearby to finish off the stragglers if needed.)

            Of course at this point, not much can be done to at least tone down the worship of guns and their accessibility. And we kill ourselves more effectively than all our enemies in most of our wars. What a proud accomplishment.

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          18. “Disney cartoons aren’t featuring trans characters?”

            No, they are not. Not that I could find.
            Which trans character did you have in mind?
            Or did you just make that up?

            If you are really worried about children, then you would be talking about priests, ministers, youth ministers, coaches, and scout leaders. Those groups have a real record of grooming and seducing kids. Drag queens? Not so much.

            Of course, you are not talking about real threats to children. You are just joining in the lies, bigotry and hatred which is all that MAGA has to offer.

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          19. For as long as theater and film have been around, there have been depictions of human varieties, foibles, stereotypes and, most of all, violence.

            All of this is because commercial art sells what people want to see. We love violence. Superheroes dispatch the most cruel villains in the most cruel ways. Bronson and Eastwood glorified vigilantism and police brutality. “Make my day” was a delightful quote even used by politicians.

            Is this grooming American children to accept violence as a solution? This debate has been ongoing, but the industry still feeds us violence as acceptable solutions, heroic and American.

            Is this a better subject than reflecting society with the inclusion of references to LBGTQ existence?

            What are our priorities? To live peacefully or to kill each other in ingenious, bloody ways? I think we know the answer to that.

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          20. So, another fib.

            There are no trans gender cartoon characters in Disney cartoons. One obscure character cross dressing – kind of like, say, Milton Berle or Tyler Perry. And, yeah, a few characters who to your adult eyes appear to be gay.

            I had already found the link you provided. That is how I knew that once again you were fibbing. Maybe do your research BEFORE you spread your porkies.

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          21. “We have wood chippers enough for all.”

            The utter hypocrisy of “conservatives” is frequently noted. This is yet another clear example. There are orders of magnitude more “grooming” of children by “conservative” figures but you people are obsessing about virtually unknown cases of a drag queen molesting children. Democrats are the party of “grooming” when the reality is that the Republican party that is home to the actual groomers.

            You seem to think the idea of feeding people into wood chippers is cute. It is not.

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